Tablets for resorption from sore throats

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Among the various drugs that are used to treat pain in the throat with angina, sprays, solutions, aerosols and many others are allocated. But patients and doctors pay more attention to special therapeutic tablets for resorption. With their help, you can not only stop the symptoms of angina, but also quickly slow down the development or completely eliminate inflammation. Practically in all candies and pastilles, the pain in the throat contains disinfectant and antiseptic components.

Indications of the tablets from a sore throat

Lozenges and other tablets from angina for resorption are applied with the appearance of the first signs of this disease:

  1. Pershing in the throat.
  2. Frequent desires for coughing.
  3. The appearance of a dry cough.
  4. Sharp pain in the throat.
  5. Redness of the throat.

Doctors recommend using such drugs for any inflammatory diseases of the larynx, pharynx, tonsils. At the same time they help both with non-infectious, allergic, and infectious form of the disease.

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Consider the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of tablets from angina for resorption using the example of the popular means for adults and children "Strepsils".

These lozenges have an antiseptic effect against a large group of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Also has antimycotic effect.

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There is no data on the pharmacokinetics of this group of drugs.

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  1. Allergy to the main components of the drug.
  2. Gastric ulcer in acute form.
  3. Glucose deficiency.
  4. Puffiness.
  5. Children's age (for some).
  6. Insufficient blood circulation.
  7. Malfunctioning of the liver and kidneys.
  8. Diabetes.

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Side effects of the tablets from a sore throat

  1. Nausea.
  2. Diarrhea.
  3. Vomiting.
  4. Allergic reactions.
  5. Loss, change of taste (temporarily).

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Dosing and administration

In pharmacies today you can find a huge range of lozenges and lozenges, which are used to moisturize and soften the throat during tonsillitis, to remove the inflammatory process, and to improve the patient's well-being during swallowing. Among them, the following tablets for resorption:

  1. Strepsils.
  2. Septhotte.
  3. Pharynogosept.
  4. Grammidine.
  5. Decaturene.
  6. The Falimint.
  7. Sebidine.
  8. Lizobakt.
  9. Strepfen.


The drug is a combined preparation with fungicidal and antibacterial action. One tablet consists of 1.2 mg of dichlorobenzyl alcohol, 0.6 mg of amylmetalcresol, essential oil from peppermint, essential oil from anise, sucrose and glucose, levomenthol.

It is recommended to take Candies Strepsils from the very first days of angina. The standard dosage is as follows: one tablet is absorbed into the mouth every three hours. Note that the maximum daily dose is twelve troches. The duration of treatment is determined by a specialist. Children under the age of six are not recommended to take Candies Strepsils.

Possible overdose, which manifests itself with problems with the gastrointestinal tract. For the treatment, rinsing is used. Reception of tablets is stopped.

For pregnant women, dosage adjustment from the attending physician is necessary. Do not use patients with allergies to the basic components of tablets. It can cause temporary changes in taste and allergic reactions.

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Drug based on the active component of cetylpyridinium chloride. The use of these tablets from pain in the throat with angina can inhibit the enzymatic reactions of bacteria, which makes the permeability of their membranes lower. Also, cetylpyridinium chloride, penetrating into the oral mucosa, destroys viruses and struggles with their reproduction.

For the treatment of angina in children from four to ten years, the Septetelet tablets are taken in the following dosage: one lozenges dissolve four times for 24 hours. From ten years, the dosage is increased to six lozenges a day. The dose for adult patients is eight lollipops. Do not eat while eating.

It is not recommended to take Septollet pastilles to patients with allergy to cetylpyridinium chloride. Taking pills can cause nausea, diarrhea (especially when overdose), rashes or irritation of the skin.


Antibacterial drug, which is actively used for pain in the throat during a sore throat. The drug consists of the active ingredient Ambazone monohydrate. In addition, it contains: lactose, sucrose, cocoa, povidone K-30, gum arabic, vanillin and magnesium stearate.

