X-rays (X-ray studies)

X-ray of the jaw for adults and children

X-ray in medicine is a method of studying the anatomical structures of the body to obtain their projection using x-rays on paper or film, which does not require penetration.

X-ray of the hand

X-ray examination is considered a fairly common diagnostic method, which is used to determine the condition of the musculoskeletal system, detect violations, injuries and diseases.

X-ray of the hip joint in two projections

The most informative methods of instrumental diagnostics of articular and bone pathologies are visualization, and the most accessible of them is an x-ray of the hip joint.

X-ray tubal patency

It happens that a woman can not get pregnant. To clarify the cause, it is necessary to conduct an examination, including an x-ray of the fallopian tubes.

X-ray of the child's and adult's feet

X-ray examination of the lower extremities - X-ray of the leg - fundamental in traumatology and orthopedics and no less important in rheumatology, because it allows doctors to visualize bones and bone structures

X-ray of the kidneys with and without contrast

There are several methods of X-ray: without the use of a contrast agent (overview image) and with its use, allowing to monitor its progress within the kidneys, ureter, bladder.

X-rays of the hand, fingers, forearm and shoulder: how to do?

X-ray of hands does not require advance preparation. The only requirement is the absence of metal objects on them: rings, bracelets. In the presence of gypsum at the time of radiography, he is removed.

X-ray of the foot for adult and child

What is radiography, they know almost everything. This is a specific and very common form of diagnosis, which uses X-rays.

X-ray heels in two projections

The most accessible, informative and painless methods of visualization of bone structures is radiography. The picture also shows damage to the joints, cartilage traumatic and inflammatory genesis, and birth defects.

X-ray of the waist with functional tests: how to prepare and how to do?

The most accessible diagnosis, which allows visualizing the internal structure and assess the state of the skeletal bones of the spine, is radiography.


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