Diseases of children (pediatrics)

Why does a child develop a fever after vaccination and should it be treated?

The temperature in a child after vaccination for many mothers becomes an unpleasant surprise, which, along with rare reports of dangerous complications and death of children, causes a negative attitude towards vaccination in general. 

Cough and fever in a child

Cough and fever in a child may well be the first signs of whooping cough, because they are characteristic of the catarrhal period

Bacteria in the urine of a child

One of the indicators of the presence of an infection or pathological processes in the body is bacteria in the urine. Consider the causes of this phenomenon, types, methods of treatment.

Treatment of itchy skin in children

To eliminate itching in a child, it is important to first determine its origin. If this is not done, then it will be almost impossible to get rid of the misfortune, since the symptom will occur immediately after the completion of the use of a particular drug.

Treatment of hoarseness in a child

Treatment methods for voice disorders are individual for each patient and depend on what caused the pathological condition.


A congenital anomaly in the form of a deformity of the skull, in which the head of babies has an irregular shape, and the skull looks triangular, is defined as trigonocephaly.

Syrups for hoarseness in a child

With hoarseness in a child, which is caused by laryngitis, cough or other colds, two types of syrups are used


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