Diseases of the blood (hematology)

Disturbance of acid-base balance

Acid-base disorders (acidosis and alkalosis) are conditions in which the body's normal pH (acid-base) equilibrium is disrupted.

Red blood cell macrocytosis.

Macrocytosis is a medical term that describes a condition in which the level of red blood cells, known as red blood cells, is higher than normal and they are enlarged in size.

Microcytosis in adults and children

Microcytosis is a condition in which red blood cells (red blood cells) in the blood are smaller than normal.

Red blood cell anisocytosis.

Red blood cell anisocytosis is a condition in which red blood cells (red blood cells) in the blood have different sizes.

Latent iron deficiency

Latent iron deficiency is a condition in which iron levels in the body are reduced but have not yet reached a threshold at which clear clinical symptoms of iron deficiency (e.g., anemia) appear.

Alcaptonuria - congenital enzymatic pathology

One of the very rare metabolic disorders - alkaptonuria - refers to congenital abnormalities in the metabolism of the amino acid tyrosine.


One of the clinical forms of impaired water metabolism is an excess volume of water in the body - hyperhydration or hyperhydria.

Spleen infarction

A complex disease - spleen infarction - is a condition in which focal death of organ tissues is detected. Such a pathological process can be provoked by various factors, and not only the spleen suffers, but the patient's body as a whole.


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