Medical manipulations

Chamomile douching: how to do it right?

Chamomile - a plant with pronounced medicinal properties and a wide range of applications. Consider the indications for douching grass and its therapeutic effect.

Washing the eyes of children

Children are more prone to traumatization and eye irritation. The washing procedure is the simplest and at the same time effective method to eliminate the problem.

Eye wash: indications, preparation, rules for conducting

An effective method for eliminating fatigue and eye irritation is washing. Consider popular ophthalmic solutions and the rules for their use.

Prostate massage: technique, types

Men, whose health depends not only on their well-being, but also on the family, are very jealous of their sexual responsibilities. After all, problems in bed gradually turn into serious conflicts outside, and sometimes even cause that previously loving people no longer want to be together.

Puncture of the pleural cavity

Pleural puncture is understood as a procedure in which a laceration of the pleural cavity is performed in order to diagnose, or perform a therapeutic manipulation that can save a person's life.

Lumbar puncture

Her data complement the clinical picture and confirm the diagnosis for polyneuropathies, multiple sclerosis and neiroleukemia.

Novocain blockade: lumbar spine, joints, nerve, ear

To get rid of acute and chronic pain in clinical medicine, locally targeted injections of novocaine (an amino ester for local anesthesia) - novocaine blockade - are used.

Puncture of pericardium, pericardiocentesis: methods of carrying out, complications

Cardiosurgery is an area of medicine that allows you to regulate the work of the heart through surgical intervention. In its arsenal, there are many different operations on the heart. Some of them are considered quite traumatic and are conducted for therapeutic purposes on acute indicators.

Transurethral resection of the bladder: postoperative period and recovery

The procedure for assessing the conditions of the tissues of the bladder or their fence for a biopsy is a transurethral resection. Consider its features and indications for the conduct.

Massage of the tear duct and glands in infants and adults

The need for massage of the lacrimal canal and tear glands arises when the lacrimal canal is blocked, resulting in tears accumulating in the sac, pressing on it, leading to inflammation, infection.


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