Diseases of the ear, throat and nose (otolaryngology)


Hemisinusitis is a condition in which inflammation occurs in one of the sinus halves in the skull bone, which is usually paired (left and right).

Purulent rhinosinusitis

Purulent rhinosinusitis - acute, subacute or chronic - is defined when inflammation of the air-bearing sinuses (sinuses or cavities) surrounding the nasal cavity is accompanied by the formation of purulent exudate in them and its discharge from the nose in the form of purulent runny nose (rhinitis).

Occupational hearing loss

Occupational hearing loss - occupational hearing loss - develops as a result of intensive influence of industrial conditions (excessive noise over 80 decibels, vibration, intoxication, etc.).

Chronic rhinosinusitis

A long-term inflammatory process in the perinasal sinuses (sinuses) - maxillary (maxillary), frontal (frontal), cuneiform (sphenoidal) or lattice (ethmoidal) - is defined by two synonymous terms: chronic sinusitis and chronic rhinosinusitis.

Vestibular ataxia

Vestibular ataxia reveals itself by the patient's unsteadiness when standing or sitting, and especially when walking.

Hearing loss in one ear

A condition in which a person stops perceiving sounds in one of the ears is defined as a hearing loss in one ear - unilateral, unilateral, or asymmetrical - in which the opposite ear hears normally.

Chronic hearing loss

Prolonged (more than three months) hearing loss - a decrease in the normal hearing threshold - is medically defined as chronic hearing loss or chronic hypoacusis.

Chronic polyposis rhinosinusitis.

The inflammatory process with the formation of polyps in the nose and sinuses with recurrences of their growth indicates the development of such a disease as chronic polyposis rhinosinusitis.

Acute hearing loss

Acute hearing loss is a phenomenon of rapidly increasing incomplete deterioration of hearing function, when a person begins to poorly perceive and understand the surrounding environment, including spoken sounds.


Epitympanitis is a medical term that can be associated with a variety of conditions and diseases related to the ear and hearing.


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