Gynecological diseases (gynecology)

Cracks in the vagina

Among the many vaginal diseases, discomfort and discomfort are caused by cracks in the vagina. Many women tend to self-diagnose, most often attributing the symptoms to a fungal infection.


Among gynecological problems is the accumulation of menstrual blood in the vagina -  hematocolpos  (in Greek haima - blood, kolpos - vagina). This pathology in the section of diseases of the genitourinary system of the ICD-10 has the code N89.7.

Treatment of thrush before, during and after menstruation

A real problem for many women is thrush before, during and after menstruation. Let's figure out how to deal with this, and is it always a thrush.

Thrush before, during and after menstruation

Today, many women complain that they are worried about thrush before, during and after menstruation. Is this normal or pathological? Even experienced specialists do not have an unambiguous answer to this question.

Double uterus

A double uterus is a very rare congenital disorder. We are talking about a malformation of the genital organ, which in the course of its development becomes paired, as a result of embryogenetic non-fusion of the Müllerian ducts.

Anovulatory menstrual cycle in women

In the absence of an ovulatory phase in a woman's menstrual cycle, it is defined as an anovulatory cycle. In ICD-10, the code N97.0 has infertility associated with anovulation in women.

Uterine hypoplasia

The term "uterine hypoplasia" is used by doctors in cases when it comes to insufficient development of this organ: the uterine body is reduced in size when compared with normal age and physiological norms

Nabotric gland cysts: how to treat?

With a complicated and recurrent course of cysts, complex therapy is used. Initially, drug treatment of nabot cysts is carried out, drugs are prescribed depending on the complexity of the pathology.


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