Wart removal with celandine: how to withdraw

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 05.10.2018

Skin is a protective shell of the human body, which is also an analyzer of the physiological and pathological processes taking place in the body. It is not surprising that when a person is ill, it affects his skin: in case of metabolic disorders and vitamin deficiencies, the skin becomes flabby, lifeless, acne and acne appear on it, allergies cause rashes in the form of urticaria, and when the HPV virus is introduced into the body, strange new growths, called warts. Treatment of warts is a problematic matter, because you can completely get rid of them only by burning out the cells of the build-up. Among the various drugs used for this purpose, celandine from warts is considered to be one of the most effective and safe natural remedies that help fight external manifestations of papillomavirus.

Warts and their effects

Papillomas and warts found on the skin, as well as condylomas, formed on the mucous membrane of the genital organs, are a characteristic symptom of infection with papillomavirus infection. The frequency of infection with the virus is quite high. According to various data, virus carriers are 70-80% of the world's population.

The high prevalence of the virus is explained by the ease of its transmission. Virions HPV are able to take in the smallest wounds and microcracks on the skin and mucous membranes. But if they get into the human body, they will behave differently. Strong immunity is a big obstacle for the multiplication of viruses, since it significantly reduces the activity of virions. To destroy the virus or get rid of it in another way can not be immune (once hitting the human cells, the virus will never leave the body), as well as various drugs used to combat this pathogen. But to curb the development of pathogens and the appearance of symptoms of the disease is under his power.

But this until then, until the immunity fails. That's it, that's the whole problem, because very few people can boast of strong immunity. Chronic diseases, hypothermia, an unbalanced diet, bad habits are destructively significantly weakening the immune system, which becomes unable to keep the virus within the framework, it begins an active activity that has external manifestations.

Along with the division of the viral cell, there is a change in the characteristics of the host cell, which goes out of control and begins to actively divide. Thanks to dysplastic processes, unusual benign neoplasms appear, consisting of a multitude of cells formed from a cell with a virus that has settled in it. The presence of the virus in the body does not in itself provoke the appearance of warts, but the symptom quickly arises with the slightest decrease in immunity.

So it turns out that with the advent of warts and papillomas almost any person can face regardless of age, which explains the high interest in their treatment. Warts can appear on any part of the body, face, genitals, and as long as they are small, they can be considered as an unsophisticated cosmetic defect. But growing warts and papillomas not only look unaesthetic, but they can also bring noticeable physical discomfort, appearing with itching and pain (especially if they appear in the soles, experience regular irritation with clothing and shoes, are located on the visible parts of the body).

Moreover, under suitable conditions such neoplasms can degenerate into malignant tumors. And although the probability of such an outcome is small, it is still worth considering. But even if this does not happen, there is a risk of damage to the wart that is noticeably prominent over the skin surface, so it is more prone to injury. A bacterial infection that causes subsequent purulent-necrotic processes in soft tissues, not to mention the danger that it poses when spreading through the body with blood flow, can easily enter into the wound that forms.

The lack of treatment for warts and papillomas (and we are talking about the removal of growths) is a risk factor for rather dangerous consequences. Applying various natural remedies, such as celandine, from warts, you can avoid these troubles with minimal health risks.

Does celandine help warts?

I must say that today there are many different methods and means of combating pathological growths on the body. But some of them are quite dangerous, others are expensive, others are ineffective. That's why people often turn to the old proven methods of fighting the pathology that people used before the emergence of professional medicine and synthetic drugs.

Warts are a problem that has very long roots. The human papilloma virus has existed for many millennia, therefore references to strange round small bulges on a body with a rough or smooth surface and a diameter of up to 1.5 cm can be found even in ancient manuscripts. In the absence of drugs to remove tumors, people used what nature bestowed on them. And once having discovered the unique properties of celandine, people began to use it for the treatment of warts everywhere.

Purity is a perennial weed grass, which does not require special cultivation conditions, so it can be found even in urban conditions, where it prefers wasteland and front gardens. The plant is considered to be sufficiently poisonous, nevertheless, it is actively used in the treatment of wounds and skin diseases. No wonder our ancestors gave him such a beautiful and sonorous name, revealing the benefits of using celandine to cleanse the skin of tumors and diseases.

