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On the skin, the pigment melanin, as a rule, is distributed fairly evenly, but sometimes in the epidermal layer clusters of keratinocytes with an increased content of pigment - freckles are formed. And an effective cream from freckles can make them less noticeable.

Since the increase of melanin synthesis is promoted by active exposure to sunlight, in particular, to medium-wave ultraviolet radiation (UVB), the cream from freckles should protect the skin from the influence of the sun.

Indications for the use of cream from freckles

Any medical indications for the use of cream from freckles are absent, since freckles are absolutely harmless to health. The only reason for using bleaching agents is an irresistible desire to get rid of "solar markers" or at least lighten them.

However, it should be borne in mind that there is melanosis - epidermal melanin dyschromia in the form of hyperpigmented spots on the skin, arising both for genetic reasons and for hormonal changes in the body (during pregnancy, in old age), as well as with certain pathologies of the adrenal cortex and liver diseases. Read more about the publication - Skin pigmentation disorders


The effect of creams on freckles that contain the phenolic hydroquinone derivative (Achromine, A-Ret HC, Expigment, etc.) is based on its ability to reduce local melanogenesis by inhibiting the thyrokinase enzyme responsible for the production of melanin and other pigments in the body. In addition, hydroquinone inhibits the production of nucleic acids in pigment cells (melanocytes).

In addition to hydroquinone, the facial cream from freckles A-Ret HC contains synthetic corticosteroids (hydrocortisone) and retinoid tretinol. Gyrocortisone is an anti-inflammatory and antiallergic agent that penetrates the membranes of epidermal cells and stimulates protein-enzyme synthesis, activating intracellular metabolism. A retinoic acid (tretinoin) and all its derivatives contribute to an increase in the synthesis of cutaneous collagen and exfoliation (exfoliation) of skin keratin cells, including those that are excessively pigmented.

In the cream of Expigment, the concentration of hydroquinone is too high - 4%, and avobenzone and camphor are used as sunscreen.

Pharmacodynamics of creams without hydroquinone is also based on the suppression of thyrokinase, which is provided by other substances.

So, the face cream from freckles Ideal Whitening (Belita-Viteks) clarifies melanin due to the presence of leaf extract of bearberry, phenolic glycoside-rich arbutin (hydroquinone-β-D-glycoside), that is, natural glycosylated hydroquinone. Antioxidants and tyrosinase inhibitors are citric and ferulic acids present in the cream.

Also in this bleaching agent is the Lumiskin complex (Sederma, France), which reduces the activity of tyrosinase and consists of: an extract of the bark of the South American tree Peumus boldus (diacetylolide), an improved variant of silicone (Crodamol) and ethoxylated fatty alcohol (Brij S10 emulsifier).

Cow's cream promotes the clarification of freckles, which is provided by ascorbic acid (vitamin C suppresses the formation of melanin), licorice root extracts naked (contains phytoestrogens glabridin inhibiting the production of pigments) and thick-leaved balan (contains glycoside arbutin).

In the Depiwhite Advanced Depigmenting cream, components such as synthetic arbutin, parsley extract (containing luteolin, beta-carotene, vitamin C), combined with kojic acid, affect hyperpigmentation. This acid (a byproduct of fermentation of brewing rice) enhances the anti-pigment properties of other components, more often all is used in the form of a more stable dipalmitate of kojic acid. Cream Depiwhite Advanced also contains exfoliants - exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), primarily, lactic and glycolic.

Cream for freckles and pigment spots Eveline also has among its active ingredients extracts of licorice root, parsley, lemon, lactic acid and keratolytic properties of lactate ammonium (synthetic lactic acid).

In addition to the already mentioned ascorbic and kojic acids, licorice root extract and alpha hydroxy acids, Meladerm Skin Lightener face cream from freckles contains the skin brightening cosmetic complex Gigawhite (manufacturer Centerchem, USA). This complex consists of extracts of peppermint, lemon balm, wheat germ sprouts, forest mallow, cuff, spring primrose, yarrow, veronica. Also included are alpha-arbutin, root extracts of mulberry (mulberry) and Indian gooseberry (embryos), vitamins B3 and E, lecithin, glycerin, water, preservatives and several types of parabens.

Almost identical composition has a Swiss cream from freckles and pigment spots GigaWhite 3-Day Whitening Cream and its Polish counterpart Clarena Giga White Day.

The composition of the cream Clarilys (Lysaskin Laboratoires, France) also introduced vitamin C, arbutin and exfoliating fruit acids. In addition, there is in this agent the substance Urodium (a mixture of urea with sodium chloride), which contributes to a deeper penetration of the cream into the skin.

Sunscreen for freckles Photoderma AR Cream SPF provides skin protection (including in the presence of rosacea and vascular network) and has in the list of active ingredients vegetable oils, kelp extract and ginkgo biloba, soy lecithin, glycerin. And as substances used to protect against ultraviolet, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and ethyl hexyl methoxy cinnamate are used.

Cream-barrier Floresan SPF 30 from natural ingredients contains marigold extract, coconut, almond oil and jojoba oil; also available in the composition of silicone and dye. Waterproof cream barrier Floresan full block (from sunburn) contains tocopherol and aloe vera extract, which nourish the skin.

Contraindications for use

The cream for freckles, containing hydroquinone, is contraindicated in dry skin, if there are damages to the epidermis and any dermatological diseases, with a tendency to allergic reactions in the anamnesis, as well as problems with the liver or kidneys.

