Diseases of the ear, throat and nose (otolaryngology)

Laser snoring treatment - laser uvulopalatoplasty

Treatment of snoring with a laser - the method of laser uvulopalatoplasty - is aimed at increasing the lumen of the airway in the oropharynx and reducing the volume of soft tissues that create a barrier to air flow, vibrate during inhalation and exhalation, causing a characteristic sound.

Fibroma of the larynx

One of the varieties of laryngeal tumor formations is the fibroma of the larynx - a tumor of connective tissue, which is referred to as mesenchymal tumors. Pathology code according to ICD-10 - D14.1.

Caps for snoring

Snoring usually occurs when the sleeper breathes through the mouth, and the passing air causes the involuntarily relaxed (sagging) soft tissues of the oropharynx to vibrate.

Aphonia: functional, organic, psychogenic, true

The loss of the ability to utter a voice is called aphonia. At the same time, a person speaks only in a whisper, without hoarseness, wheezing, characteristic of dysphonic disorders. 

Paresis of the vocal cords in children

Paresis of the vocal cords in newborns can be caused by the negative impact of harmful factors from the mother's body, as a result of which defects in the development of the nervous system, vascular and metabolic pathologies are observed, which lead to a decrease in the functionality of the vocal cords. 


Paresis of the vocal cords: causes, symptoms, diagnosis

According to studies, 60% of paresis of the vocal cords are associated with neoplasms in the larynx, esophagus or thyroid gland and surgical operations of the same localization. And in the first place are operations on the thyroid gland.

Treatment of paresis of the vocal cords

Surgical treatment of bilateral paresis of the vocal cords provides for a thorough examination of the patient, determination of the scope of intervention and effective treatment options, since the doctor has virtually no room for error.

Laryngeal sore throat

Laryngeal angina can affect patients of any age, although it is more common in adults, usually affecting people between the ages of 18 and 40, although it can occur in children as young as three years of age.

Caseous plugs on the tonsils in the throat

Such a symptom as caseous plugs on the tonsils in the throat, otolaryngologists observe quite often - both in inflammatory processes in the pharynx and in cases where there are no signs of obvious inflammation of the palatine tonsils.


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