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Sun protection means in summer are the most actual acquisitions. They allow not only to get a uniform tan, but also to avoid all possible damages to the skin. Going on vacation with little children, it is worthwhile to think carefully about this moment. Baby skin is very delicate, here you will have to choose one of the best means of protection. This and many other things will be discussed below.

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Names of sunscreen means

Funds from the sun every year are gaining special popularity. Sour cream and other sour-milk products are clearly not in vogue. Fight with the scorching rays of the summer sun is necessary with the right cosmetic accessories.

To date, there are a great many. Each company tries to please its customers by developing more versatile means. The most popular firms are Faberlic, La Roche, Avon, Garnier, Nivea, Lancaster. Each cosmetic company is proud of its unique lines of protection from the sun.

Finding a good cream is not so difficult, it's important to know the peculiarity of your skin. Naturally, the place of rest is of great importance. After all, if there is no shadow and will have to spend a long time under the rays of the burning sun, protection should be increased. The main cosmetic developments will be available below. After all, for the right choice it is necessary to build on not only personal preferences, but also the quality of the product itself.


The sun likes everything, but it can cause unpleasant burns and skin damage. Every girl wants to have an unrivaled tan, but in reality it's not so easy to get. More precisely, with special cosmetic lotions make it simple. Fans of natural sunburn always have to sacrifice their skin. Because the scorching sun does not spare anybody. To protect the skin and get a velvet tanning, unique creams and lotions from Lancaster were developed.

This company has 65 years of experience in manufacturing and selling the best products of its kind. Today, this developer has surpassed himself. Now the epidermis is protected not only from ultraviolet rays, but also actively fights with infrared rays. When a tan does not want to go evenly, he should be helped. Will provide the necessary support for a unique line of Sun Control. Its main mission is to combat all signs of aging, as well as excessive sensitivity and redness during the rest period. The line includes anti-aging products manufactured using all the latest technologies. They allow you to control pigmentation and eliminate visible signs of aging.

It is worth considering the best development of this company. So, Smart Tan Complex, or as it is called a complex of smart tanning, perfectly exfoliates the skin. This will give you the perfect tan. In addition, all attempts at premature aging are suppressed. The composition of the cream includes bisabolol and shea butter. The cream perfectly smooths the skin, is easily absorbed and provides the necessary protection.

The next development is Sun Control SPF 50+. The cream has increased protective functions. He admirably struggles with pigment spots, allows you to get velvety tan color.

The third product is Sun Control SPF 50 Fluid. This bottle is quite easy to take along on the road. A small bottle allows you to actively use the cream anywhere. Suitable for both sensitive and combination skin.

The fourth product is Sun Control SPF 50+ cream for the skin around the eyes. Place under the eyes requires special protection. It should be easy and effective. The product softly affects the skin and allows you to stay in the sun without dark glasses.

There is also a body lotion and a balm, used after sunbathing. These products complement each other. For special efficiency, they are used in a complex. This will get a truly royal tan.


All the beloved sun radiates two kinds of ultraviolet rays. So, the first type is UVB-rays, they have increased energy, their main action is concentrated over the upper skin layers. The second type is UVA rays, they are much weaker, but their action provokes aging and the appearance of wrinkles. To fight these types of rays will help the newest cosmetic line of products from the protection of Garnier.

  • For summer walks, the product Garnier Amber Soler BB Cream is suitable. This cream excellent protects the skin and levels them. Sunburn becomes natural and radiant. Additional protection against UV rays is preserved.
  • If a person has sensitive skin and blonde hair, Garnier Ambre Soler Extra Protection should be preferred. This remedy was developed specifically for light skin. There are no colorants in its composition.
  • Calling, dark tan is completely achieved by using the product - Garnier Amber Soler Perfect Tan. It contains caffeine, it allows you to achieve skin integument of an even and beautiful shade. Reliable protection against ultraviolet radiation remains.
  • Ahead of a cool party in the fresh air? There is nothing to worry about. Looks perfect will Garnier Amber Soler Shining and Protection. The unique texture of the cream will emphasize the velvet of the skin and give it an incredible floral fragrance.


Nivea company has always been distinguished by the increased tenderness and quivering of its cosmetic lines. Therefore, choosing a tool will not be so difficult. It is necessary to imagine the best products that have an incredible effect.

