Diseases of the joints, muscles and connective tissue (rheumatology)

Edge osteophytes

There are many types of bone growths. If these growths are formed at the extremities as marginal growths due to deforming stresses or calcium metabolism disorders, they are called "marginal osteophytes".

Osteophytes of the knee joint

Osteophytes of the knee joint provoke severe pain in the knee, almost unresponsive to the use of painkillers. The formation of osteophytes is associated with pathological changes in bone tissue.

How does alcohol affect the joints?

Alcohol can have negative effects on joints, especially when consumed excessively and for long periods of time.

Tendon contracture

Tendon contracture is a condition in which the bundles of fibrous tissue connecting muscle to bone, which transmit muscle force to bones and joints, lose elasticity and firmness, limiting joint movement

Dupuytren's contracture

Dupuytren's contracture is a medical condition characterized by gradual contraction of the fascia (the tissue surrounding the tendons in the palm of the hand) and binding of the fingers of the hand, usually the fourth and fifth fingers.

Knee contracture

Knee contracture is a condition in which the knee joint is limited in movement and cannot fully straighten or bend.

Arthritis of the foot

Arthritis of the foot is an inflammatory condition in which the joints and tissues in the foot area become inflamed.

Arthritis of the knee

Knee arthritis is an inflammatory condition that affects one or both knee joints.

Muscle spasm

A muscle spasm is an unintentional, sometimes painful contraction or strengthening of a muscle.


Tendinopathy is a general medical term that refers to damage or abnormal changes in the tendons (tendons).


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