Diseases of the ear, throat and nose (otolaryngology)

Caseous plugs on the tonsils in the throat

Such a symptom as caseous plugs on the tonsils in the throat, otolaryngologists observe quite often - both in inflammatory processes in the pharynx and in cases where there are no signs of obvious inflammation of the palatine tonsils.

Snoring in sleep in women, men and children

Snoring in a dream is often a warning that you need to pay attention to the state of health of a snoring person, since such a feature can be a harbinger of the development of a life-threatening syndrome

Causes of snoring

Why is it important to know the true causes of snoring? Because it makes it possible to get rid of it, because almost every third person over 30 snores regularly, and 45-50% snore from time to time.

Snoring with adenoids in children and adults

Adenoids (adenoid vegetation) are folds-like enlarged pharyngeal or nasopharyngeal tonsil, which is part of the innate immune system - the lymphoepithelial pharyngeal ring. 

Snoring pillow: orthopedic or smart?

Among the remedies for snoring offered to people with this problem, an orthopedic snoring pillow deserves special attention.

Snore bracelet

Snoring, probably, refers to the eternal problems that do not lose relevance even at the present time. And this is not surprising, because the sharp loud sounds that a person makes in a dream are not only unpleasant for loved ones, but also pose a certain danger to the patient himself.

Strong snoring in women in a dream: what to do, treatment

When a man snores, it is considered quite normal, and for women it is a complete moveton. What do these night sounds show and how can we fight them?

Snoring in a dream in men: causes, treatment

One of the most unpleasant problems that cause inconvenience to not only the person himself, but his surroundings is snoring. Snoring in men is very common. The frequency of its occurrence is 100%. 

Purulent rhinitis in adults and children

In infectious lesions of the upper respiratory tract develops a number of respiratory and ENT diseases, one of the symptoms of which is purulent rhinitis - containing pus nasal discharge.


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