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Alternative medicine

Alternative remedies for sweating underarms

It is not necessary to think that our ancestors, in the absence of knowledge in the field of medicine, were so limited in effective means of sweat. How much there is a problem of increased sweating, so many people try to solve it in various ways.

Alternative remedies for diarrhea

Frequent desires for defecation with swelling and abdominal pain are diarrhea. Alternative means for diarrhea - this is the most simple and effective way to cope with the disorder.

Drinks from diarrhea

In case of an intestinal disorder, doctors do not recommend the use of juices, especially freshly squeezed. This is due to the high content of fruit acids in the drink, which increases the irritation of the gastrointestinal mucosa. But there are also useful juices for diarrhea.

Starch with iodine for diarrhea

An effective tool in the treatment of fastened liquid stool is iodine. From diarrhea it is used in combination with other components, since in its pure form it is dangerous.

Vodka with salt from diarrhea

The simplest, but effective alternative to diarrhea is salt. It helps restore the water-electrolyte balance and remove harmful substances from the body.

What tea helps with diarrhea: green, black, from chamomile

An overactive stool with a high water content is diarrhea. Both adults and children face this problem. Problems with the intestine arise from a variety of causes, from food intoxication to serious diseases of internal organs.

Herbs for diarrhea

The treatment of diarrhea consists of complex medication. Herbs from diarrhea are an alternative to pharmaceuticals and have no less effective effect.

Infusions and decoctions of diarrhea

One of the methods of using plant materials in the preparation of medicines is infusions. Most often they use soft parts of plants, flowers, leaves, stalks. This method allows you to take from the grass all the useful substances needed for the body.

Alternative treatment of overeating

In the fight against the absorption of excess food, not only classical methods, but also recipes for alternative medicine are used. Alternative treatment of overeating is carried out with the help of such recipes

Treatment of diffuse changes in myometrium with alternative agents and herbs

If you look at the meaning of the pathology, the diffuse changes in myometrium, which are often direct evidence of adenomyosis, are a serious pathology with which even traditional medicine can not always handle adequately.


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