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Treatment of diseases

Лечение синдрома удлиненного интервала QT

All patients, regardless of whether they have congenital or acquired syndrome, are prescribed beta-blockers. The only exception is those groups of patients whose arrhythmia occurs at rest.

Что делать, если моча красного цвета?

The urine of the altered hue as a symptom in the clinical sense is not considered an exponential and obvious sign of a specific disease. 

Упражнения для глаз при дальнозоркости для детей и взрослых по Жданову и Бейтсу

Hyperopia or hypermetropia is a pathological condition characterized by a lack of correct focus of vision when considering subjects that are at close range.

Лечение долихосигмы: операция, питание и диета, народные средства, массаж

First, conservative treatment of dolichosigma is always carried out, and radical methods are used only when it is ineffective. Begins any treatment with dietary nutrition, establishing a regime. You also need to drink plenty of water.

Лечение бактериофагами различных бактериальных и иных патологий: схема, курс

Pathogenic bacteria with which many diseases are associated exist for billions of years, but effective drugs against them began to appear no more than a century ago. Even children know about such drugs against bacteria, like antibiotics.

Лечение аденоидов эффективными народными средствами у детей

Traditional medicine has many tools that contribute to both treatment of adenoids and post-operative recovery.

Эффективное лечение аденоидов у детей в домашних условиях

Today, treatment of adenoids in children is becoming increasingly important and relevant in medicine. Doctors will try various methods and methods that can get rid of this ailment.

Лечение частых позывов к мочеиспусканию у женщин препаратами

If the cause of frequent urge to urinate in a woman is established at the first symptoms, then the treatment does not take much time. In other cases, the pathology can take on an unpleasant nature, causing various complications.


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