To get a positive result, experts advise that they dissolve the Pharyngocept tablets for three to four days. The standard dosage is three to five lozenges, which dissolve throughout the day. It is important to use the remedy after eating. After resorption, do not recommend eating or drinking for two hours.

Do not take Pharyngocept tablets to children who have not reached the age of three years, as well as to patients with an allergy to Ambasone monohydrate. Taking this medication can cause allergic reactions.


Antibiotic, which is actively used to treat sore throats. Drug based on the active component of gramicidin C. Grammidine tablets increase the permeability of the bacterial cell membrane, due to which they perish.

For the treatment of children who have not reached the age of twelve, it is recommended to use the following dosage: one or two lozenges dissolve four times in 24 hours. Adult patients can take up to eight lollies a day. Treatment lasts up to six days.

Specialists do not recommend the use of Gramidine for the treatment of angina during breastfeeding. With simultaneous administration with antimicrobial agents, these tablets can enhance their effect. May cause an allergy.


Drug based on the active component of dequalinium chloride. It differs in fungistatic and bactericidal action, quickly relieves pain in the throat, reduces inflammation.

At the onset of the disease, one candy every two hours to resolve the condition quickly. When the patient feels that the sore throat has decreased, the dosage is reduced to one lozenge every four hours.

Tablets of Decathilene can be taken without fear to patients with diabetes. During pregnancy, consult a doctor before use. There was no evidence of an overdose. May cause allergic reactions.

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A drug based on the active component of acetylaminonitropropoxybenzene. Also in the composition are: gelatin, sucrose, fat, copovidone, talc, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, glucose. After the beginning of resorption of the Palette Falimint in the oral cavity, a pleasant coolness is felt, due to which breathing is facilitated. Tablets relieve inflammation, reduce pain in the throat, dilute mucus.

It is recommended to dissolve one lozenge at a time, but do not exceed the prescribed maximum dose - ten lozenges in 24 hours. The drug is taken three to four days before the complete disappearance of unpleasant symptoms.

The drug is not recommended for use in allergies to acetylaminonitropropoxybenzene. Patients with diabetes should carefully monitor the level of sugar. For treatment during pregnancy, you should first consult with your doctor.


A remedy for the treatment of sore throat with angina with antibacterial and antiseptic effect. Drug based on the active component of chlorhexidine hydrochloride.

To dissolve one lozenge from four to ten times a day. The duration of therapy is one to three weeks.

Do not use Sebidine tablets for allergies to chlorhexidine hydrochloride. Admission funds can cause allergic reactions and dyspeptic disorders.


Drug based on the active components of pyridoxine hydrochloride and lysozyme hydrochloride. A combined agent that has antibacterial properties. Protects the mucous membrane of the mouth, regulates local nonspecific immunity.

The standard dosage of Lizobakt tablets is as follows: two lozenges must be resorbed until completely dissolved three to four times in 24 hours. To treat children up to the age of twelve, the dosage is reduced to one lozenges three times a day.

Doctors do not recommend using the drug for patients with lactose intolerance, as well as an allergy to lysozyme hydrochloride or pyridoxine hydrochloride. Do not use to treat children who have not yet reached the age of three.

In case of an overdose, the patient may feel numbness of the tongue, slight tingling in the oral cavity, loss of sensitivity of the lower or upper extremities. For treatment use a plentiful drink. Taking pills Lizobakt can provoke allergic reactions.


Drug based on the active component of flurbiprofen. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties. The patient can feel the positive effect of the action of Strepfen tablets within half an hour after the beginning of resorption. As a rule, this result lasts up to two hours.

The lozenge is absorbed in the oral cavity until completely dissolved, it is not worth chewing or swallowing the whole tablet, as this will not lead to the expected result. For patients from the age of twelve, the recommended dose is one candy five times in 24 hours. Therapy lasts no more than three days.

