Infectious and parasitic diseases

Diarrhea, vomiting and fever

A significant number of diseases and pathological conditions are manifested by such symptoms as diarrhea, vomiting and fever, which are often combined with nausea and abdominal pain of various localizations.

Herpes on the nose

Herpes can affect many areas of skin on the face, including herpes nasalis - nasal herpes or herpes on and near the nose.

What does pain with high fever indicate?

Each disease has its own unique appearance. Those pathological manifestations, by which it is possible to judge the development of the disease process, are called symptoms, i.e. Special features of the disease.

Meningitis rash

The leading cause of inflammation of the soft membranes of the brain of bacterial etiology is the bacterium Neisseria meningitides, whose invasive effects are manifested by a number of symptoms, one of which is meningitis rash.

Erythema migrans

The most common such infection is lyme borreliosis, or tick-borne boreliosis, or Lyme disease. The typical sign of this pathology is erythema migrans, a skin manifestation of the disease that occurs in the area of an infected tick bite.

Miliary tuberculosis

When the diffuse spread of tuberculosis bacteria in the body is accompanied by the appearance of many very small foci in the form of tubercula - tubercles or granulomas - nodules the size of a grain of millet (in Latin - milium), is diagnosed miliary tuberculosis).

What is erythema annulare?

Pathological reddening of the skin in a limited area dermatologists call erythema (from Greek erythros - red), and annular erythema or anular (from Latin annulus - ring) is not a disease, but a type of skin rash with pronounced focal hyperemia in the form of a ring.

Human ear mite

Today, more and more often we have to deal with various diseases caused by parasitic infestation. For example, ear mite in humans in 90% of cases becomes the cause of inflammatory diseases of the ear with further spread of the pathological process to the nasopharynx, pharynx.


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