Gynecological diseases (gynecology)

Placental polyp endometrium

According to medical statistics, about 10% of women face this problem.

Atypical and Malignant Endometrial Polyps

Under the action of certain factors, any neoplasm that has arisen in the body can take on a malignant form. 

Endometrial glandular polyp

Very often, such growths appear on the mucous membrane of the uterine cavity. An eruption can be spherical, branchy or mushroom-shaped. It consists of a network of branching glands on the endometrium. 

Types of endometrial polyps: simple, fibrous, cystic

The growth of tissues above the endometrial mucosa is a polyp. Consider the main causes of its appearance, symptoms, types, methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Consequences of removal of endometrial polyps: discharge, pain, temperature

In some cases, removal of the endometrial polyp can be accompanied by endometritis - an inflammation of the endometrium, which can develop for various reasons, including: infection attachment, intensive recovery. 

Treatment of the endometrial polyp by alternative means

Conservative methods include treatment aimed at reducing the endometrium, preventing further growth and development of the polyp, relieving symptoms and alleviating the condition as a whole.

Treatment of the endometrial polyp without surgery: effective medicines

Today, one of the central problems of gynecology are various modifications and inflammations of the endometrium. For various reasons, it can develop inflammatory, infectious, hyperplastic processes.

Polyp of the endometrium: causes, symptoms, prevention, prognosis

Such a tumor is found relatively often, and can arise as a single formation, or multiple polyps of different sizes.

Polyps in the uterus: types, consequences, diagnosis, removal

There are different types of polyps. One of them is expedient to observe without taking any measures, while others need to be urgently removed. There are both single and multiple polyps.

Vulvodnia: causes, signs, how to treat?

The prevalence of this problem is very wide, and the fuzzy concept of etiology and treatment methods leads to later diagnosis. 


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