Manufacturers of A-Ret HC cream indicate such contraindications to the use of this product as an allergy to sulfites (the product contains them in inactive ingredients), pregnancy and chronic adrenocortical insufficiency (hypocorticism).

Despite the local application, the use of creams from freckles during pregnancy and breastfeeding in most cases is undesirable, and means with hydroquinone is contraindicated.

Many bleach creams contain either retinoic acid (tretinoin) or its derivative of tertinol, which have teratogenic and embryotoxic properties. Therefore, during pregnancy, use is contraindicated.

It is worth paying attention to special products intended for expectant mothers. Such funds are sufficient, for example, protecting from the sun (SPF 50+) face cream against pigment spots Helan Crema Viso Antimacchie, which is part of the line for pregnant Linea Mamma, produced by the Italian company HELAN. Also read - Bleaching creams from age spots

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Side effects of creams from freckles

In the European Union, hydroquinone is not allowed to be used in cosmetics, as studies have shown its potential carcinogenicity when applied to the skin. A long-term use of hydroquinone damages pigment cells and can lead to exogenous ochronosis (when skin areas acquire a bluish-black color).

In the US, whitening cream from freckles with hydroquinone is sold as a proprietary drug without a prescription, but with a hydroquinone concentration of not more than 2%; for a higher content of this substance requires a prescription dermatologist.

Other side effects of creams from freckles, which include hydroquinone,

Include: increased sensitivity of the skin to sunlight, hyperemia and hyperpigmentation, skin irritation and contact dermatitis, deterioration of the skin at the application sites (skin becomes thick and tuberous, comedones appear).

The Italian face cream from freckles A-Ret HC, according to the instructions, can cause redness, peeling, burning, dryness and itching of the skin at the site of application. Producers argue that the potential negative side effect of repeated use of hydrocortisone resists the positive effect of tretinoin, so that thinning of the skin and collagen damage are extremely rare.

The most likely side effects of creams from freckles with tretinoin or trehtinol are the appearance of itching redness (up to erythema), increased skin flaking, the development of acne.

Skin irritation and dermatitis can be caused by using kojic acid creams.

Names of creams from freckles

Today the market has hundreds of cosmetic products for lightening the skin, and it is impossible to make a list that includes all the names of creams from freckles. In this review, first of all, cosmeceutical bleaching agents are included , many of which have UVA and UVB filters. If the cream is sunscreen, the packaging should indicate the level of SPF (Sun Protection Factor).

Names of creams from freckles containing the whitening component hydroquinone (paradioxybenzene):

  • Achromin (Bulgaria) or identical to Astramin (Russian manufacturer);
  • cream A-Ret HC (Menarini Group, Italy);
  • Cream Expigment (Orva Pharma, Turkey), etc.

Creams from freckles and pigment spots without hydroquinone:

  • whitening cream from freckles Ideal Whitening and identical in composition Intensive whitening cream series Vitex Pharmacos (Belita-Viteks, Belarus);
  • Cream cream (RF);
  • cream Depiwhite Advanced Depigmenting (ACM, France);
  • bleaching cream Eveline (Eveline Cosmetics, Poland);
  • face cream from freckles Meladerm Skin Lightener (Civant Skin Care, USA);
  • Cream Clarilys (Lysaskin Laboratoires, France);
  • a cream from freckles and pigmentary spots GigaWhite 3-Day Whitening Cream (Switzerland);
  • whitening cream Clarena Giga White Day Cream (Clarena, Poland).

Sunscreen for freckles: Cream-barrier Floresan SPF 30 (Floresan, Russia), Cream-barrier full block from sunburn (the same brand), Photoderma AR Cream SPF (Bioderma, France), etc. See also - Sun protection means

Anti-age Smile cream - Givenchy Smile'n Repair High-Efficiency Firming Cream (France) - does not apply to the remedies for freckles, although it contains UVA-UVB filters (SPF15).

Method of application of creams from freckles

Whitening cream for freckles Aromin (Astramin), A-Ret HC, Expigment (containing hydroquinone) is recommended to be applied twice during the day (morning and evening); a small amount of cream is applied to the cleansed skin (only on hyperpigmentation zones), lightly rubbing.

Face cream from freckles Ideal Whitening and Cream cream recommended to apply every day, without specifying the time and number of applications. There is also a warning that sunscreens with UV filters should be used.

Cream of freckles and pigment spots Depiwhite Advanced Depigmenting is applied to clean skin (in the field of pigmentation) at night - once a day. The recommended duration of application can range from two months to six months, depending on the dynamics of positive changes.

For maximum effect, bleaching creams Eveline, Clarilys, Swiss GigaWhite 3-Day Whitening Cream and face cream from freckles Meladerm Skin Lightener are applied in the morning and evening, carefully massaging the skin until the absorbed agent is completely absorbed. A Polish protective cream Giga White Day Cream is used once a day (in the morning).

Method of application of sunscreen Photoderma AR Cream SPF assumes

Applying it to the skin of the face every two hours. Similarly, the cream barrier FLESESAN SPF 30 is used.

Interactions with other drugs consist in the fact that using any of the above whitening creams from freckles should avoid aggressive means that can dry or irritate the skin: scrubs, alcohol-containing lotions, soaps, etc.

Storage conditions

Creams with hydroquinone (Achromin, etc.) should be stored in a dark place at a temperature of up to + 25 ° C. Other creams are stored under the same conditions.

The expiry date is indicated on the package of creams and on the inserts-instructions (if any).

If you have tried a lot of different drugs to whiten heavily pigmented skin areas, and think that no cream from freckles will help, read the tips - How to get rid of freckles?


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