Surgical diseases

Lipomatosis of the pancreas

Diffuse pancreatic changes of the lipomatosis type -- with gradual replacement of parenchymatous tissue by fatty tissue -- are also called fatty dystrophy or non-alcoholic fatty pancreatic disease.

Dumping syndrome

Dumping syndrome is usually due to rapid movement of food from the stomach to the intestines or due to changes in the anatomy of the stomach after surgery.

Pancreatic fistula

Pancreatic fistula, also known as pancreatic fistula, is an uncommon pathologic condition in which a communication or channel is formed between the pancreas and neighboring organs or structures.

Abscess of the buttock

A buttock abscess is a limited purulent inflammation that usually develops in the soft tissues of the buttocks.

Chronic abscess

A cold abscess is a form of abscess that is characterized by the absence of obvious signs of inflammation and infection.


An epicystostomy is a surgically created opening or artificial outlet (stoma) in the bladder wall that connects to the outside of the body through the abdominal wall.

Hernia of the esophagus: causes, signs, how to treat?

Pathologies associated with disruption of the gastrointestinal tract are always a big trouble for a person. Interfere with one of its basic physiological needs - nutrition. 

Omphalitis of the navel: catarrhal, purulent, phlegmonous, necrotic

Omphalitis is a process of inflammation of the umbilical cord and surrounding tissue, which is more common in newborns. Features of the structure of the skin and subcutaneous tissue in infants are such that the inflammatory process spreads very quickly.

Acute catarrhal appendicitis

By catarrhal appendicitis is meant the initial stage of changes in the mucous layer of the appendix. In this case, inflammation has a mostly superficial character, which means that it does not affect the deep tissues, but develops in the cells of the epithelium.


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