Alternative medicine

Cleansing the body according to the Neumyvakin method

Proponents of alternative medicine argue that our body, due to its vital activity, accumulates a lot of toxins and toxins, and this adversely affects its condition.

Herbal remedies for cystitis

In addition to herbs, pharmacies offer us excellent natural preparations, which contain extracts of medicinal plants that have a healing effect on the urinary system. Such drugs are often prescribed by urologists to patients suffering from inflammation of the kidneys or bladder.

Herbs for cystitis caused by viruses and protozoa

Treatment of cystitis of non-infectious nature is reduced to the removal of the irritating factor and the removal of inflammation of the tissues of the bladder. In this case, even one herbal treatment with a choice of plants that provide a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect is enough.

Herbs for cystitis

No matter how effective some drugs are, doctors always prefer complex treatment. This is understandable, because with the right selection of drugs, you can achieve an increase in the therapeutic effect and at the same time ensure the prevention of complications.

Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial herbs for cystitis

Using herbs for cystitis, you can achieve a significant improvement in the patient's condition and his tests in a fairly short time.

Diuretic herbs for cystitis

Urinary retention in the body, incomplete emptying of the bladder is not only the risk of edema and congestion, but also the soil for the formation of bacterial colonies, which in no way contributes to recovery.

Treatment of gastritis with herbs

With inflammation of the gastric mucosa, the lion's share of the success of its treatment lies with diet and medications, but phytotherapy is not the last in this list.

Treatment of cracked heels with alternative means

For various reasons, the delicate skin on the heels sometimes begins to coarsen, thicken, vertical notches appear, turning into cracks.

Aloe gastritis treatment: how to take

Aloe is considered one of the most popular alternative medicine that can relieve many diseases. For example, if you take aloe for gastritis, you can soon stop the development of the inflammatory process, restore the mucous membrane and even strengthen the immune defense.


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