Complex of exercises, exercise therapy for chronic and obstructive bronchitis

Exercises for bronchitis are an auxiliary method of treatment, they are designed to speed up treatment, charge cheerfulness, restore the body after the illness. Is air breathing really contributing to this, and how?

Banks on the back for the treatment of bronchitis adults and children

People of the older generation in their medicine kits had banks that, when coughing, pneumonia were placed on their backs. They are really similar in form to banks, but have a rounded bottom. Their capacity is 30-70 ml.

How to do massage with bronchitis: drainage, vibrating, can, spot

This is possible due to the basic principles of therapeutic massage: improving blood circulation, circulation of lymphatic fluid, metabolism and trophic tissue.

Physiotherapy exercises for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in children

Physical exercises affect digestion through the central nervous system through motor-visceral reflexes. Special physical exercises improve blood circulation in the organs of the abdominal cavity, helping to reduce stagnation and restore normal motor function.

Physiotherapy for bowel diseases in children

Physiotherapy for bowel diseases in children is prescribed depending on the type of disorders. In irritable bowel syndrome with constipation, with functional constipation, the following recommendations were developed.


Electropuncture - the effect on biologically active points by certain currents of low frequency, which have pronounced inhibitory, analgesic, hyposensitizing, antianginal effects.

Sleep deprivation therapy

In recent years, the possibility of using deprivation (sleep deprivation) to treat depressive conditions is increasingly being discussed. Most researchers recommend using this method both at the initial stages of an endogenous depressive attack, and in cases of therapeutically-resistant depression.

Hygienic and therapeutic gymnastics

Applied morning hygienic gymnastics and therapeutic gymnastics. Morning hygienic gymnastics lasting 5-15 minutes is of great health value and includes simple gymnastic and breathing exercises, as well as relaxation exercises.


Acupuncture is one of the methods of reflex physiotherapy. The method is based on the filo- and ontogenetic interrelation of certain skin areas through the nervous and humoral systems with internal organs.

Vibrating relaxation

Vibromassage relaxation is a combined effect on the human body of low-frequency vibration of varying amplitude and periodic mechanical roller impact.


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