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Diseases of the nervous system (neurology)

Stages of Alzheimer's Disease: How to manifest themselves, duration

With the approach of senile age, a person can suffer not only memorization processes, but also mental abilities, cognitive reactions.

Neuropathy of the upper limbs

The innervation of the hand is carried out by a whole system of peripheral nerves, that is, located outside the brain and spinal cord. Their diseases are not inflammatory genesis (caused by various degenerative and dystrophic processes) called neuropathy. 

Herpetic and postherpetic ganglionic

At the same time, the ICD-10 code does not have ganglionovirus: codes G50-G59 show diseases associated with the defeat of individual nerves, nerve roots and plexuses.

Cryptogenic epilepsy with seizures in adults

According to the international classification valid until last year, symptomatic or secondary, caused by defeat of brain structures, idiopathic, primary (independent, presumably hereditary disease) and cryptogenic epilepsy were isolated. 

Treatment of cryptogenic epilepsy

Modern research has shown that polytherapy with several drugs in small doses did not justify itself. Selection of the drug is strictly in accordance with the type of epilepsy and the type of epileptic fit.

Cryptogenic epilepsy in children

This medical conclusion is not a definitive diagnosis, the symptomatology can change with age and evolve into an already known form, and also - regress.

Neuropathy of the median nerve of the hand

Without taking into account pathogenetic factors, many continue to call it neuritis, and ICD-10 on the basis of anatomical and topographic features of the disease refers it to mono-neuropathies of the upper extremities with code G56.0-G56.1.

Dysfunction of brain structures

This is not a disease, but a whole complex of pathological and physiologically inadequate reactions of the brain to various environmental factors. The person experiences discomfort.

Neuropathy of the branches of the trigeminal nerve

There are numerous transformations, as well as functional changes. Myelin fibers and axial cylinders also undergo changes. It is a serious problem with which modern neurology is increasingly faced. 

Focal seizures in children and adults

This is a kind of brain disease known since ancient times, which manifests itself in specific convulsive attacks, called epileptic


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