Specialists forbid the use of Strepfen for the treatment of children under the age of twelve, elderly patients, pregnant women and women during breastfeeding. Also, do not take the pastilles with acute gastric ulcer, glucose deficiency, hyperbilirubinemia, edema, circulatory failure, hemophilia, hypertension, hearing loss, improper functioning of the kidneys and liver.

The use of Strepfen lollipops can cause nausea, diarrhea, heartburn, tachycardia, anemia, ataxia, and allergic reactions.

Tablets from angina for resorption for children

Treatment of angina in children is a very important process, since this disease can lead to the development of quite serious complications. When sore throats begin, doctors recommend the use of special resorption tablets that are suitable for small patients. First, they are more pleasant to the taste, so the child will not have to be forced to take such a means. Secondly, they act very quickly and effectively.

The most popular pastilles with more in the throat during the angina for children are the following:

  1. Strepsils.
  2. Coldrex Lari Plus.
  3. Pharyngept.
  4. Septefril.
  5. Neo-Angin.

Strepsils for children

Strepsils is considered one of the most popular pastilles, which help to cope with sore throat. In almost all forms of this drug are two main active components: dichlorbolsil alcohol (2.4%) and amylmetacresol.

For the treatment of angina in children, a special form of Strepsils is used. In pharmacies you can find two drugs: with the taste of strawberries and with the taste of lemon. In the composition of these drugs there is no sugar, as long-term resorption of sweet lozenges can cause caries in children. Note that the Strepsils resorption tablets are suitable for patients from the age of six.

Coldrex Lari Plus

Means with analgesic effect, which is actively used to treat sore throat in children. Drug based on the active component of diclonin. Lollipops can have different tastes: cherry, lemon, orange.

Can be used to treat children from twelve years old. The dosage of the Koldrex Lari Plus tablets is as follows: one lollipop is taken every two hours. Do not take more than eight lozenges in 24 hours.

In the treatment of Caldex Lari Plus tablets, the following side effects can occur: numbness of the mouth, irritation of the oral mucosa, nausea, taste changes.


Pharyngosept is an effective resorption tablet, which is very often used to treat angina in young children. They have no contraindications and side effects, can not cause dysbacteriosis. The last item is considered very important in the therapy of children, because of the weakened immunity they often have problems with it.

Unfortunately, children always get sick for sore throats more often than adults. The reason for this is poor immunity, which leads to diseases, especially when the child is in the team. Receiving Farignosept helps to suppress the vital activity of bacteria, so it is worth starting treatment from the first days of angina.

Use pastilles can be from the age of three, when the child can already dissolve the candy. For the therapy of the youngest patients (3-7 years), the dosage is one lozenge three times in 24 hours. After seven years, you can dissolve up to seven lozenges per day. Remember that after taking the tablets you can not drink or eat for two hours.


Drug based on the active component of decamethoxin. It is characterized by effective antibacterial action, helps to strengthen the effect of antimicrobials, has fungicidal properties.

For the treatment of angina in children is used from the age of five. Dosage in this case is: one lozenges three times in 24 hours. Therapy lasts no more than four days. After resorption of the candy, the secretion of saliva may increase for some time.


The drug is based on the active components: levomenthol, amylmetacresol, 2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol. It features antiseptic properties, relieves inflammation, pain in the throat with angina.

For the treatment of angina in children can be used from six years. The standard dosage is: one lozenge every two to three hours. But it is worth noting that the maximum dose can not exceed six tablets in 24 hours. Therapy lasts no more than four days.

Pre-overdose can cause pain in the abdomen, vomiting, diarrhea. For treatment, you must stop taking the medication.

Storage conditions

It is important to store the resorption tablets in a place that is inaccessible to young children. Keep away from direct sunlight, at an air temperature of no higher than +25 degrees.

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Shelf life

Shelf life is not more than three years. It is not recommended to use after the expiry of this period.

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To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Tablets for resorption from sore throats" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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