Diseases of the genitourinary system

White discharge in men

Not all secretions in men indicate pathology and the development of serious diseases; there is also a physiological secretion from the penis, usually transparent. 

Treatment of cystitis with blood

Seeing a doctor is important, both in acute and chronic cystitis with blood. Even if the patient has just completed a course of therapy, and the symptoms have returned again, medical attention should be sought immediately.

Cystitis with blood: causes, symptoms, diagnosis

Inflammation of the bladder is characterized by frequent and painful urge to urinate. Sometimes you can observe cystitis with blood that appears at the end of the urination act, or is simply present in the urinary fluid, staining it in a reddish or pinkish hue.

First aid for cystitis in women and men

Cystitis is a rather painful condition associated with acute or chronic lesions of the urinary tract. First aid for cystitis is almost always provided, since the patient is worried about sharp severe pain, pain, the condition worsens sharply.

What are Fordyce granules?

Visible sebaceous glands of the skin - in the form of small nodules (papules) of various localization - were first described in 1861 by the Swiss anatomist Albert Kölliker, but they received the name Fordyce granules by the name of another doctor, the American dermatologist John Fordyce, who reported them 45 years later …

Burning, cramps and white discharge in men

Consider the most common diseases in men, which are characterized by burning, cramps and white discharge.

White discharge from the urethra in men

One of the possible causes of whitish discharge from the urethra in men is urethritis. 

White discharge in urine in men

If white discharge appears in the urine, then this is one of the signs of a pathological process. Whitish inclusions may be slimy or resemble flakes. 


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