Cancer (oncology)


Ganglioneuroma is a benign tumor that develops from ganglion cells, which are part of the nervous system.

Adrenal adenoma

Adrenal adenoma is a benign tumor that develops in the adrenal glands, paired organs located above the kidneys.


A mucocele is a cyst or blister that forms due to a buildup of mucin in the sebaceous or salivary glands.


Tumor-like formation localized in any anatomical area resulting from abnormal growth of benign tissue, in medicine is defined as hamartoma (from Greek hamartia - error, defect).

Piloid astrocytoma

A medical term such as "piloid astrocytoma" is used to refer to neoplasms formerly referred to as cystic cerebral astrocytomas, either hypothalamic-parietal gliomas or juvenile pilocytic astrocytomas.

Glioma of the brain

Among the many tumor processes of the central nervous system most often diagnosed glioma of the brain - this term is a collective, the neoplasm combines all diffuse oligodendroglial and astrocytic foci, astrocytoma, astroblastoma and so on.

Neurinoma of the brain and spinal cord

A benign tumor process, neurinoma of the brain and spinal cord, originates from lemmocytes. These are so-called Schwann structures, auxiliary nerve cells formed along the course of the axons of peripheral nerves.


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