Hearing restoration in some patients is possible only through surgical intervention of ossiculoplasty. If the doctor believes that such an operation is necessary, then you need to agree with his opinion, as this will help to avoid complications - such as persistent hearing loss or absolute hearing loss.

Hymenoplasty: short and long term

Hymenoplasty, commonly referred to as “revirginization,” is a controversial procedure that pushes the scope of medical practice to satisfy a cultural and / or religious “need”.

Bergman's operation for dropsy of the testicle

The preparation for Bergman's operation is no different from the standard preparation for any surgical intervention. First of all, it is necessary to pass the set of necessary examinations.

Epitystostomy of the bladder: indications, course of operation, complications

In cases of violation of the physiological process of urination - in the absence of the possibility to ensure the emptying of the patient's bladder by means of urethral catheterization - an epicystostomy is performed.


Frequent inflammatory processes of the urogenital system in men, circumcision of the foreskin (especially not professionally performed), catheterization or injury to the penis can be complicated by narrowing of the urethra (metostenosis).

Operation ligamentotomy

The most effective among all currently known methods of increasing the size of the penis is its surgical correction.

Frenulomatomy ribs

To call frenulotomy only an intervention on the frenulum of the penis is not entirely correct: it is a general term affecting all types of such operations.

Urethral subincision

Such a modification of the penis in some nations of the world is of a ritual nature: subincision was especially prevalent in Australia, African countries, some regions of Latin America and Polynesia.

Removal of the endometrial polyp

Today, the most common problem in gynecological practice, are polyps. Removal of the endometrial polyp is a compulsory procedure, because otherwise it is impossible to get rid of them.


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