Diseases of the genitourinary system

Bladder leukoplakia

The genitourinary system is one of the most vulnerable in the human body. In addition to cystitis and other inflammatory diseases, painful structural processes can also develop - for example, leukoplakia of the bladder.

Smegma, or podzalupny curd: what are we talking about?

Smegma is popularly called "podzalupny curd", and its formation is a completely natural and natural state that can be observed in any mammal.

Ruptured kidney

Violation of anatomical integrity - rupture of the kidney - with partial or complete dysfunction of this most important internal organ is a life-threatening condition.

Nephrocalcinosis in adults and children

Hypercalcemic nephropathy, nephrocalcinosis, calcification or calcification of the kidneys is a generalized deposition in the renal tissues of calcium in the form of its insoluble salts (oxalate and phosphate).

Urachus cyst as a congenital anomaly

Among the cysts - pathological formations in the form of closed cavities with various contents - there is such a deviation in embryonic structures as a cyst of the urachus, which occurs during intrauterine development.

Congestive Prostatitis

For various reasons, pathological processes, including inflammatory ones, can occur in the prostate gland, and congestive or congestive prostatitis refers to one of the clinical types most common in men under the age of 50.

Bedwetting in women, men and children

Various disorders of urination are quite common phenomena, characteristic both for children and adults. Especially common is bedwetting: it is a complex problem that affects, inter alia, the psychological state of a person.

Prostate abscess

With an unfavorable course of prostate diseases, various complications often develop. And one of the most serious complications is considered an abscess of the prostate. 

Cystalgia treatment

Non-pharmacological approaches to cystalgia include methods that patients can use to reduce the severity of symptoms of the disease, such as reducing stress and anxiety, exercise and physiotherapy, sex therapy and counseling


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