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Treatment of diseases

Syndrome of the derealization of the person: what to do, how to cure the pills

The condition developing as an independent syndrome on the background of acute or prolonged stress, arises suddenly and plunges a person, at least, into confusion. What to do with derealization?

Edema after a bite of midges: what to do, treatment

Having found a trace on the body of a bite of midges, do not wait until there are various symptoms such as itching, swelling of the tissues, redness of the skin around the affected area or more dangerous allergic and toxic reactions.

Treatment of fibrotic polyp

Drug therapy is used in cases when surgical intervention is impossible due to decompensated cardiovascular pathologies: hypertension, coronary heart disease, severe heart failure or bronchial asthma; disorders of blood clotting processes.

Treatment of upper extremity neuropathy

To stop pain and inflammation, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Indomethacin, Meloxicam, Nimesulide are usually prescribed.

What to do and what to remove the swelling after bite midges: ointments, preparations

Basically, these insects are familiar to people living near water bodies, gardeners and lovers of outdoor recreation. The mosquito is the most active around May and June, at daylight and in good weather, are completely on the eve of a bad weather, but in the rain they hide.

Treatment of pruritus in the intimate area in men

Since the itching in the perineum of the stronger sex can be a consequence of various factors, it is not necessary to talk about any general schemes of treatment. This became clear when we considered the dependence of the quality of differential diagnosis and the results of the therapy prescribed by its results.

Removal of spider veins at home

Of all parts of the body, the person pays most attention to his head, and in particular to the person. And this is understandable, because a person is the first thing that we value each other before even one word is said.

Coding from alcoholism by sewing the ampoule

Alcoholism is a problem that has existed for many, many years. However, even the most innovative methods do not guarantee complete cure for alcohol dependence.

Treatment of sweating in men

People with psychogenic forms of hyperhidrosis are recommended to take classes with a therapist, under which, under the guidance of a specialist, the patient learns to cope with anxiety and learns techniques for coping with stress.

Treatment of cheesy discharge

Thrush of mucous membranes of any localization delivers a lot of discomfort, so you want to get rid of such secretions as soon as possible. Moreover, it is considered a fairly innocuous pathology, therefore, it is often resorted to self-medication, especially since the advertisement is full of suggestions to rid itself of thrush literally for a one-time use.


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