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Injuries and poisonings

Is the risk of edema after bite of midges?

Daily walks and outdoor recreation are something that we recommend the followers of a healthy lifestyle, psychologists, doctors. 

Impeachment syndrome of various joints

Speaking of impeachment syndrome, most people have in mind the pathology of the shoulder joint. However, no less often this problem also affects the hip or ankle joints, which is due to their structural features.

The first signs of methanol poisoning

This is a very dangerous substance that acts quickly enough and leads to serious consequences, disability and even death. 

The poisoning with salts of heavy metals

To meet substances that are both useful and act as poisons can almost everywhere. They are part of the soil, are part of the air, and even synthesized in living organisms. 

Poisoning with salt

This is a known chemical compound, which is represented by sodium and chlorine ions. It has the ability to react in the human body and cause various reactions.

First aid with a stalk bite

Today, in connection with the growth of tourism, there are frequent cases of various injuries, bites, injuries. A bite of a horsefly is quite common, which can be unsafe.

Bite in the eye: first aid, treatment

This can become a serious problem, which entails many problems and inconveniences, and sometimes can cause serious complications.

Poisoning by a paint of the child and the adult: signs, consequences

The danger is that a person does not feel any smell, or the first signs of poisoning, after which sharply pronounced intoxication occurs. The degree of severity of poisoning can be different.

Stages and types of poisoning with paints

Poisoning is especially dangerous for people prone to an allergic reaction of immediate type, since anaphylactic shock may occur.

Poisoning with nitrates and nitrites

Sometimes eating fresh food can encounter an unusual reaction on them of the gastrointestinal tract. It seems that everything was fresh on the table, but there are symptoms of poisoning. 


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