Diseases of children (pediatrics)

Streptoderma in children: causes and symptoms

Streptoderma is one of the types of skin pyoderma (diseases caused by bacterial infection). Streptoderma in children  is caused by a specific type of microorganism - bacteria of the Streptococcus genus. 

Diagnosis of streptoderma in a child

In order to diagnose streptoderma in children, it is necessary to consult a doctor. This may be a local pediatrician, a dermatologist, an infectious diseases specialist, and a bacteriologist. To begin with, it is recommended to contact your local pediatrician, who will prescribe the necessary examination, and, if necessary, refer you to other specialists.

Consequences and complications of streptoderma in children

The consequences and complications of streptoderma in a child can be very unfavorable. Bacterial infection is always accompanied by the development of inflammation, infection. If untreated, the risk of sepsis and bacteremia is quite high. 

Types and stages of streptoderma in children

Streptoderma in children has several features. It is a skin disease of bacterial origin, in which a rash appears on the skin, which can then develop into weeping wounds, fester. 

Sprengel disease

The deformity of the shoulder joint, in which the scapula is located above its usual state, is deployed and looks like a wing, is called Sprengel disease by the name of a German surgeon who first described it. It is both one-way and two-way. 

Problems with sleeping in the child

Alas, sleep problems can occur not only in young mothers, but also in children. It is very important to see the boundary between pathology and the norm, because the baby's body is different from the adult. 

Red throat and high fever in a child: causes, what to do and how to treat?

About 10 percent of children who go to the doctor every year have pharyngitis. Forty percent of cases when children go to the doctor with a sore throat, a sore throat is diagnosed as viral.

Orchitis in children

According to medical statistics, in 20% of cases parotitis is complicated by inflammation of the testicles and in 8% of cases bilateral inflammation develops. The main age of boys exposed to the disease is 10-12 years. 

Overeating in children

Many parents face nutritional disorders in children. Some complain that the child does not want to eat anything, while others complain of increased voracity. 


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