Infectious and parasitic diseases

Infectious erythema

When various infections are affected, focal redness may appear on the skin - infectious erythema, which is a sign that the infection has caused a reaction in the form of increased blood flow to the skin area.

Types of streptoderma: symptoms and peculiarities of various forms of the disease

Streptoderma is a collective concept by which physicians designate the variety of types and forms of skin pathology caused by streptococcal infection. Different types of streptoderma have their own characteristic symptoms, features, and conditions of development. 

Causes and pathogenesis of streptoderma

Streptoderma is a disease that almost every one of us has encountered, although not everyone suspected it. The causes and pathogenesis of streptoderma are in many respects similar to the etiology and mechanism of development of other infectious diseases, but still has its own characteristics.

How to recognize streptoderma in adults and children: symptoms and stages of the disease

Streptoderma can not be attributed to childhood diseases, although the incidence among children is much higher than among young people and mature people. This is facilitated by the spread of the pathogen in large children's groups.

Causes of temperature increase to 38-39.5 in adults and children

The temperature increase is not a serious reason for panic, as long as it does not go beyond the mark of 39.5-40 degrees. But this is already an alarming signal to think about the state of one's health, because, from scratch, such failures in thermoregulation usually do not occur.

Consequences, complications and prognosis of high temperature

If the temperature of 38-38.5 lasts 3-5 days, which indicates an active fight of the body against the infection, there is nothing wrong with that, you should not rush to reduce it, but the temperature reaching critical values (39-39.5 degrees) is necessary shoot down immediately.

Severe itching during chickenpox: what to do, how to relieve?

Chickenpox or chickenpox is a viral disease transmitted by airborne droplets. Mostly children from six months to 7 years are subject to it, but there are also cases of infection of adults.

Anisacidosis treatment with drugs

In the treatment of the disease, doctors attempt to reduce the activity of anisakid larvae with the help of the synthetic drugs Albendazole, Mebendazole, Zentel, Mintezol, etc.

Anisacidosis in humans

Today we know that fish is a very valuable dietary product, which contains a huge amount of all kinds of substances that have a beneficial effect on our health. But people use fish and fish products as food for a long time, since then, when science existed at the stage of accumulation of life experience.

Prevention of thrush: ointments, creams, suppositories, pills

What is the prevention of thrush, or candidiasis? The main task of preventive measures is to create conditions in the body that are unfavorable for the growth and reproduction of a fungal infection. The list of such measures includes changes in nutrition, hygiene, etc.


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