Diseases of the eyes (ophthalmology)

Peripheral vision

Peripheral vision (also known as side vision) is the part of the visual field that is beyond the direct focus of your gaze.

Subluxation of the lens

A lens subluxation (or lens dislocation) is a medical condition in which the lens of the eye is partially or completely out of its normal position in the eyeball.

Eye fatigue

Eye overexertion, also known as computer or digital syndrome, is a condition in which the eyes become tired and irritated due to prolonged time spent


Keratoglobus is a rare condition characterized by curvature and thinning of the cornea of the eye. This condition belongs to the group of corneal dystrophies and is often associated with a progressive bulging (protrusion) of the cornea.

Swelling of the eyes in women and men

Any visual disturbances, including shrouds in front of the eyes, are conditions that require specialist consultation. If the problem is neglected, the situation may worsen and even become critical.


The age-related weakening of the adaptive function of the eyes to change optical setting and see close objects clearly is defined in ophthalmology as presbyopia.

Eye exercises for children

The organs of vision are very vulnerable during childhood, as they are constantly and intensively developing. In addition, the eyes are regularly exposed to a great deal of strain: reading, watching TV, prolonged stay in front of a computer monitor, as well as infectious diseases, traumas, etc.

Why are my eyes itchy and watery and what to do?

It happens that without any apparent reason a person begins to feel bad: there is discomfort, lethargy, and most importantly - the eyes itch and watery, yes, so that it is impossible to do even ordinary household chores.


Neuroretinitis is more often a unilateral (less often - bilateral) inflammatory process, which is characterized by damage to the optic nerve and the layer of retinal nerve fibers

Purulent conjunctivitis

Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eyes with the formation and release of purulent exudate is diagnosed by ophthalmologists as purulent conjunctivitis.


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