Endoscopy (endoscopy)


Sigmoidoscopy, sigmoidoscopy or rectosigmoscopy is an instrumental method of examining the end part of the main part of the large intestine, the sigmoid colon (colon sigmoideum), which passes directly into the rectum.


The standard procedure for examining the pharynx - pharyngoscopy - is performed by an otolaryngologist to determine its condition and diagnose diseases.

Operation of laparoscopy of the fallopian tubes

Pipes of the uterus are an important element of the female reproductive system, without which a childbearing function would be impossible.

Gastroscopy of the stomach without swallowing the probe

Many patients who have digestive problems do not hurry to consult a doctor only because of "anticipation" of discomfort from such a diagnostic method as gastroscopy.

Gastroscopy of the stomach: sensations that shows results

By gastroscopy is meant a procedure in which the shells and cavity of the esophagus and stomach are examined. The area of the duodenum is also affected. In some cases, gastroscopy allows you to visualize the image and display it on the screen.

Gastroscopy: whether dangerous, harmful, alternative

Gastroscopy is a common diagnostic procedure that is used in gastroenterology to diagnose diseases of the upper digestive tract.

What can and can not be done before a gastroscopy?

Gastroscopy is prescribed in cases when the patient feels discomfort in the abdomen. Complaints can be pain, vomiting, nausea, discomfort in the epigastric region, bloating, flatulence.

Gastroscopy of the stomach and colonoscopy under anesthesia

Gastroscopy is one of the methods of research of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, consisting in endoscopic examination of the stomach, esophagus or duodenum.

Preparation for stomach gastroscopy: what can and can not be eaten, diet

Gastroscopy is one of the varieties of endoscopic research, in which the gastric mucosa and intestines are studied with the help of special equipment. The main instrument used for gastroscopy is the fibrogastroscope.


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