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Spleen cyst treatment: what to do, how to remove it?

In most cases, the cyst is removed using a minimally invasive laparoscopic method. Recovery after such an operation is faster and more comfortable for the patient.

Spleen cyst in a child and an adult

A spleen cyst is a term that combines a number of pathologies, which are characterized by a common symptom - the presence of a cavity formation in the parenchyma of an organ.

Pineoblastoma of the brain

A blastoma, a rare type of cancerous neuroectodermal tumor, in the pineal or pineal endocrine gland of the brain is defined as brain pineoblastoma.


Serosocele is a fairly common pathology that can occur at almost any age. However, most often the problem is diagnosed in women 30-45 years old.

Pineal cyst of the brain in adults and children

A pineal cyst is a vesicular cavity filled with fluid, namely, a glandular secretion. Such a cavity is not of a tumor nature and, as a rule, is not prone to enlargement and progression. 

Spleen cyst in an adult and a child

A spleen cyst (ICD-10 code D73.4) is considered rare because it does not always manifest itself, and it is not so easy to find it in the spleen covered with the peritoneum. 

Timoma in adults and children

Among quite rare neoplasms, specialists distinguish thymoma, which is a tumor of the epithelial tissue of the thymus - one of the main lymphoid-glandular organs of the immune system.

Medications for brain astrocytoma

Chemotherapy for astrocytoma of the brain must be distinguished from concomitant symptomatic therapy. CNS tumors, as they grow, disrupt the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain, which becomes the cause of the hypertensive-hydrocephalic syndrome.


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