Diseases of the genitourinary system

Treatment of balanitis: effective drugs, ointments

Before embarking on the treatment of balanitis, it is necessary to determine the site of localization of inflammation and determine the cause of the development of the pathological process.

Diagnosis of balanitis

The disease called “balanitis” does not just reduce the patient’s quality of life, it introduces its negative corrections to the relationship of sexual partners, and reduces the patient’s self-esteem as men

First aid for exacerbation of cystitis

When cystitis is not worth self-healing, because it is fraught with serious consequences. Most of these cases of self-treatment end with the fact that a person enters the hospital with an acute attack, obstruction of urination.

How to restore and treat flora in a smear?

Before you begin to treat the microflora in the smear, you need to figure out if everything is so bad? Understand and explain what the test results show, can only be a specialist doctor, who later offers additional research.

Treatment of cystitis in women and men with metronidazole

One of the effective drugs of antibacterial action is metronidazole. Can it be used to treat inflammation of the bladder mucosa and does it help with cystitis?

Cystitis before, during and after menstruation

Soreness in the lower abdomen, increased urge to urinate, discoloration of the urinary fluid - such symptoms may occur with the onset of menstruation, and during inflammation of the bladder. 

Modified and unchanged erythrocytes in the urine of men: what do they mean?

Normal in the urine in men should not be red blood cells. Conditionally allowed no more than 1-3 red blood cells in the field of view (single).

Causes and pathogenesis of balanitis

Differences in the structure of the female and male body explain the existence of a separate group of diseases inherent in a particular sex. Most of these pathologies are inflammatory and affect the human reproductive system.

The temperature of cystitis: is it and how to shoot down?

The causative agents of cystitis are able to become many microorganisms. This is E. Coli, Proteus, coccal flora, etc. Inflammation can occur after various manipulative interventions - Gram-negative bacteria become the most common causative agents.


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