Treatment of influenza, colds, coughs, bronchitis

Treatment of dry and wet cough badger fat

The badger fat contains properties necessary for tissue regeneration, for their rapid growth, stabilization of hormonal levels, and improvement of blood-forming processes.

Cough oils: what to use and how to apply?

Various recipes with cough oil recommend the use of regular butter and ghee, cocoa bean oil, as well as essential odors from cough and rhinitis, which are complex compounds of many organic substances extracted by plants, including medicinal ones.

Analogs of Pulmicort for Inhalation

To date, developed a number of drugs-analogues Pulmicort, which are not inferior to him in efficiency, but cheaper and safer.

Inhalation of a pulmicort through a nebulizer: how to do it right?

Pulmicort for inhalation with a nebulizer is used for bronchial asthma, COPD, diseases of the upper respiratory tract, allergic reactions in both children and adults.

Inhalations with pulmicort: is it possible and how much to do?

The mechanism of action of Pulmicort is similar to glucocorticoid receptors, but its effectiveness is 15 times higher than prednisolone. It has a low lyophilicity, therefore, has a high penetrating ability relative to the mucous secretion layer in the bronchi.

Hydrocortisone for inhalation: dosage, how to dilute

Inhalations are an effective method to combat inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tract, because with the help of special nebulizers, the medical material is delivered directly to the lesions, reduces the period of their absorption and enhances the therapeutic response.

Cough cakes on the chest: honey, mustard, potato

Cough is a physiological process of cleansing the respiratory tract from sputum or other foreign substances resulting from inflammation and other contaminants.

First aid for colds at home

Most often, colds are experienced in the autumn-spring period. This is due to the instability of the weather, temperature changes, overcooling of the body and a decrease in the protective properties of the immune system.

Medications at the first sign of a cold

Sore throat, runny nose, worsening of general well-being - these are the first symptoms of a cold. Very often, when they appear, patients are immediately sent to the pharmacy to search for an effective medication.

Tablets at the first sign of a cold

The common cold is characterized by a gradual increase in painful symptoms. In order to prevent its development, at the first sign of treatment should begin treatment. For therapy using various antiviral drugs.


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