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Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue (dermatology)

Nodular melanoma: what it looks like, predictions

Today, various neoplasms affecting the skin are increasingly common. At the same time, about 4-10% of them are malignant tumors. They hit with the same frequency of people of different sexes. In most cases, the tumor is not formed spontaneously.

Senile warts on the body and face: how to get rid of?

One of the most pressing problems of modern dermatology is senile warts that appear on the body with age. Usually they are associated with the termination of sexual function. 

Why does a wart hurt and what to do?

The presence of warts on the human body is not only unaesthetic, but often and uncomfortable. It happens that the wart hurts, itches, rubs against clothes, and even bleeds. Can these symptoms be attributed to a benign growth? 

Pastes, ointments and creams from sweating of the armpits

It must be said that preparations in the form of pastes and ointments, as well as cosmetic creams that help to combat the problem of excessive sweating, are more trusted than tablets and solutions.

Effective treatment of folliculitis: antibiotics, ointments, shampoos, home-based alternatives

The doctor, first of all, will pay attention to the features of the patient's nutrition, and will give him appropriate useful recommendations. Under the ban will be alcohol, fatty foods, spices and sweets.

Folliculitis of the head, face, legs and groin

This disease belongs to the category of purulent pathologies: it proceeds sharply and is manifested by the appearance of reddish pustules, gradually turning into abscesses with yellowish-greenish contents inside. 

Treatment of hyperesthesia

Hyperesthesia is a disease that is characterized by hypersensitivity. This concept can be applied in two ways: as excessive psychic excitability and as a hypersensitivity to the skin, less often - teeth.

Cracks between the fingers

We use our hands constantly without even noticing it, and do not always pay enough attention to care for them - we put on protective gloves when using household chemicals, we forget to put on gloves or gloves in cold weather.


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