Diseases of the joints, muscles and connective tissue (rheumatology)

Nodular periarteritis

A rare pathology - periarteritis nodosa - is accompanied by lesions of medium and small-caliber arterial vessels. 

Fibrosis of the retroperitoneum

Such a rare disease as retroperitoneal fibrosis is characterized by excessive growth of fibrous tissue behind the posterior outer surface of the stomach and intestines.

Coxitis of the hip joint

Inflammation of the hip joint or arthritis can be defined as coxitis of the hip joint, where the term "coxitis" (from Latin coxae - thigh) - without specifying the location of the inflammatory process - is self-sufficient from a medical point of view.

Contracture of the masticatory muscles

Prolonged tension and contraction of the muscles that provide movement of the lower jaw during chewing (musculi masticatorii) is diagnosed as a contracture of the masticatory muscles.

Why does the calf cramp and what to do?

Among these many symptoms, abnormal involuntary movements stand out - convulsions and spasms, which include focal myoclonic cramps in the calves of the legs, which are rather painful contractions of the biceps gastrocnemius muscle (Musculus gastrocnemius).


There are many rare diseases of a congenital nature, and one of them is a violation of bone growth - achondroplasia, which leads to a pronounced disproportionate short stature.

Treatment of connective tissue dysplasia

Unfortunately, no method is known that would permanently get rid of connective tissue dysplasia, since this is a genetic problem. However, the competent use of complex measures can stabilize the patient's condition, alleviate the clinical signs of the disease.

Connective tissue dysplasia in children and adults

Such a syndrome as connective tissue dysplasia is said to be when the human body is prone to disturbances in the formation of cartilage tissue of joints, as well as other tissues, from birth. 

Treatment of osteochondropathy

In addition to drug therapy, the patient is prescribed a course of physiotherapy: therapeutic massages, electrophoresis, paraffin baths, heating, exercise therapy, shock wave therapy.

Osteochondropathy in children

In children, this pathology is much more common than in adults. This is due to the active growth of their bone system. The main age group of patients from 2 to 18 years.


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