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Diseases of children (pediatrics)

Problems with sleeping in the child

Alas, sleep problems can occur not only in young mothers, but also in children. It is very important to see the boundary between pathology and the norm, because the baby's body is different from the adult. 

Red throat and high fever in a child: causes, what to do and how to treat?

About 10 percent of children who go to the doctor every year have pharyngitis. Forty percent of cases when children go to the doctor with a sore throat, a sore throat is diagnosed as viral.

Orchitis in children

According to medical statistics, in 20% of cases parotitis is complicated by inflammation of the testicles and in 8% of cases bilateral inflammation develops. The main age of boys exposed to the disease is 10-12 years. 

Overeating in children

Many parents face nutritional disorders in children. Some complain that the child does not want to eat anything, while others complain of increased voracity. 

Pill in the baby: how does it look, what to treat at home?

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, this skin pathology affects up to 40% of infants and usually appears during the first months of life. 

Treatment of bradycardia in children

In heart diseases, in no case should one engage in self-medication, as side effects can develop, down to the worsening of the heart, circulatory disorders, sudden cardiac arrest.

Bradycardia in children

The propensity to a slowed rhythm of the heart is noted in children who are passive by nature, are prone to a slow reaction, are phlegmatic.

Exudative otitis in the child

"Adhesive" ear in children often occurs at the age of 3-7 years. The disease develops due to a violation of the functions of the Eustachian tube, which connects the middle ear with the nasopharynx. 

High fever in a child without other symptoms

You need to know that this is not always a symptom of pathology, and sometimes it can be a physiological reaction. Parents need to know what can cause this and what to do about it.


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