Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue (dermatology)

Itching of the scrotum in men

Among diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue in the ICD-10, itching is separately distinguished, although it is a secondary symptom of dermatological diseases. 

Dry calluses on hands

If the usual callus in the form of a blister is formed due to friction, then hard dry calluses on the hands - on the hands and fingers - have a slightly different origin and are treated differently.

Gray hair in children

Can a child have gray hair? Yes they can. Why do they appear and what does it mean? This means that in the hair follicles the level of melanin pigment, which colors the hair, is reduced or completely absent.

Cracks in the nails of the hands and feet

Nails, like a hairstyle, should always be impeccable - and this is an indicator not only of grooming, but also of the general health of a woman. But what if unforeseen problems appear - for example, a crack on the nail? Moreover, what if no home methods help to cope with the misfortune?

Itching in the legs - as a symptom of the disease

Skin itching brings not only physical torment. Often it causes psychological discomfort. After all, the symptom itself does not go away, forcing a person to get hung up on thoughts about how to relieve discomfort (it is not always and not always comfortable to do this everywhere) and what they can be caused by.

Itching in the legs: treatment

Effective treatment of itching on the legs is impossible without an accurate diagnosis. After all, the treatment of insect bites is fundamentally different from the treatment of skin diseases, internal organs

Gray hair at an early age: causes, treatment

The presence of gray hair is also associated with nervous overstrain and negative stress factors, and although frequent adrenaline rushes have a detrimental effect on melanocytes, however, the ability to immediately turn gray from grief is not supported by the study.

Itching and peeling of the skin

Itching and peeling of the head - occurs against the background of seborrheic dermatitis due to malnutrition, hormonal imbalance, bad habits, psoriasis, eczema or ringworm.

Wound after wart removal

After what period of time should the wound heal after removal? How to protect yourself from possible unpleasant consequences?

Viral wart: causes, treatment

Benign neoplasms in the form of small rounded growths with a flat surface, nodules on legs or with a sharp tip, flesh-colored, appearing on the skin or mucous membrane are called differently, depending on the appearance, warts, papillomas, condylomas.


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