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Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue (dermatology)

Effective treatment of folliculitis: antibiotics, ointments, shampoos, home-based alternatives

The doctor, first of all, will pay attention to the features of the patient's nutrition, and will give him appropriate useful recommendations. Under the ban will be alcohol, fatty foods, spices and sweets.

Folliculitis of the head, face, legs and groin

This disease belongs to the category of purulent pathologies: it proceeds sharply and is manifested by the appearance of reddish pustules, gradually turning into abscesses with yellowish-greenish contents inside. 

Treatment of hyperesthesia

Hyperesthesia is a disease that is characterized by hypersensitivity. This concept can be applied in two ways: as excessive psychic excitability and as a hypersensitivity to the skin, less often - teeth.

Cracks between the fingers

We use our hands constantly without even noticing it, and do not always pay enough attention to care for them - we put on protective gloves when using household chemicals, we forget to put on gloves or gloves in cold weather.

Candidiasis after taking antibiotics: signs, how and what to treat?

Despite the fact that antibiotics are quite effective medicines that stop the infectious process, killing pathogens, or suppressing their growth and activity, they are not without flaws.

Wart black with dots

The appearance of warts is not uncommon, but not everyone knows that this is a viral disease. Their external appearance resembles the elevations of the overgrown epithelium above the surface of the body. 

Yellow spots on the nails

Changing the color of the nail plate is usually immediately evident, because we nurse our nails regularly, at least - we cut it every week. If the defect appeared on the fingers, then its appearance is noticeable and surrounding. 

Wart on the wings, near the nose

Today, more and more common are various diseases and neoplasms of the skin. They not only cause discomfort, but also cause a violation of the aesthetic appearance, external unattractiveness.


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