Mental health (psychiatry)


Statistics highlights only certain types of dysphoria, for example, premenstrual dysphoric disorder occurs in 5–8% of women of childbearing age, and patients of 25–35 years are most susceptible to it.

Mosaic schizophrenia

Mosaic - translated from French means a motley mix, in a broader sense - something consisting of heterogeneous elements. In medicine, this term refers to diseases that have signs of different forms that can not be attributed to any one type of disease. 


To adapt to the world around us, to orient ourselves, to learn it, analyzing and synthesizing the primary sensory-figurative reflections of objects and phenomena, allows us the ability of our brain to receive and transform the information coming through the senses. 

Treatment of schizophrenia in women

In most cases, the first call for help occurs in an acute attack of schizophrenia, when the symptoms of psychosis are expressed quite clearly. It is not the patients themselves who turn more often, but their relatives.

Early signs and symptoms of schizophrenia in women

The first external signs, unusual behavior are noticed by the close environment and may suggest that a woman needs to pay attention to her mental status, go to a psychotherapist or psychologist for a consultation, but in no case are they not a reason for diagnosing a mental illness at home. T

Causes of Schizophrenia in Women

A severe form of mental disorder, characterized by specific distortions of thinking and perception, inadequate mood and behavior, can manifest itself in individuals of any sex and at any age.

How does schizophrenia occur in women?

In the prodromal period, some eccentricity of behavior is usually attributed to the characteristics of the character, and they are not paid attention to. Yes, and not one psychiatrist will not be able to declare a person a schizophrenic and begin treatment before the appearance of the main signs, and these are delusions and hallucinations.


Many experts consider agitation as a prepathological state within the boundaries of the psychological norm. It manifests itself in the form of a strong motor excitation, accompanied by anxiety, fear, incomprehensible speech and other symptoms.


Episodic disorder of the dynamics of thinking, manifested as an uncontrollable influx of a multitude of unrelated thoughts subjectively felt alien, appeared from outside and against the will of the individual


It is manifested by the sudden cessation of the train of thought, the cessation of thinking, speech and activity.


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