It was noted that the alkaloids contained in the bright orange thick celandine juice are capable of damagingly affecting the cancer cells, which, like the papilloma virus, provoke the development of dysplastic processes. It is not surprising that specific substances contained in plant juice can destroy pathological cells in benign tumors. But if earlier people were based only on their own experience, then today the antitumor effect of celandine has been scientifically proven. Therefore even doctors can recommend using celandine from warts.

The second name of celandine - warthog - best reflects the possibility of using plants for treatment to combat pathological growths. Thanks to the flavonoids, organic acids and alkaloids contained in the plant, the celandine not only cauterizes the warts, but also disinfects the remaining place after them.

Many from childhood remember how quickly he heals a broken knee, if the wound is treated with celandine juice. So our parents treated us, not reflecting on the fact that the celandine is a poisonous substance. But with external application, you should not be afraid of poisoning, especially if you treat an open wound, and a lot of discomforts build up on the skin.

Indications Celandine from warts

Purity, despite the high content of poisonous substances, is considered a medicinal plant. By the number of healing effects, he is approaching ginseng, and this says a lot. The fact that the plant is poisonous, makes only the requirement of strict dosages, which in the treatment of various diseases should be minimally effective.

What is so useful for cleanliness, and in which areas of medicine it is used? The plant is able to stop the growth of malignant neoplasms, therefore it is used as an auxiliary in the treatment of cancer patients. On the basis of celandine even a special antitumor drug has been developed, which, alas, never reached the consumer. After all, this inexpensive and effective medicine would reduce the "no" sale of more expensive drugs used in oncology.

It was observed that the alkaloids of celandine also have a harmful effect on bacteria that cause such a serious disease as tuberculosis. However, in this direction the plant also has not received wide application, except in the composition of alternative treatment.

The plant has urine and choleretic effect, relieves pain and inflammation, effectively fights pathogenic microorganisms, promotes tissue regeneration. With internal application, the celandine can remove painful spasms, have a laxative effect, destroy germs, fungi and viruses that have got into the body, and stop inflammatory processes.

Physicians can recommend celandine for treating many pathologies of the digestive system: stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, inflammatory diseases of the stomach, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, intestines. In gynecology, the plant is used to treat mastopathy (external and internal use), colpitis, candidiasis, erosion of the cervix and dysplastic processes in it.

Alternative medicine uses celandine to normalize pressure and treat angina, relieve muscle spasms and stop the metastatic processes in cancer. The plant helps in the treatment of shortness of breath, rheumatism, emphysema, bronchial asthma, etc.

But the special popularity of celandine has won in the treatment of dermatological pathologies and systemic diseases with skin symptoms. Purity is used for warts, for baths and for internal use in psoriatic disease, for the treatment of dandruff and alopecia, seborrhea, fungal diseases on the skin and scalp, etc.

Papillomas are neoplasms, somewhat different from warts in appearance and favorite localization sites, but having a common cause with their appearance. Like warts, they arise under the influence of papillomavirus infection. And knowing the harmful effect of plant components on the HPV virus, celandine can be successfully used both from warts and from papillomas, using the same recipes and methods of applying the plant.


We examined how to use wax celandine and chemical means equated to it. But in nature there are not so many plants, but on pharmacy shelves of drugs that would not have any contraindications to the application. Let's try to figure out in which situations good intentions can have unfortunate consequences.

Having studied information about the useful and harmful properties of celandine grass, one can come to the conclusion that a plant with a high content of alkaloids can be dangerous for children, pregnant women, mothers, who breastfeed babies, epileptics and people with increased sensitivity to a medicinal plant. Do not advise doctors this herb and people with serious mental disorders.

The list of contraindications can also include severe cardiovascular pathologies (eg, angina and heart failure), the presence of chronic constipation, a violation of the microflora of the body (dysbiosis). The fact is that the antimicrobial effect of celandine does not have a particular selectivity and can lead to the destruction of not only harmful but also beneficial microflora, which will only aggravate the problems with the intestine.

But all these contraindications and restrictions are relevant for the internal intake of vegetable decoctions and tinctures, when the active substances of the celandine enter the digestive tract, and thence into the blood. But for outdoor use, the celandine is considered quite safe (remember the broken knees and the yellow contour around the wound), if it is not applied to open wounds. However, before the first application, it is still necessary to conduct an allergy test by applying the plant juice diluted with water to a small area in the elbow or wrist area and observing that there are no unusual symptoms: itching, rashes, etc. Pure juice can cause a burn of sensitive tissues, so it is better not to use it in the test.

