Medical specialties

The podiatrist

Podology - a field of medicine that studies the diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle diseases, is aimed at studying the lower extremities: it examines the tissues and organs from which they are composed.


Thermal and chemical burns are attributed to injuries arising from the effects of external factors, but not only the skin of a person suffers from burns.


Answering the question, who is a therapist ?, it is worthwhile to turn to the dictionary or medical encyclopaedia, which voice the fact that the word originated from the Greek word therapeia (care, supervision, healing) or therapeutes (caring for the patient, doctor).


The transplantologist is a representative of a relatively young medical field. The founder of the science of transplantology was Dr. VP Demikhov, who was the first in the world to perform a donor heart transplant in a dog, it was in 1951.


Trichologist knows about everything that our strands and scalp need to look at all one hundred percent.


The nutritional scientist studies what we eat and how we eat. The doctor of this specialty knows everything about food, food products, their interaction and impact on the body, their importance for our health.


A dermatologist-cosmetologist is a doctor who heals skin diseases and has a complex effect on the body, launching his own mechanisms of epidermal repair.


Specialized first aid in case of acute poisoning is provided by a toxicology doctor, a specialist engaged in the elimination of toxic effects on the body of certain substances.

Children's dermatologist

Often for parents is a mystery who such a children's dermatologist. In the head there are associations with a dermatologist, a campaign to which is carefully hidden and is often considered something shameful and unpleasant.


Today in the field of dermatology there are such specialists as a dermatologist, dermatovenerologist, dermatologist-cosmetologist and trichologist.


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