Salipod plaster for warts for children and adults

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Last reviewed: 25.02.2021

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Benign neoplasms on the skin, especially in prominent places, spoil the appearance. In addition, warts have a viral nature of education, which means that it can be infected by contact, which alarms closely communicating people. There are many methods of getting rid of them, including folk, surgical, medication. The latter include salipod.

Indications Salipoda for warts

Many have been convinced from their own experience that the salipod patch is effective in the fight against certain types of warts. Indications for its use are:

  • plantar warts - they do not spoil the aesthetic appearance, but they make life very difficult because they cause painful sensations when walking, are often injured, and are difficult to remove due to a deep-rooted root. Before starting treatment, you need to visit a dermatologist who, with the help of a visual examination, and often dermatoscopy, will make the correct diagnosis;
  • core calluses  - another trouble can happen to the foot - a dense rounded formation with a core with a so-called cork in the center. Such formations are most often affected by the sole or areas between the toes. This occurs due to poor quality or tight shoes. As a result of friction, at first, ordinary calluses appear, which eventually grow into the skin:
  • warts on the hands  are a common localization of growths, especially in adolescents. They are easily passed by shaking hands, handrails in public transport. They are ordinary (keratinized eminences, the surface is uneven, painless), flat (rounded, irregular in shape).

Use Salipoda for warts during pregnancy

The main active ingredient of salipod is salicylic acid, with the help of its acidic environment the skin softens, it prevents the spread of fungal infection, sulfur is a bactericidal, drying agent and auxiliary: lanolin, rubber, rosin. Therefore, the use of the patch by pregnant women is prohibited.


The patch should not be used if the skin has open wounds, acne, moles, open corns with exudate. Salipod is contraindicated in people prone to allergic reactions to the components of the drug. [1], [2]

Dosing and administration

The salipod patch is produced in different sizes, so there is plenty to choose from according to the parameters. First, the place of the wart is steamed, after which a patch is glued on for a day. When removing it, it turns out that the formation on the skin has softened, it should be cut off with nail scissors and the adhesive plaster should be glued again. Then go to the means burning out warts. [3]

  • Application for children

Children can only use the patch from 10 years old. It is believed that the very delicate skin of young children can be injured.


What other means can you get rid of warts? The following analogs of salipod exist:

  • solkoderm is a solution based on acids: oxalic, acetic, nitric, lactic. Its action is directed to flat and common beards. It is used only by a medical professional, because can lead to burns not only of the localization of the wart, but also of nearby tissues. Up to three neoplasms are processed in one session;
  • verrukacid  is a cauterizing solution, warts on the soles and hands are treated up to 10 times with an interval of 4 minutes. In order not to burn the skin around, it is smeared with zinc ointment. After a week, the procedure can be repeated, and so on up to 5 times;
  • cryopharma  - spray, when the applicator is applied to the wart, it freezes. She turns white, tingling is felt. On average, the skin falls off after two weeks. If the result is not obtained, you can repeat the session;
  • supercleaner  is a highly effective liquid agent. Consists of a mixture of alkalis, causing tissue necrosis during the treatment of warts. A few drops of the drug will permanently get rid of the defect and will not cause a relapse. It even copes with a thorn - a kind of wart that grows deep into the body;
  • kollomak - sallicylic acid in its composition provides a keratolytic effect, softening, exfoliating keratinized parts, milk - destroys the structure of the wart. A drop of the product is applied to the previously steamed surface of the build-up twice a day until the result is achieved;
  • Feresol  - oily liquid cauterizes, has a bactericidal effect. Works on the principle of chemical burn. It is used especially in a medical institution;
  • compid - a plaster, more suitable for wet corns. Protects them from dirt, reduces pain, and ensures their quick healing. It is used for dry as well as corns, facilitates their removal. It stays on the skin for more than a day, it is convenient to use it even in hard-to-reach places, for example, between the fingers;
  • urgo is another plaster designed to remove calluses and warts. After a warm bath, it is applied to the object so that the medicinal substance (salicylic acid is based on the drug) falls precisely on the wart and does not affect healthy skin. The patch should be changed daily.


Judging by the reviews, not everyone is able to get rid of warts with the help of salipod, although the percentage of those who succeeded is still greater. Probably, the success of treatment depends on the individual characteristics of the person and the neoplasm itself. Everyone has different immunity. If you cannot fix the problem, the list of analogs is not small, you need to try.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Salipod plaster for warts for children and adults" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

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