External use of celandine during pregnancy is not prohibited, because in the blood of alkaloids plants do not penetrate and can not harm the growing in the womb of a woman's body. But before you deal with the excretion of warts during pregnancy, you must necessarily agree on any experiments with your gynecologist. And even better to wait for the birth of the baby and then start to bring your body in order without any special fears and feelings.

As for the use of celandine for children, there are no special restrictions. Broth chistotela low concentration has been used since ancient times for various skin pathologies in infants as a filler for the bath. High concentrations of solutions for the treatment of infants are not used, although their danger with external application is not proven.

As soon as the children learn to walk, and therefore fall, the celandine is used to treat the skin around the wound, and such treatment has not harmed anyone yet. And as a cure for warts celandine is considered the best option in childhood. He does not cause severe burning, as are burns, characteristic of caustic alkalis and acids.

So far, we have talked about the grass chistotela and recipes on its basis, where the plant acted as the only active substance. As for the "Mountain Crescent", which is a multi-component means, it is necessary to take into account the sensitivity of the organism to various herbs in the composition of the preparation.

Some manufacturers do not recommend the use of "Mountain Purity" for the treatment of children under 3 years due to the risk of allergic reactions. For the same reason, you should not risk pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Preparations based on aggressive alkalis and acids (for example, a remedy strictly for external use of "Super Chistotel") are not recommended for the treatment of young children. Manufacturers of the minimum age of the patient indicate 5 years. In pregnancy, such a drug is not recommended at all, as well as with increased sensitivity of the body to substances that make up the drug.

By chemical means, it is strictly recommended not to remove warts on sensitive skin and mucous membranes. To combat warts and papillomas in the groin area, it is better to use more gentle means.

Dosing and administration

In former times, when there were no hospitals and pharmacies, people had to rely only on their own strength and the help of nature. The very first cure for warts based on celandine is fresh plant juice, which needs to be regularly lubricated with a build-up until it grows dark and falls off. It is believed that if you regularly drip fresh celandine juice on a wart or just lubricate it with a build-up 4 times a day, it will disappear after 3-4 weeks. First, darkening of pathological tissues takes place, and then they die and fall off.

The inconvenience of this method of treating neoplasms is that the fresh juice of the plant can be obtained only during the flowering period, which lasts from May to September. In the rest of the time, we will have to look for other methods and recipes to deal with the problem, especially since herbal treatment, like homeopathy with a low concentration of active substance, can last several months. After all, fresh juice of the plant is not subject to long-term storage, even in a refrigerator ..

The man began to look for ways how to extend the effect of medicinal juice, preserve its properties for a long time, to use at any time of the year, when there will be a need. So there was a recipe for the correct harvesting of celandine juice, in which it retains its properties for six months.

Collected during the flowering grass, along with stems and roots, cleaned from the ground and debris, washed, dried until the moisture disappears and crushed. After that, the prepared raw material is placed in a blender or a couple of times it is scrolled through a meat grinder. The resulting gruel is squeezed with gauze (2-3 layers) or fine sieve immediately after grinding or after the composition has been standing for a couple of days in the refrigerator and letting the juice out.

The resulting juice is poured into a glass container with a tightly closed lid and left to ferment in a dark place at room temperature. After about 6-7 days, liquid fermentation begins, which lasts about a week. During this time, the lid will need to be opened periodically to release the resulting gas.

Fermented juice is considered ready for use. To preserve its properties for a long time, the container with the medicine is placed in a refrigerator and kept ukuporennoy. Using juice celandine from warts as an external remedy is convenient to use a pipette that minimizes the consumption of medicinal composition and is convenient for applying the funds to a limited area of the skin, because warts are considered small outgrowths, and lubricating nearby healthy tissues is not recommended.

It should be understood that for harvesting a sufficient amount of juice, even during the period when the plant has the most juicy leaves and stems, it will take more than one celandine bush. And here the inhabitants of megacities have another difficulty. Not all cities can be called green with a riotous variety of vegetation. In this regard, even such a weed grass, like celandine, can not always be easily found, simply going out into the street, not to mention collecting enough raw materials. And if you manage to stock up the celandine juice, you want it to remain as long as possible.

Fortunately there is another way of storing medicinal juice, which helps to extend its shelf life. The best preservative for vegetable raw materials is alcohol, so it is not surprising that the next popular remedy was alcohol custard celandine. To make it, you need the juice of celandine (fresh or harvested according to the previous recipe) to mix in equal quantities with alcohol (vodka) and insist in a dark place for three weeks, after which you move the composition into the refrigerator.