Anti-Aging Face Cream. Its easy formula will not allow wrinkles to appear. Natural antioxidants will make skin soft and supple. The product is characterized by its instant and lasting effect in the fight against UVA / UVB rays.

The skin of the baby should be protected in a special way. Stojko will cope with the task - Children's Lotion Play and Bathe. This tool will not allow negative rays to damage the tender epidermis and allow it to stay in the water for a long time.

Dry skin requires special moisturizing. The task of this task is the Protection and Moisturizing Lotion. It prevents burns and premature aging. A special formula can reduce the risk of allergic reactions to the sun several times. Waterproof Lotion.

Refresh and carefully protect the skin with the help of the product - Protection and Cool Lotion. Its formula gives the epidermis such a necessary coolness. You can use the product even in water. The lotion is quickly absorbed and does not leave any greasy marks on the skin. It, in turn, becomes smooth, like silk.

To protect young skin of the child will allow the Children's Sunscreen spray. Its uniqueness lies in the instant disappearance after application. It's enough just to distribute the spray evenly over the body. It works just fine. Burns and redness are now behind.


Avon has always been considered an international company. Multimillion-dollar haste is achieved thanks to unique developments that have an incredible effect. The company's products are suitable for both adults and children. Finding the perfect remedy for all occasions is now easy. To review the best protective products are provided, which protect the skin from sunlight.

  • Avon Mineral Sun Cream Sensitiv Skin SPF 30. The product includes a whole mineral complex, which is perfect for sensitive skin. The cream formula is water resistant. Apply it costs 15 minutes before the release. The effect is really astounding, to use it enough in a single form.
  • Another, equally good product - Badger Company, SPF 30 Sunscreen. He actively fights UVA / UVB rays. Solar burns are now easy to prevent. The composition of the product is really good, the consistency is pleasant, the aroma is incredible. These two tools are the best of their kind.


Cosmetic products of this company have always been appreciated. The quality, effect and price here are at an excellent level. Loreal for many years of existence was able to develop many fine cosmetic lines. One of them is a remarkable protection from direct sunlight. To get acquainted, you should consider several of the most common products.

  • Solar Expertise. Milk with protection SPF 30. This degree of protection is optimal. The skin is completely protected, but it does not prevent the appearance of a perfect tan. The product contains almond oil, it is able to properly moisturize the epidermis. Apply the product in combination with the emulsion. The oil is applied directly to the beach. This will get the maximum moisture.
  • Ambre Solaire from Garnier. This oil allows you to get an intense tan. Perfect for women with dark skin. It is not necessary to use it as the main product in the fight against burns. It is rather a remedy after getting a tan.
  • After Sun. Milk used after sunbathing. The product is intended for intensive moistening of the epidermis, after sunburn. Molochko actively soothes the skin, does not allow it to dry out, is equipped with a cooling effect. After applying the product, the protective functions of the skin are normalized. You can use immediately after the beach or taking a shower.


This company has always been famous for its unique novelties. Products of this level, perhaps not nowhere. All products are perfectly suitable for all types of skin. It is enough to choose an optimal cosmetic line. In this regard, you should consider the top best remedy for skin damage by direct sunlight.

  • Capital Soleil from Vichy. Reliability of protection simply does not exist. This product allows you to achieve maximum comfort and protect the most sensitive skin. It contains Meroxyl. It is an innovative filter system. They are designed to effectively counteract the negative effects on the skin of direct sunlight. For additional effect, thermal water and hyaluronic acid were included. Apply the cream to the face before going out. It is important to avoid the area around the eyes. If you plan a long stay in the sun, the product is applied periodically throughout the entire time.

Babes are flowers of life. Due to their age, their skin requires increased protection. That's why the unique Mexoryl XL + product was developed. The spray is the most delicate of its kind. It completely protects the skin and is extremely beneficial. You can apply it to both the skin of the body and face. The remedy is hypoallergenic. Without flavor.

To achieve maximum comfort from staying in the sun, you can with MeXoryl XL-SX. The product actively protects against all types of rays and, most importantly, enhances sunburn. In its composition there is caffeine and a unique molecule of Aquabioryl. The texture of the milk was changed, so its effect became even better. It can be used by people with sensitive skin.

