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Injuries and poisonings

What to do with smoke poisoning?

The first thing to do in case of smoke poisoning is to stop the effects of smoke on the body as soon as possible: take out or bring the victim to fresh air, ventilate the room. If breathing is difficult, a cloth dipped in water should be applied to the nose and throat and breathe through it.

Smoke poisoning: carbon monoxide, tobacco, welding

Smoke poisoning happens quite often, and can have quite serious consequences. It can be both mild intoxication, and severe poisoning, which entail serious violations at all levels of the body, ranging from the cellular, and ending systemic, organismal. As with any other poisoning, a person needs emergency care.

Bites of human cats

There are many cases where even pet animals tended to bite their owners with ease, or for other reasons. Often, the bite sites heal very long and painfully, because sharp teeth can penetrate deep into tissues, and the surface treatment of the wound does not adequately disinfect the damage. 

What to do with a cat bite?

When contacting the doctor after the necessary diagnosis, the wound is treated (washing, using antiseptics). Stitching is possible only with fresh, uninfected damage.

Bumblebee bite

In nature, there are about 300 species of bumblebees. Among them are both males and females. In the uterus and working bumblebees there is a sting with which they can sting, and it does not remain in the body of the victim, poison is sprinkled through it. 

Taste narrow

When a bite is bitten, a person feels an injection, a trace remains on the body, blood can flow from the wound. The body's reaction to it is insignificant: the symptoms consist in a slight redness, swelling of the skin. In rare cases, there may be an allergy in the form of urticaria or difficulty breathing.

Iodine poisoning: signs, consequences, what to do

Although there is a bottle with an alcoholic solution of iodine - a powerful antiseptic - in every home medicine cabinet, probably not everyone knows that iodine poisoning is possible, and its excess can even lead to thyroiditis.

Acute atropine poisoning: signs, treatment

Atropine is widely used in medicine alone in the form of sulphate and is part of many complex drugs - anti-asthma (Solutan, Franol), antispasmodics (Besalol, Spasmoveralgin) and some others. It is used in ophthalmology and psychiatry. 

Chemical burn quicklime: what to do?

Of particular danger is the process of slaking lime, that is, diluting it with water. This interaction is accompanied by the release of a large amount of thermal energy, that is, hot steam, falling into the zone of action of which is fraught with burns in open parts of the body.

Antifreeze poisoning

Antifreeze is a technical fluid that provides, at low temperatures, normal operation of the cooling systems of internal combustion engines, preventing icing and damage to parts of mechanisms.


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