Mental health (psychiatry)


Hypomania is, in simple terms, long-term moderate agitation without signs of psychosis, but still outside the accepted norm.

Dependence on a psychologist

Psychological dependence, also known as psychological dependence, refers to a condition where a person becomes emotionally or psychologically dependent on a certain behavior, action, or substance.

Ketamine addiction

Ketamine is a medication originally used as an anesthetic and pain reliever, but it also has psychoactive properties and can cause a variety of effects when used unintentionally, including altered consciousness and perception

Dependence on medications

Medication dependence is a condition in which a person has a physical and/or psychological need to take certain medications on a regular basis, regardless of whether or not they have a medical indication to use them.

How does alcohol affect a driver's reaction time?

Alcohol has a negative effect on driver reaction time.

Degrees of alcoholism

Degrees of alcoholism are usually determined based on how much alcohol affects a person's life, health, and social relationships.

What are the causes of alcoholism?

Alcoholism, like other forms of addiction, is a multifactorial condition that usually develops due to a variety of factors.

Energy dependency

Energy drink addiction, also known as energy drink addiction, is a condition in which a person becomes psychologically or physically dependent on the use of energy drinks.

Social media addiction

Social media addiction is a serious problem that requires attention and treatment, especially if it begins to affect a person's quality of life and social functionality.

Dependence on sleeping pills

Dependence on sleeping pills (or sleeping pill addiction) is a condition in which a person becomes physically or psychologically dependent on drugs or other means used to enhance sleep or combat insomnia.


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