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Diseases of children (pediatrics)

English translation unavailable for Vomiting and abdominal pain in the child.

Why is the child feces yellow and what should I do?

Cal is all that remains of food after getting into the body. In order for the food to turn into feces, it takes from one to three days. Feces consist of undigested food, dead cells, mucus, bacteria.

Adenoids 3 degrees in a child: what to do, how to cure?

This pathology negatively affects the general condition of the child. As early as 15 years ago, adenoids of grade 3 in children were almost never met, this is due to the fact that they were removed in the early stages. 

The child sweats strongly during sleep, during feeding, temperature: causes

There are diseases in which sweating can be one of the main symptoms, so you need to know about such symptoms.

Cracks in the child's tongue

The appearance of the language can tell a lot: for example, you can understand if the child is healthy, etc. Cracks in the tongue are also an unfavorable sign and an obvious reason to call a doctor.

Vomiting and fever in a child without diarrhea

Symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and temperature in the child are associated with intestinal infection in the parents. As a rule, all adults have first aid skills in this situation, are aware of the dangers of the disease

Vomiting with diarrhea in a child without fever

Vomiting with diarrhea in a child without fever is a fairly common symptom. Consider the possible causes of an unpleasant condition, methods of treatment and prevention.

Dysarthria in children: criteria for early diagnosis, treatment and prognosis

Dysarthria in children is one of the most frequent speech disorders that occurs even in the early stages of a baby's life. And if you miss this little moment at a young age, while studying at school it can turn out to be a big problem. 

Dysatria in children: forms, characteristics of the child, correction

Violations of speech in children 1-3 years usually do not cause parents special anxiety. Skipping sounds in words, improper or fuzzy pronunciation of consonants, intermittent speech for the time being seems even amusing.

Green snot in a newborn: what to do and what to treat?

When a child is sick in the family, it is always a stress for parents. But if the newborn baby is sick - in most cases, the mother simply does not find a place. Panic is caused even by an ordinary runny nose - and it's not surprising, because little babies do not know how to breathe through the mouth, and nasal breathing can be difficult because of the accumulation of mucus in the nasal cavity.


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