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Overview of medicines

Antibiotics for thrush in men

Antibiotics are almost never used, because often they are the cause of thrush development. But sometimes, in exceptional cases, if the cause is a bacterial infection, antibiotics can be prescribed.

Antifungal medications for thrush in men

Thrush in men is not a sentence. There are many ways and methods of its treatment. The pharmaceutical industry represents an increasing range of medicines that can be successfully applied for treatment.

Treatment of cystitis with decoction and infusion of chamomile: baths, syringings,

Chamomile pharmacy - this is an annual plant, the Latin name of which translates as "uterine grass". It is one of the best tools in the treatment of inflammation of the bladder.

Removal of warts with salicylic acid

Warts appear suddenly and deliver a lot of unpleasant moments, if located in a conspicuous place or in a zone of permanent trauma. They not only spoil the appearance, but are also dangerous for the possibility of degeneration into a malignant neoplasm.

What to remove the itch and redness from mosquito bites at home?

The joy of the onset of warm and affectionate summer days is often overshadowed by the awakening of small bloodsuckers whose bites are accompanied by the appearance of small itchy pimples.

Remedies after mosquito bites for children

The immune system of an adult does not so often react violently to substances in the saliva of a mosquito. But many systems of the child's organism during the first years of the child's life are still in the stage of formation.

Effective medications and ointments from flat warts

Flat warts, the appearance of which doctors associate with infection with non-oncogenic types of papillomavirus infection, is not considered a serious medical problem.

Tablets and solutions for washing the eyes

In the pharmaceutical market, there are several forms of medications that are suitable for local treatment of the organs of vision.

Drops for eyewash

To treat many ophthalmic diseases and eliminate eye fatigue, drops are excellent. The choice of medication depends on the causes of the disease state.

Wart removal with celandine: how to withdraw

Papillomas and warts found on the skin, as well as condylomas, formed on the mucous membrane of the genital organs, are a characteristic symptom of infection with papillomavirus infection.


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