La Roche (la roche)

The French company La Rocher is one of the most elite. Cosmetic lines are unique. Any product is not capable of raising doubts about quality. After all, France produces the best means for caring for the body. Not bypassed this and sunscreen products.

  • ANTHELIOS XL. This is a melting cream with increased protection. It is perfect for both normal and dry skin. His formula is unique. Melting consistency, water resistance and the absence of any perfume fragrances. After application, the cress is quickly absorbed, leaving no traces and unpleasant greasy sheen. Has high biological efficiency.
  • ANTHELIOS. Milk, which keeps the tender skin of babies intact. Suitable for both face and body. Has an increased degree of protection. The product was developed based on all the needs of the baby's skin. The formula is strengthened, but relaxed. Negative effects of UVB / UVA rays are left behind. The composition contains thermal water.
  • ANTHELIOS XL. Remedy for the protection of the lips from direct sunlight. It has no smell and is intended solely for moisturizing the skin of the lips. Parabens in its composition does not include.


Reviewing all the products of various companies, avoiding the Oriflame side is definitely not worth it. Here there are several interesting tools that really have an incredible effect.

  • Sun Sun Spray for the body with an average degree of protection SPF 25. The spray has a pleasant texture, it is applied simply, does not leave any greasy residue. The formula is water resistant, so it worries that the product can be washed off, not worth it. Its action is aimed at protection from direct solar radiation, active softening and moistening. The spray is quickly absorbed, has a pleasant aroma.
  • Sun Zone sunzone lotion with a high degree of protection SPF 30. Perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. It prevents premature aging. It contains UVA / UVB filters. Lotion does not allow the appearance of pigment spots, blocks wrinkles. The texture is light and pleasant. It easily copes with water and is not washed away under its influence.
  • Sun Face Cream Sun Zone with a high degree of protection SPF 50. With this product, the skin will be perfectly protected from the influence of ultraviolet radiation. The cream prevents premature aging, pigmentation spots and wrinkles. Consistency is easy, absorbed quickly.


Bubchen is not a very common company, but only in our region. She is engaged in the development of protective equipment for children. After all, they love the sun and water so much. Delicate baby skin is not able to withstand the negative effects of sunlight. Therefore, you have to cover it with a protective layer of cream.

Sun protection series Bubchen designed to protect the skin. It helps to prevent possible adverse effects of ultraviolet rays. It's a pleasure to take sunbathing with these products. In the series for the care of children's skin is a special milk, with a degree of protection of 30 and 50. It is suitable for children with sensitive skin. Molochko KIDS with an increased degree of protection in 50. Complement the complex of KIDS with a coefficient of 30. Products KIDS can be used from the age of 3 years.

All remedies are hypoallergenic. They perfectly protect the sensitive skin. They include natural oils, they actively nourish and soften the skin. In addition, thanks to their use, it is possible to restore the moisture balance and natural protective functions of the body.


Mary Kay

Many of the female members of the company are known Mary Kay. It is popular with its decorative cosmetics. A variety of colors, palettes, just pleases the eye. In addition, the company is developing sunscreen products.

  • Sunscreen SPF 50. The product provides the highest level of protection. Perfectly suitable for skin with increased sensitivity. The main features of the product are the preservation of sunscreen properties in water, with profuse perspiration. In the composition is an extract of Acai berries. This helps prevent premature aging, take care of irritated skin.
  • Sunscreen with SPF 30 Mary Kau. Helps eliminate burns and photoaging. Consistency is water resistant. Protective properties are preserved even after a long stay in water. It is applied simply, quickly absorbed, does not leave traces. The composition contains green tea leaves. Apply the product 15 minutes before the release.
  • Moisturizing body gel after tanning Mary Kay. The product has a cooling effect. It contains glycerine and plant extracts. They allow you to significantly moisturize the skin and soothe it.
  • Lotion with the effect of light tanning Mary Kay. The product not only protects the skin, but also allows them to achieve the desired effect. Use it can be directly after tanning, to achieve maximum shade.


Excessive exposure to the sun without applying a special remedy is fraught with serious consequences. This can provoke photoaging, lead to a risk of skin tumors, as well as various diseases. Proceeding from all the above-described problem, the Bioderma company decided to develop unique means, combating all the negative consequences of staying in direct sunlight.