It is believed that the tincture cooked according to this recipe retains its properties for up to 2 years. A extract of celandine, used from warts and prepared from 1 part of vodka and 2 parts of the finished juice of the plant, can be used for 1 year.

Fresh and fermented celandine juice, tincture and extract of the plant, cooked at home, apply 4 times a day for three to four weeks before the disappearance of the build-up.

Those who are afraid of using natural celandine juice or its tincture on alcohol (for example, if a young child or a pregnant woman has to be rid of warts), you can advise other recipes. A milder, but no less effective, action is the celandine oil, which is used as the basis for compresses from warts.

There are several ways of making this oil. We will tell about one of them, in which fresh leaves of celandine are used. We need to fill the jar with them, leaving a couple of centimeters of free space on top. To the prepared raw material, add unrefined vegetable oil (you can use olive or sunflower, but the latter should be preheated on low heat for an hour) so that it completely covers the grass. We tightly close the can and leave to infuse for 2 weeks.

After a while, the composition is filtered and used for compresses. To do this, moisten a small piece of folded in several layers of binder and apply on the wart for 12 hours, after which the compress will need to be replaced. For convenience, the bandage is fixed with plaster to the clean skin around the wart. The course of oil cure celandine in most cases is limited to one week.

At home, you can also prepare an effective ointment from warts, the main active substance of which will be celandine. For its preparation, you can take harvested plant juice or dry, powdered leaves of the plant. As an auxiliary substance, glycerin or petroleum jelly is usually used. On 4 parts of the plant composition, 1 part of the drug preparation is taken (any baby cream can be used).

Ointment from celandine is considered the most effective for warts on the soles of the feet, with which it is not so easy to cope because the skin in this area is more dense and rough. Therefore, before applying any means, it is better to steam it first and dry it with a tissue. Vaseline and glycerin will further soften it, which will help alkaloids celandine penetrate deeper layers of pathological growth.

If the ointment is prepared on the basis of dry grass and melted pig fat, the ratio of components will be different - 1 to 2. This ointment is recommended for simply applying to warts, but also lightly rub the skin of the lesions.

Since the appearance of warts causes human papillomavirus, the virions of which can hide in cells that are not involved in the formation of papillomas and warts, or sit outside the reach of external means, treatment of the neoplasm should be carried out in a complex manner. For internal reception use an alcohol tincture or broth of a grass.

Any means based on celandine has an antiviral effect, i.e. They contribute to the increase of general and local immunity, which in turn does not allow the virus to multiply actively.

Tincture for improving immunity should be taken on a special schedule, starting with 5 drops and bringing the dose to 20 drops per day, adding only 1 drop per day. If there is no result, continue treatment with the maximum dose for another month. After this, you need to take a ten-day break and, if necessary, continue treatment (no more than 3 courses during the year).

Broth celandine is prepared from 1 tbsp. Dry grass and a glass of water, boiling the composition for about 5 minutes on low heat and straining through gauze. Given that the celandine plant is poisonous, take the broth in small portions of 1 tablespoon. Three times a day. The same composition hot can be used for steaming warts, applying to them for a few minutes a bandage soaked in a medicinal composition.

The intake of celandine inside will help to increase overall immunity, while the external application of compositions with celandine will strengthen local immunity, which reduces the risk of re-formation of papilloma or warts at the same site.

Pharmaceutical products based on celandine

This before people had to rack their brains in search of plant raw materials, from which it will be necessary to prepare a "medicine" afterwards, in accordance with alternative recipes. Now everything is much simpler. With the development of the pharmacological industry, specialized retail outlets (pharmacies) have appeared, on the shelves of which alongside with synthetic medicines there are many phytopreparations. Moreover, some funds with celandine can be purchased even in cosmetics stores.

For example, various pharmaceutical companies produce a plant extract, i.e. Alcohol solution of celandine juice, used both for warts and for attracting other pathologies, including internal reception of the drug according to a special scheme for oncological pathologies. The form of release of this drug may differ depending on the manufacturer, but usually the tincture is sold in bottles of dark glass of 30 ml.

From warts, pharmacy celandine is used according to the same scheme as prepared at home.

