Injuries and poisonings

Poisoning with cardiac glycosides

Cardioactive steroid compounds of a number of plants - cardiac glycosides - are the basis of drugs, an overdose of which leads to a toxic effect, that is, causes poisoning with cardiac glycosides.

First aid for a wasp sting

When an insect bites or stings, it is not only unpleasant, but also painful, and sometimes even dangerous. Probably every person has experienced this at least once in his life. On the territory of our country, the wasp is considered the leader in biting after the mosquito.

Crack or fracture of the bone: distinguishing features

Which is worse, a fracture or a crack? A crack, of course, heals faster and is easier to heal, but not everything is so simple, since a fracture of the little finger

Carbon monoxide poisoning

What is carbon monoxide poisoning, only a few people know. On hearing another concept - "carbon monoxide poisoning", which is exactly the same thing. Such intoxication is very dangerous and often ends in death if measures are not taken in a timely manner.

Pesticide poisoning

Pesticides are chemical agents designed to protect crops from various pests and diseases. But are they safe for humans? 

Poisoning with rat poison

Poisoning with rat poison is very dangerous and you need to know how it manifests itself and what actions to take to detoxify. 

Fracture of the femoral neck

Injuries are common troubles that can await us at every step: on the way to work, during leisure or at home.

Leech bite

Directly the moment of a leech bite is accompanied by a burning sensation, the intensity of which varies in similarity from a nettle burn to an ant or mosquito bite. 

Meat food poisoning

From the point of view of microbiology, meat is a good breeding ground for undesirable microorganisms, and meat poisoning refers to foodborne toxic infections of microbial etiology, which are caused by a number of enteropathogenic pathogens.

Nicotine poisoning: acute, chronic

A derivative of the nitrogenous compound of pyridine, the tobacco alkaloid nicotine, is a potent neuro- and cardiotoxin. In addition to the actual harm of smoking, which causes physical and mental dependence, there can be direct nicotine poisoning of both adults and children.


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