  • Photoderm MAX Cream SPF 50+. The product is perfect for dry skin. It guarantees full protection. The texture is gentle. After application leaves no greasy residue, becomes colorless.
  • Photoderm MAX Emulsion SPF 50+. Has a positive effect on the skin of a mixed type. Suitable for oily skin. The texture is tender, after application it also becomes colorless.
  • Photoderm AKN Matting emulsion SPF 40. A unique remedy for people suffering from acne, has a matting effect. After application does not leave a trace.
  • Photoderm AR cream SPF 50+. It is intended for skin with visible redness. The product not only levels the tone of the face, it also protects from the negative effects of direct sunlight.
  • Photoderm MAX Milk SPF 50+. Suitable for all skin types. Provides decent protection at the cellular level.


Excellent cosmetic lines have the company SHisejdo. In the domestic market, it is not so common, but, nevertheless, managed to enlist the support of many.

  • Protective emulsion for sunburn SPF 10 N. The product actively fights with coarsening of the skin, its increased dryness. Eliminates the effects of negative ultraviolet light. The emulsion is waterproof, sand does not collect on itself, not sticky.
  • Sunscreen lotion SPF 15 N. Pleasant waterproof texture is what you need on the beach. The product allows you to make the skin velvet, eliminate discomfort. The texture is light.
  • Sunscreen spray without oil. In its composition there are no oils, which makes the application quick and convenient. Fat traces do not leave, the skin perfectly moisturizes. The texture is light, it becomes invisible after application. Prevents photoaging. Use it preferably in conjunction with other products in this series.


Developers who are testing new cosmetics Clarins, fully confident in their creation. Perhaps, these are the best products for protection against direct sunlight. They are not only safe, but also useful. If you do not give proper skin care, then they will be dry and unattractive. Nutrition and hydration play a special role in this process.

  • Sunscreen Body Gel SPF 10 Clarins Sun Care Soothing Cream-Gel Low Protection. The remedy was developed for the care of sensitive skin. It provides a gentle effect and allows you to make sunbathing pleasant. The degree of protection is low, but this allows for a quick tan with minimal damage.
  • Sunscreen Body Cream SPF 20 Clarins Sun Care Soothing Cream Moderate Protection. The product allows you to get a tan dream. The skin becomes velvety. A beautiful and even color is what you need. The product has a pronounced anti-aging effect.
  • Sunscreen Body Lotion SPF 20 Clarins Sun Care Spray Gentle Milk-Lotion Moderate Protection. It has the most delicate texture. It contains extracts of aloe vera and coconut. The maximum effect is achieved through vitamin E.



All the long-known Faberlic is also ready to please its customers with good cosmetic lines for skin care during sunbathing.

  • Pay attention to the oil - spray for sunburn SPF6 series LETO. It is not recommended in the sun without special protection. This is fraught with serious consequences. That's why you should give preference to this product. But, it is more suitable for people with dark skin. He has an improved formula. Provides maximum protection against direct sunlight. Allows you to strengthen the tan. Consistency is light, water resistant. It is applied simply.
  • Face cream SPF 15 series LETO. If you do not protect the skin properly, there is a risk of disturbing a certain balance. This will lead to unpleasant burns, dehydration. Facial skin requires increased attention to itself. Provide it with this can this product. Apply it preferably for tanned skin. It prevents the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. The cream moisturizes the skin.


Another no less common company - Kolystar, is developing beautiful products that help to preserve youthful skin under the influence of negative solar radiation.

  • Sunblock Collistar Maximum Protection Tanning Cream SPF 50+. The product is equipped with the maximum protective properties. It is suitable for both the face and the body as a whole. The drug allows you to actively resist the effects on the skin of ultraviolet radiation. The cream was developed specifically for the skin with increased sensitivity. He calmly calms her, does not cause irritation and allergies.
  • Improved moisturizing has Collistar Speciale Abbronzatura Perfetta Crema Doposole Superidratante Rigenerante. It allows you to restore the over-dried skin. The active ingredients that make up it perfectly moisturize and soothe the epidermis. Vegetable oils have a nutritional effect. The cream stimulates the natural processes. You can apply it daily, not necessarily before going to the beach.