On chemist's shelves, you can also find celandine oil, used for compresses, cosmetic creams with celandine, and dry celandine grass, which can serve as the basis for the preparation of medicinal ointment from warts at home. Speaking about creams you need to understand that the cream is a cosmetic anti-inflammatory agent with a small concentration of plant raw materials, which is more effective for fighting acne and inflammations on the skin. But in the treatment of papillomas and warts, they are unlikely to show a good result.

Liquid celandine from warts in pharmacies can be found under other names: "Super Chistotel", "Super Chistotelo", "Mountain Cleaner", etc. Yes, not everything that is called a celandine is what it is.

Take, for example, the drug Super Chistotel. In fact, it is not a medicinal product, but a cosmetic agent, in which the celandine is not included in any capacity. "Super Cleaner" is a hygienic liquid based on chemicals, and does not apply to herbal preparations, although it is used for warts and papillomas.

In indications for the use of this remedy besides the removal of warts and papillomas, treatment of dry corns, senile keratomas, corns, and molluscum contagiosum is indicated.

But what will the composition tell us? Natural in it is only water, which has passed additional purification and is listed in the composition as an auxiliary component. The active substance is a duet of alkalis - sodium and potassium.

The mechanism of action of celandine is its antiviral activity and the effect on the blood supply of wart tissues. First, the plant when applied to the skin increases local immunity, and specific cells of the immune system in our body begin to actively fight the virus. Secondly, the juice of the celandine is able to disrupt the circulatory processes in the region of the anomalous growth. Cells of warts due to this lack of necessary oxygen for their life and nutrients. In such conditions they simply can not exist for a long time, therefore die within a certain time allocated for treatment.

This is the effect of drops of celandine, oil and ointments based on it, applied from warts, regardless of whether the drug was purchased in a pharmacy or prepared at home. But the pharmacodynamics of the chemical, which for quite unknown reasons has the word "celandine" in its name (whether it is a marketing move to confuse the buyer, or the producers want to say that the warts are not less effective than the known plant), completely is different from the action of celandine. In case of exposure to a wart with a solution of alkalis of its tissue, a chemical burn is obtained. The drug simply cauterizes the warts.

Some manufacturers add to the product chloride and sodium bicarbonate (salt and soda), which supposedly should neutralize the action of strong alkalis and promote the restoration of the skin, or use only sodium alkali, known as sodium hydroxide or caustic soda. In any case, no plant components are involved.

A chemical burn caused by alkalis leads to tissue necrosis in the area of the wart. The dead cells are subsequently peeled off and removed in a natural way. Sodium hydroxide softens, more precisely, corrodes wart tissue, and potassium alkali causes a burn in the area of accumulation of pathological cells.

The drug based on caustic chemistry acts faster than plant raw materials. Its consumption is small, so most often such "clean" from warts can be found in ampoules. One ampoule is enough to treat several warts, because in one procedure only 1 drop of the drug is used. The ampoule or vial may contain 1.2 or 3.6 ml.

"Super Chystotel" is used only externally, so the producers of information do not give information about the pharmacokinetics. Deep penetration into the tissues of alkali does not imply and the drug does not enter the blood, so there is no point in talking about its distribution in the tissues of the body and excretion from it.

But when you use inside the tincture and decoction of celandine, you need to take into account the high toxicity of these drugs, so the dosage of funds for internal reception should be small. Otherwise, not only the liver and excretory system, but also other vital organs, can be affected.

But let us return to our remedy, in which the celandine is not present in the form of juice, nor in the form of an extract. Despite the vigorous chemical composition "Superchistotel" is actively used to remove warts, because according to the manufacturer's assurances, it allows only one day to get rid of the problem for which treatment with juice celandine will take weeks.

In fact, the treatment of warts does not always end in such a short time. It all depends on the size of the lesion. To remove large warts it can take 2-3 days, small ones are burned with one application.

The instruction provides for the application of caustic solution 1 time per day. For convenience of use, the ampoule with medical fluid is provided with a tightly fitting stopper with an applicator, through which warts are treated. Usually only 1 drop is enough, after all the agent needs to be applied only on the wart area, avoiding getting on healthy tissues, skin of hands, mucous membranes.

Under the influence of alkalis, the cells of the pathological growth are burned and darkened, which indicates necrosis (death) of the neoplastic tissues. This is a signal in order to stop the use of the drug. Usually for a few days the modified wart falls away, leaving behind a small wound. If the wound is bleeding or there is a tangible pain in that place. The treatment of the neoplasm is suspended until the symptoms disappear. After 1-1,5 weeks, if the wart remains, you can repeat its treatment.

