One of the rare hereditary connective tissue pathologies is arachnodactyly - deformity of the fingers, accompanied by lengthening of the tubular bones, skeletal curvatures, disorders of the cardiovascular system and visual organs.

Ectodermal dysplasia

A relatively rare disease - ectodermal dysplasia - is a genetic disorder, accompanied by a disorder in the functionality and structure of the derived elements of the outer layer of the skin. 

Tholos-Hunt Syndrome

Syndrome of the superior orbital fissure, pathological ophthalmoplegia - all this is nothing more than Tholos Hunt syndrome, which is a lesion of structures in the superior orbital fissure. 

Svayer syndrome

The disease can have several names: it is often called female gonadal dysgenesis, or simply gonadal dysgenesis. 

Möbius syndrome in children

A congenital anomaly caused by an abnormal structure of the cranial nerves is the Moebius syndrome. Consider its causes, symptoms, methods of diagnosis and correction.

Hemophagocytic syndrome in children: primary, secondary

A rare and complex disease - hemophagocytic syndrome, is called hemophagocytic lymphogystyocytosis. 

Dejerine Syndrome

Under the syndrome Dejerine means a disease that occurs rarely. It is based on a genetic predisposition. Dejerine's syndrome is also called hypertrophic neuropathy. 

Rapid weight loss

Excess weight is the problem of a third of the world's population. People try to get rid of extra pounds in various ways, trying to bring their body to the ideal proportions.

Locked man syndrome

No matter how different people call this disease in different times, can words convey the tragedy of a situation when a living soul and a healthy mind for a long time remain locked inside a virtually completely immobilized body?

Myofascial pain syndrome: facial, cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine

Anyone who has at least once encountered small seals in the muscles that bring unbearable pain when you press them, of course, knows what the myofascial syndrome is, and will not advise anyone to encounter this in his life.


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