How to be treated a man, if a woman has thrush?

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Last reviewed: 21.10.2018

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Thrush in men - a very unpleasant phenomenon, so it must be treated. And you need to do this as soon as possible. To do this, you need to contact the urologist as soon as possible, go through the necessary diagnostics, get treatment. It should be remembered that thrush is a risk for the partner, so treatment should be done together, or during the treatment to refrain from having sexual intercourse.

If a woman has a thrush, only a man with high immunity can afford to not heal. Treatment can be different, depending on the severity of pathology in women, the immunity of a man, the condition of his urogenital microflora. Optimum treatment can only be a doctor, so you need to contact the urologist as soon as possible. Also well-established herbal medicine, as well as treatment of thrush in men with alternative and homeopathic remedies.

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Let's consider some of them.

  • Recipe number 1. Anti-inflammatory ointment

I have proven myself on the basis of honey. For its preparation you need to take honey, melt it on low heat. Separately dilute in 100 ml of warm water 5 grams of mummy. In the melted honey with constant stirring add a mummy solution. Continue stirring until a homogeneous mass forms. Then the resulting mass is cooled and applied a thin layer on the affected area. It is advisable to apply it so that it is still hot. So repeat every day until the symptoms of pathology disappear.

  • Recipe number 2. Ointment from seaweed

Also well works ointment from seaweed, pre-rinsed on a coffee grinder. About 15-30 ml of honey is added to this powder. All this is mixed, melt in a water bath, add 5-10 grams of cinnamon and ground ginger, stir until a uniform mass is formed, allow to freeze. Apply a thin layer on the affected area, including mucous membranes. You can smear up to three times a day. Duration of treatment - until all symptoms of pathology disappear.

  • Recipe number 3. Gelatin ointment with raccoon dog fat

The fat of the raccoon dog quite quickly eliminates inflammation and reduces the manifestation of irritation, burning, itching, prevents the development of infection, including fungal infection. For this preparation of the ointment in a separate bowl on a low heat, melt the fat, then add a teaspoon of pre-prepared gelatin.

Gelatine is soaked in a separate container in warm water at the rate of about a teaspoon of gelatin per glass of water. Constantly stir, dissolve completely, then give the opportunity to infuse for an hour. After that, gelatin is added to the melted fat of the dog, mixed, removed from the fire and allowed to cool in a cool place.

Apply to the skin and mucous membranes 3-4 times a day until the symptoms completely disappear.

  • Recipe number 4. Ointment from bear fat

Fat of the bear is mixed with acacia flowers after preheating in a water bath. After the fat has melted, it is necessary to stir for 2-3 minutes, then remove from heat and cool until completely hardened. With severe burning and irritation, which accompanies the thrush, you can add pre-prepared oil to the melted fat. Acacia oil can be prepared in advance as follows: take 2 tablespoons of herbs and pour 5 tablespoons of boiled hot sunflower oil. After this, give the opportunity to brew for 5-10 minutes, then mixed with melted bear fat. After this, allow to stand under a tightly closed lid for 2-3 hours. The product is ready - you can rub into the mucous membranes, inguinal region, sacrum and perineum until completely absorbed.

  • Recipe number 5. Compress from cabbage leaves

A fresh leaf of cabbage is moistened in boiling water, they shake the water and put on the zone, which is affected by the milkwoman. It is also possible to apply a compress to the sacrum area, since it contains a large number of reflex zones and biologically active points that affect the reproductive system. Stimulation of this zone and the reflex field positively affects the reproductive zone, normalizes the potency, libido. Tightly tied with a wide bandage, cover with dry heat on top. Keep such a compress for half an hour, then carefully remove the sheet and another 15-20 minutes impose a dry heat. It relieves pain, itching and burning sensation.

  • Recipe number 6. Broth for washing

With abundant discharge, itching and burning, it is recommended to wash at least 3-4 times a day, if necessary - more often. For this, mainly anti-inflammatory and antiseptic herbs are used. Well proven herbs such as chamomile medicinal, calendula, sage ordinary, bird mountaineer, or sporish, the root of the medicinal aura.

To prepare the broth, take one of the herbs. Add one tablespoon of herbs to a glass of boiling water. Brew for an hour. You can use a mixture of several herbs. Applied for washing and lubrication of affected areas. On the first day, lubricate every 30 minutes, the second day can be every 1.5-2 hours. Then go to a three-time lubrication until the symptoms of thrush disappear completely.

  • Recipe number 7. Anti-inflammatory balm

Quickly eliminate the inflammation of the pain, itching, irritation will help balm from hop cones based on ethyl alcohol. Take 50 ml of ethyl alcohol, add about 2-3 tablespoons of hop cones to it. Insist for 2-3 hours, after which they rub into the affected areas before the appearance of heat. It is recommended to apply only to the perineum, cilia and sacrum, while avoiding the mucous membranes of the genitals. Hold for 30 minutes, then apply again.

  • Recipe number 8.

To eliminate the symptoms of thrush, two ointments are used consistently. One of them has antibacterial action, the second - anti-inflammatory effect. To prepare the first ointment, you need to take a glass of sea-buckthorn berries (wound healing, anti-infective action). Strain until a homogeneous mass is formed, after which add the powder from the grated herbs in a mortar. Add powder powdered grass chamomile and stevia. Mix with sea-buckthorn, bring to a homogeneous mass. After that, apply a thin layer on the affected areas, you can apply even on mucous membranes. Then stand 10-15 minutes, wash off with moist napkins, apply a second ointment.

The second ointment consists of an extract of eucalyptus and aloe juice, added to a badly melted badger fat. Approximately 50 grams of badger fat is heated in a water bath until it is completely melted. Add 5 ml of eucalyptus extract and 1 teaspoon of aloe juice to the resulting mass. Stir thoroughly, allow to infuse for 5-10 minutes, then apply a thin layer on the skin, after applying the first ointment.

  • Recipe number 9. Antiseptic ointment

Take 10 tablespoons of quartz sand, mix with 5 tablespoons of grape seed oil, add 2 drops of ethyl alcohol. Insist for half an hour. Before application, mix, apply to damaged areas up to 3 times a day.

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It is important to know!

Basically, traditionally, it is commonly believed that this disease affects women. But such a judgment is erroneous: thrush in men is also quite common in medical practice.

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