After applying the drug, wait a few minutes for the solution to completely absorb. Do not rub it in any case, because the mechanical effect will only aggravate the trauma of the tissues and may contribute to the occurrence of a deep burn. But in order to protect from the damaging effect of the drug surrounding the built-up skin, it must first be lubricated with glycerin, petroleum jelly or other fat cream.

An analogue of this medical-cosmetic means is the preparation "Super Chistotelo", which on the shelves of pharmacies can be found in the form of a transparent liquid in a 1 or 3 ml ampoule, or in the form of a pencil (some called a felt-tip pen). A pencil is a modified version of an ampoule with a liquid that is now applied with a solid porous rod, rather than an applicator that requires pre-opening of the bottle.

We came to a very important issue, how to open the "Super Purity" from warts? The fact is that ampoules corked with a cork, are quite difficult to open, which many consider a great shortage of funds. There is a risk during the opening of the bottle to spill the liquid inside, which, if ingested, can cause burns.

It is much easier to use a tool with the same composition, but in the form of a pencil, more convenient for processing small growths. But the pencil needs to be able to use correctly. First turn it with the cap down and shake well, so that the liquid can descend the pores of the rod downwards and moisten it completely. Then, the cap is opened and the rod is drawn over the wart, moistening it with a medicinal liquid. After use, re-attach the cap until a specific click occurs.

Many patients say that the pencil "Super Cleaner" from warts is more convenient to use, as it reduces the risk of skin burn around the wart. If you use an applicator, some of the liquid from it can drain over the build-up and fall on healthy tissues.

Another unusual remedy for warts, sold at the pharmacy and having the word "celandine" in its name, is "Mountain Cleaner", which comes in the form of balm and cosmetic oil. In contrast to the "Super Chistotel", these funds are made on the basis of plant material. In the composition of balm, in addition to the juice of celandine, the extracts of other herbs that help purify the skin are turned off.

Altai celandine, like other herbs that make up balsam from warts, papillomas and calluses, is characterized by its natural composition without harmful impurities that are found in local plants harvested in areas with developed industry. Clear mountain air and water from the bowels of the earth give the celandine an incredible healing power, which is reinforced by the action of the lance spear, rhododendron, gentian.

The fact that the drug has a natural basis, indicate its color (brown liquid, as opposed to colorless chemistry) and the smell (that's just something many do not like, because it is similar to the "aroma" of ammonia). But people are attracted to the natural composition and good efficiency of budget funds.

Apply "Mountain Cleaner", like the above-described chemicals, only once a day, although according to other sources the solution should be used twice a day. Apply the product to the skin conveniently with an applicator fastened to the tube of an ampoule with a volume of 1.2 ml, or use a match if you want to buy a bottle with a preparation of 15 ml, which does not provide accessories.

"Mountain celandine" although it is a herbal remedy, acts quite aggressively, so it is also not recommended for use on healthy skin. Only new growths and pimples are moistened with a liquid, but even in this case there is a noticeable burning sensation. Treatment of warts usually lasts no more than 3 days, and for the removal of papillomas may require up to 10-14 daily procedures. In each case, the course of treatment will be individual.

Should the wart darken from the Mountain Cleft? Should, but not as active as from Super Chistotel. The chemicals in the latter cause a severe burn of the wart cells, as a result of which they very quickly turn black. Juice celandine acts somewhat differently. At first, it simply stains the neoplasm in a darker color, and then causes necrosis of its cells due to oxygen and vitamin starvation. Necrotic processes are indicated by a change in the color of the wart, which first darkens, and after the dead cells depart, leaves behind a lighter speck. This is a kind of indicator of the effectiveness of the tool used.

In addition to the juice of the plant, vitamin E. Has been added to the "Mountain Cleaner" cosmetic oil. Clycle oil can also be used to control warts, but in this case, the course of treatment will be longer due to the low concentration of the active substance. But the probability that after removing the wart in its place will remain a scar, will be less due to the effects of vitamin E, which stimulates regeneration processes in the skin.

Regardless of whether a chemist's drug is used or a plant remedy, the effectiveness of wart treatment depends largely on the preparation of the skin for the procedure. The fact is that warts, especially on the soles, are covered with a horny layer, which must first be softened with creams, steaming and removing coarse tissue with pumice. This allows for a deeper penetration of solutions into the tissue of the neoplasm, which means that the wart will come off much faster.

