Sexually transmitted infections (sexually transmitted diseases)

Treatment of candidiasis brown in glycerin

It is not always possible to treat thrush medicine (for example, during pregnancy, in newborns), therefore, sometimes there is a need to use alternative means and herbal remedies.

What to wash with men with thrush?

One of the most effective means of combating thrush is mandatory compliance with hygiene rules. None, even the most powerful treatment, can not have a positive effect if a man does not comply with hygiene.

How to be treated a man, if a woman has thrush?

Thrush in men - a very unpleasant phenomenon, so it must be treated. And you need to do this as soon as possible. To do this, you need to contact the urologist as soon as possible, go through the necessary diagnostics, get treatment.

What causes thrush in men and is it transmitted from a woman?

Thrush in men is rare. Basically, it affects men with reduced immunity, impaired metabolism, impaired and altered hormonal background.

Thrush in men: whether it happens, tests, consequences, prevention

Basically, traditionally, it is commonly believed that this disease affects women. But such a judgment is erroneous: thrush in men is also quite common in medical practice.

Alternative treatment of thrush in men

In order to determine how to treat thrush, you need to understand exactly what the disease is, and also understand the mechanism of its emergence and maintenance. So, thrush can be described as a disease of fungal origin, caused by fungi of the genus Candida.

Treatment of thrush in men with drugs: ointments, creams, tablets

The thrush, certainly, needs to be treated, as it arises as a result of development of an infection. The fungus of the genus Candida develops, which is dangerous in itself. He can very quickly progress, spread throughout the body, form new foci of infection in other organs and systems.

Symptoms and signs of thrush in men: itching, rashes, burning, odor

Thrush is a common disease that affects mainly the urogenital tract. It is known that thrush in men is much less common than in women. However, this pathology delivers an equal amount of discomfort, both to men and women.


A common viral disease of condylomatosis is provoked by papillomavirus infection. It can be attributed to diseases that are sexually transmitted.

Genital warts in men

They are also called genital warts - unpleasant both physiologically and aesthetically, pathology. Genital warts in men refer to infectious lesions of the genitourinary system in the stronger sex


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