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Cancer (oncology)

Astrocytoma during pregnancy

Astrocytoma, especially its malignant variants, is more often diagnosed in male patients of middle and older age. But more often - it does not always mean. There are cases of disease in women. 

Astrocytoma in children

As a more likely factor, hereditary predisposition remains, but it does not explain why brain astrocytomas are not diagnosed in the prenatal and early postnatal period. One gets the impression that this is an acquired pathology, but what, in that case, starts the process?

Symptoms and types of astrocytomas of the brain

Brain astrocytoma is a tumor that cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, tumor growth does not pass without a trace, because squeezing nearby tissues and structures impairs their functioning, the tumor destroys healthy tissues, and can affect the blood supply and nutrition of the brain.

Causes and pathogenesis of brain astrocytoma

Astrocytoma, by its nature, refers to tumor processes that develop from brain cells. But not all cells are involved in the formation of a tumor, but only those that perform an auxiliary function.

Myxoma of the heart and soft tissue

For the heterogeneous group of primary neoplasms of soft tissues in the form of benign mesenchymal tumors, there is such a definition as myxoma.

Throat cancer: who is at risk, typical symptoms, treatment methods

Although the common name "throat" in the anatomy does not appear, and the term "pharyngeal pharynx" is used in medicine, throat cancer or laryngopharyngeal cancer is diagnosed when malignant tumors form in the pharynx and larynx.

Treatment of metastatic melanoma of the skin

Metastatic melanoma (stage III) is operable, then the main method of treatment is surgery in combination with adjuvant radiation and drug therapy, which is the prevention of the spread of metastases.

Metastatic melanoma

It looks at the beginning of the process, when it is best to treat it, often as a new, ordinary flat mole of irregular shape and does not show anything special. Therefore, they often reveal melanoma at later stages, which leads to disappointing results.

Treatment of endometrial cancer of the uterus: chemotherapy, recommendations after surgery

If endometrial cancer is detected at an early stage of development, it is most often resorted to a surgical stopping of the disease process, with the further appointment of radiation treatment (sometimes in combination with brachytherapy).

Endometrial cancer of the uterus: signs, ultrasound diagnosis, prognosis

According to statistics, about 4.5% of patients with postmenopausal bleeding are diagnosed with uterine cancer.


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