Interactions with other drugs

Interactions with other drugs are accounted for mainly with oral administration of funds based on celandine. Juice and grass celandine is not recommended to combine with sugar reducing agents, sulfa drugs, medicines based on digitalis, morphine-containing drugs. The high toxicity of celandine suggests that it should not be used in combination with other toxic preparations.

Storage conditions

Preparations celandine, which can be found on the shelves of pharmacies, usually packaged in a container of dark glass. This suggests that under the influence of sunlight, they can lose their properties, and therefore it is better not to take risks, leaving a vial of tincture or oil on the windowsill.

Special instructions

Both the celandine juice and caustic alkali in the composition used to remove the warts exert a rather aggressive effect on the body tissues. It is clear that the oral administration of compositions based on plant raw materials (and the chemical composition can not be swallowed in any case), as well as the external use of drugs, in the name of which there is the word "celandine", may be accompanied by the appearance of unpleasant symptoms.

The ingestion of broths and tinctures of celandine can provoke negative reactions from the digestive tract (vomiting, diarrhea, nausea), provoked by the irritating effect of the plant on the mucous membranes of the digestive organs. There is also a decrease in blood pressure.

In the case of using high doses or prolonged oral administration of therapeutic compositions based on celandine, an overdose may occur, which is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • dyspeptic disorders, including uncontrolled defecation, painful spasms in the stomach and intestines,
  • headaches and dizziness,
  • the appearance of a plentiful cold sweat,
  • dilated pupils,
  • arrhythmia and tachycardia,
  • shortness of breath, shortness of breath and coughing,
  • cyanosis of the skin,
  • twitching of muscles,
  • convulsions,
  • hallucinations,
  • loss of consciousness.

How much the overdose phenomenon will be expressed depends on the age of the patient (the hardest part is children), the concentration of alkaloids in the blood, the presence of concomitant pathologies. In mild cases, it is sufficient to wash the stomach and take sorbents, but if in addition to symptoms from the gastrointestinal tract there are signs of malfunction in the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system, without the help of emergency doctors can not do.

With external use of compositions based on celandine, the greatest danger is the burn of healthy tissues around the wart, which is possible with inaccurate application. If the warts are lubricated with concentrated celandine juice, there is a risk of severe damage to the tissues of the wart itself, after the rejection of which a noticeable scar may remain.

About the burn, the celandine will say: the temperature rise of the affected area of the skin, its swelling and redness, the appearance of pain, itching and burning. If the celandine juice gets on a healthy skin, wash it with water as soon as possible. Since celandine causes non-severe superficial burns, no additional treatment is required. Usually, the symptoms of the burn pass on their own for a few days, but to relieve pain and swelling of the tissues, you can apply compresses with potatoes (a slurry or a thin slice of fresh potatoes superimposed on a sore spot) or baked onions.

Than to treat a burn from celandine after removal of warts? If after the application of celandine warts descended, but after it remained inflamed red trace, which for a long time does not disappear and does not lighten, a good effect gives the ointment "Kontraktubeks", which prevents the appearance of warts in place of scar tissue. The appearance of a wart on the wound site requires the processing of soft antiseptics without alcohol and the use of wound healing agents (Pantenol, Levomekol).

Most often, those who used warts are not clean, but his chemical substitute are complaining about burns. Chemical burns from alkalis and acids come off very long, therefore in their place most often visible scars are formed. Many people think that if the burn is caused by alkali, it should be neutralized with acids, such as vinegar. This should not be done in any way, so as not to further injure damaged tissue. It is better to wash the wound with water, a weak saline solution or a mild antiseptic.

Shelf life

You can store these medicines at room temperature, trying not to fall into the hands of children.

Since the drug with the same name can be made according to different recipes, the expiration date of the product should be looked directly on the package. In this case, use any medicines needed before the expiration of their shelf life.

Balm "Mountain Purity" can be used for 1.5 years from the date of release, if stored in a dark place. The shelf life of the chemical fluid "Super Chistotel" is 2 years. The only requirement for its storage is unavailability for children.

On the storage of juice, ointment, oil, tincture of celandine, cooked at home, we have already said. For them, the low-temperature regime is important, which allows to extend the shelf life of medicinal compounds.


