Diseases of the ear, throat and nose (otolaryngology)

Snore bracelet

Snoring, probably, refers to the eternal problems that do not lose relevance even at the present time. And this is not surprising, because the sharp loud sounds that a person makes in a dream are not only unpleasant for loved ones, but also pose a certain danger to the patient himself.

Strong snoring in women in a dream: what to do, treatment

When a man snores, it is considered quite normal, and for women it is a complete moveton. What do these night sounds show and how can we fight them?

Snoring in a dream in men: causes, treatment

One of the most unpleasant problems that cause inconvenience to not only the person himself, but his surroundings is snoring. Snoring in men is very common. The frequency of its occurrence is 100%. 

Purulent rhinitis in adults and children

In infectious lesions of the upper respiratory tract develops a number of respiratory and ENT diseases, one of the symptoms of which is purulent rhinitis - containing pus nasal discharge.

Medications for adenoids in children: drops, antibiotics

Today, treatment of adenoids in children is almost the most important problem of medicine. Adenoids are the overgrown tissue of the nasopharyngeal tonsil, which is normally designed to protect the body from infectious agents.

Modern treatment of adenoids in children: new methods, sanatoriums

Some experts argue that the optimal method of treating adenoids is surgical removal. Others are sure that there is no need to hurry with the operation, since there is conservative therapy, which is no less effective.

Treatment of chronic otitis media in the hospital and at home

With chronic otitis media, only complex treatment consisting of several therapeutic methods is used. So, conservative measures include local and general impact on pathology.

Chronic otitis media in adults and children

The diagnosis of the chronic form is established in the presence of a permanent violation of the integrity of the tympanic membrane. Discharge from the ear is an optional symptom of pathology, since they can be both permanent and temporary.

Causes of laryngospasm in adults and children

Very often laryngospasm occurs in people living in industrial areas, where the air contains a lot of irritating elements.

First emergency aid for laryngospasm: an algorithm of actions

One of the conditions for successful relief of laryngospasm is timely and correctly provided pre-medical care.


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