Treatment of influenza, colds, coughs, bronchitis

Cough inhalation for dry and wet cough

Cough is one of those unpleasant symptoms that do not let you forget about yourself for a minute. It is especially difficult when a slight cough and a single urge to cough up the contents of the respiratory tract turns into a painful paroxysmal or constant dry / unproductive cough.

Treating cough and fever

The appointment of special means to fight the infection is the responsibility of specialists. There can be no advice and recommendations from outside.

Oils for inhalation

Inhalations are part of the therapy for various respiratory diseases, and natural essential oils for inhalation, containing bioactive compounds with medicinal properties, are best suited.

Inhalations for coughing with a nebulizer for children and adults

Taking various cough medicines, syrups and drops for coughing, do not miss the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of treatment and recover faster using such a simple and effective method as cough inhalation with a nebulizer.

Budenit erase the palate for inhalation: instructions for use

Inhalation is a physiological method of delivering drugs to the body to provide a therapeutic effect in diseases of the respiratory system.

Cough Leaves: What Plants Can You Use?

Among the morphological parts of plants used for the treatment of cough by official and alternative medicine, a large proportion are cough leaves, which are used both in pharmacological preparations and in home preparations.

Mustard plasters for coughing for adults and children

One of the methods for treating cough is the use of mustard plasters. Consider their medicinal properties, mechanism of action, indications and technique of use, side effects.

Banks for coughing: how to put it right?

Banks are a full-fledged alternative to mustard plasters when coughing. If the former help in the fight against dry cough, then banks are effective in sputum.

Where, when and how to put mustard plasters when coughing?

With a strong cough and acute respiratory diseases, various warming procedures, including mustard plasters, are effective.


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