Purity from warts is only one of the effective ways to combat the external manifestations of papillomavirus infection. It is clear that for many years of existence of this problem mankind has developed many methods for its solution.

Alternative medicine suggests using garlic to fight warts and papillomas (to lubricate its growths with juice every day until they disappear), acetic acid (dripping in the evenings for 1 drop of funds for neoplasm), dry ice (effective application of ice to flat and children's warts), kalonhoe (packs), potato juice, etc. True, of all these methods, the use of celandine is considered to be the most effective, safe and quick solution to the fate of warts.

With regard to pharmacy products, the following drugs can be used to treat warts:

  • "Solkoderm" is a liquid for removal of warts and calluses on the basis of acids (the action is identical to alkaline solutions and consists in cauterization of the growths of the build-up),
  • "Verrukatsid" is another preparation with a cauterizing effect (it works quickly and removes warts for 1 day, for small enough one application, for large - three to four with interruptions for drying),
  • Lapis pencil is not so popular nowadays with cauterizing and bactericidal action on the basis of silver and potassium nitrates (a disadvantage is frequent occurrence of scars and inability to combine with organic compounds, iodides, chlorides).
  • "Duofilm" is a solution based on acids (salicylic and lactic) for the removal of warts and calluses (has a cauterizing effect, it is not used on the face and mucous membranes),
  • "Collomac" is a drug with identical composition enriched with polidocanol - a component that prevents the recurrence of warts,
  • "Cryopharma" and "WarnerCrio" are preparations with a freezing effect, allowed to use from the age of 4.
  • "Iviquimod", "Aldara", oxolin ointments for the removal of warts and antiviral effect.
  • Ointment "Viferon" - the optimal remedy for external manifestations of papillomavirus infection in pregnant women.
  • Plaster "Salipod" on the basis of salicylic acid and sulfur.

Today, there are quite a few effective drugs to combat warts, but their use is recommended to be coordinated with the doctor in charge. The fact that acid-based drugs are designed for procedures conducted by specialists, and their independent application can have deplorable consequences. Yes, and other means when used improperly can give unexpected and undesirable results.


Removing warts celandine - one of the oldest medical practices, which has survived to this day. Nowadays, it is used not only because it is low-cost financially, but also because of the high efficiency of the celandine against the papillomavirus infection and its manifestations.

Purity from warts is used for adults and children. In this case, the correct application of the juice of a plant or other formulations on its basis rarely leads to unpleasant consequences. Yes, it is possible to be clean and does not have such a speed as its chemical analogues, but with its regular use, its application brings good results. Negative feedback on the effectiveness of celandine against warts and papillomas often have such a strong foundation as laziness. After all, to achieve the effect, often it takes 3-4 months to regularly smear the wart with juice, and so you want to get the result for a couple of procedures, especially without straining.

There is one more important point. Everyone wants to preserve their health and do not ruin it with chemistry, but not everyone is ready to collect grass and prepare home-made medicines, which take weeks to prepare. And buying pharmacy products can be faced with the fact that their name does not correspond to the stated effect. We are talking about fakes - medical and cosmetic means of doubtful composition and quality, hence the lack of effect. After all, if the celandine did not in fact exert a destructive effect on the warts, would people in general give it such a consonant name (warty) and would the recipes of juice harvesting come to our days?

As for the preparation "Mountain cleanliness", then the reviews in most cases are positive, especially since the treatment course is less than one celandine. But not everyone likes the very unpleasant odor of the remedy and the burning sensation that you feel during the treatment of warts. In addition, it often causes inflammation of the tissues around the wart due to its aggressiveness.

"Super Cleaner" of various manufacturers is considered a quick way to eliminate unwanted growths. People complaining about the lack of effect from its use are very few. Speech, most likely, goes besides about fakes. But here such side effect as frequent occurrence of scars and scars, which is especially noticeable on open parts of the body, spoils the whole impression of this tool with the wrong name.

But already that the drug from warts has the word "celandine" in its name, says that this plant is considered the leader among natural remedies in the treatment of warts and similar neoplasms. And his leadership is confirmed by many millennia of using the plant for medicinal purposes.

It is important to know!

Before starting the treatment of warts, you need to undergo preliminary diagnosis to make sure that these are warts, since they can often be very similar to calluses, moles or malignancies. It should be noted that sometimes warts can pass on their own without any procedures. Read more..

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To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Wart removal with celandine: how to withdraw" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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