Diseases of the rectum and anal area

Treatment of external hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids do not choose gender or age. An unpleasant disease has even become a household name in modern slang. You can often hear among young people the expression "Why do I need this hemorrhoids?" (meaning the problem).

Pinching of the occipital nerve

Those who suffer from recurrent headache, localized in the occipital region, should be aware that this symptom is often manifested by pinching of the occipital nerve.

Causes of excreta in the anus in men and women

Discharge from the anus is quite a common problem that bothers many people. But due to the intimacy of the problem, shyness, many people do not go to the doctor, but try to treat the problem themselves.


In this article we will talk about the sphincteritis of the rectum, as this disease can cause severe consequences.

Instrumental and laboratory diagnostics of colorectal cancer

Current medicine is available a large number of methods for the clear diagnosis of malignant bowel diseases.

Itching anus

Itching in the anus is the most common complaint when contacting a proctologist, the cause of which is difficult to diagnose. Let's consider the main causes of anal itching, its types, methods of treatment and methods of prevention.

Fistula of the rectum

Fistula of the rectum is a fistula (canal, a tube in Latin) - a fistula that forms between the tissue surfaces and the inflammatory zone. The fistula looks like a passage, hidden by the tissues of the rectum, inside which there may be purulent contents.

Diseases of the rectum

Diseases of the rectum are characterized by typical symptoms, developing with the development of pathological processes in it and the anal canal. In the practice of a surgeon, rectal diseases are common, but the disease can be caused not only by rectal pathology, which is performed by surgeons and proctologists, but also by oncology, urological and gynecological pathology.

Atresia of the anal opening

Atresia of the anus is an unperforated anus. Often there is also a fistula from a blind rectum sac that opens onto the perineum or into the urethra of the boys and into the vagina or vestibule of the vagina or rarely the bladder in girls.

Levator ani syndrome

A muscle syndrome that raises the anus is an episodic pain in the rectum, caused by a muscle spasm that raises the anus.


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