Treatment of influenza, colds, coughs, bronchitis

Inhalation Budesonide Native for children and adults: dosages, recipes

Many drugs with anti-inflammatory, expectorant and antihistamine properties are suitable for inhalation use.

Inhalation during pregnancy: can I do and what?

When asked whether it is possible to inhalate during pregnancy, both general practitioners and obstetricians and gynecologists answer in the affirmative. During pregnancy, inhalation therapy is applied at any time.

Inhalation with dioxidine in a nebulizer with cough and runny nose

Today, inhalation treatment has become especially popular due to the appearance of nebulizers, special inhalation devices, the action of which is due to the fine spraying of the therapeutic solution or medication into the respiratory tract.

What is the replacement Berodual for inhalation?

Today, the pharmaceutical market is represented by many drugs that have similar medicinal properties.

Berodual for inhalation: how to breed proportions

For the procedure, Berodual is diluted in physiological solution (0.9% aqueous solution of sodium chloride). In its pure form, the drug is contraindicated for inhalation. Saline and medicine should be at room temperature.

Steam inhalations for cough, runny nose and bronchitis

Viral and catarrhal diseases affecting the upper respiratory tract are usually treated with medication and alternative methods. Steam inhalation is a common household method of dealing with the flu and colds.

Inhalation with Berodual when coughing, temperature and bronchitis: dosage

A popular drug used in the treatment of breathing problems due to bronchospasm is Berodual. Consider the method of its use, dosage.

Compress dry and wet cough: how to do?

Coughing is a rather unpleasant symptom that accompanies most diseases of the respiratory tract. Despite the fact that today in pharmacies there are many medications designed to relieve coughing

Licorice root: medicinal properties and contraindications

About the healing properties of licorice rhizome is known for more than one thousand years. For example, in ancient China it was used to preserve youth and to promote health in the elderly and children.

Treatment of cough fat: badger, bear, goat, mutton, goose

Natural remedies often become much more effective than the most common medicines. They are able to perfectly complement medical appointments.


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