Diseases of the teeth (dentistry)

Exostosis of the jaw

Exostosis of the jaw is a benign growth that has the appearance of a bony cartilaginous protrusion similar to an osteophyte.

Swelling gingivitis

When gum tissues are affected by infection, their inflammation develops with the formation of swelling - edematous gingivitis or edematous form of hypertrophic gingivitis, in which there is an excessive increase in the soft tissues of the gingiva - the epithelium of the neck of the teeth and the mucosa of interdental papillae.

Fibrous hypertrophic gingivitis

Fibrous hypertrophic gingivitis is a chronic inflammatory disease that is accompanied by reactive growth of fibrous connective tissue elements and basal structures of the gingival epithelium without compromising the integrity of the dento-gingival attachment.


Xerostomia is the medical term used to describe a condition in which a person has severely dry or dehydrated mucous glands, resulting in insufficient saliva production.

Periapical abscess

A periapical abscess is an infectious disease that develops around the top of the tooth root, in an area called the periapical region.

Fistula on the gum: what does it look like, what to do at home?

A fistula on the gum can appear for various reasons, but most often it is a complication of the inflammatory process in the gum, in the area of the oral cavity, the tooth. Often a fistula occurs when a wisdom tooth is erupting, or in case of neglected caries.

Inflammation of the jaw joint

Inflammation of any joint is called arthritis, inflammation of the jaw joint is arthritis of the temporomandibular joint that connects the lower jaw to the temporal bone of the skull base.

Acute odontogenic osteomyelitis

Acute inflammatory process of purulent-necrotic nature in the bone tissues of the jaws, which develops due to infection of the teeth or surrounding tissues (so-called odontogenic infection), is defined as acute odontogenic osteomyelitis.

Ulcerative-necrotic gingivitis of Vensen

Dentists consider ulcerative-necrotic Vincent's gingivitis to be a specific form of inflammatory gum disease, which may also be called ulcerative-necrotic Vincent's gingivostomatitis, fusospirochete (fusospirillosis) gingivitis, or necrotizing acute ulcerative gingivitis.


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