Not many people are familiar with the company of Mustela. Well, it's time to get acquainted. Because the products of this company have an incredible effect.

Lotion with increased activity. The product is among the newest. It helps to protect children's skin in accordance with all requirements. The Mustela lotion was developed specifically to protect the delicate baby skin. It protects from the harmful effects of sunlight from the moment the baby is born. Its effectiveness has been repeatedly proven. The product contains minerals that provide adequate protection. Suitable lotion for children and newborns. It is enriched with natural ingredients.

Its hypoallergenic form allows you to use lotion absolutely everyone, without any risk. The formula contains an ideal balance of efficiency and tolerance. In the composition there is no alcohol, perfume is absent. Gentle skin requires a special degree of protection. Provide it can this lotion.

Sunscreen with spf 30

Means that have the index spf 30 have a good protective effect. This is quite enough even for sensitive skin. Choosing a tool of this type, it is worth paying attention not only to the company, but also the composition of the product.

  • Cream Anti-Aging Sun Cream SPF 30 Babor. The cream was developed by Babor for the summer season of 2013. Since then, finding him an equal is not easy. In its structure there is a lavender, allowing to enjoy an incredible aroma. But this is not all, the flower has excellent antioxidant properties. This allows you to neutralize free radicals and to effectively prevent premature aging. The texture of the cream is not sticky, light. It absorbs quickly, the fragrance remains for a long time. Remarkable hydration and smoothness are achieved quickly.
  • Sunscreen balm SPF 30 Stenders. It contains organic and inorganic filters. They actively monitor the beauty of the skin. The balm is quickly absorbed after application, without creating unnecessary discomfort. The smell is incredible. Balm does not contain allergens, dyes and parabens.
  • Sun-protection lotion Sun Zone SPF 30 Oriflame. A product that has a light consistency. It actively restores the epidermal cells and prevents the appearance of pigment spots. Coconut oil, which is in the composition, gives elasticity and smoothness.

Sunscreen with spf 50

Means with such a mark have an increased degree of protection. You can use them even for people with supersensitive skin. From now on it looks like the beach will be just a joy. The sun's rays will make it possible to achieve a pleasant tan, and not to do harm.

  • Milk for face and body Anthelios SPF 50 La Roche-Posay. The product contains a number of filters that provide a stable protection against the negative effects of UVA / UVB rays. The composition of milk is thermal water. She is rich in Selenium, which is one of the natural antioxidants. The texture is velvety, which makes it easy to apply the product to the skin.
  • Sunscreen for face with comfortable texture SPF 50 Vichy. The increased degree of protection allows without pangs of conscience and without serious consequences to bask in the sun. The cream prevents any damage to the skin, pigmentation spots. Suitable even for hypersensitive skin. It has no perfume. Active ingredient is Eperulin. It actively reduces the sensitivity of the skin. That allows you to reduce discomfort, make the epidermis soft and moisturized.
  • Anti-aging protective lotion SPF 50 Vitalprotection Darphin. The product is suitable for women from 25 years. It actively prevents skin aging. The form is moisturized. The texture is weightless. It can easily be applied under make-up. Provides skin with the necessary moisture, reduces redness.

Sun protection products for children

Kids love to splash around in the water and run under the sun. But all this without protection can lead to serious consequences. What should I do and what should I do? There are special cosmetic lines that have been developed specifically for children.

When choosing it is important to pay attention to the degree of protection, as well as the sensitivity of the skin of the child. Consistency can be either, the main thing is that the remedy was really effective.

  • Cream-barrier against sunburn and freckles. The product was "made" especially for toddlers. He allows the child to stay in the sun for a long time without any tangible consequences. The cream is strengthened by the action of UV-A and UV-B filters. They allow you to achieve maximum effect and prevent the negative impact of direct sunlight. The cream blocks the production of melanin. It is he that promotes the appearance of sunburn, freckles and age spots. Water resistant.
  • Nivea san sunscreen lotion baby play and swim spf 30. Suitable for sensitive skin. The action is instantaneous. After applying the effect is noticeable immediately. Re-application is not required. The lotion provides proper protection and prevents premature aging.
  • Babe lotion is a children's sunscreen spf 30. It contains active filters of biological and organic origin. They protect the baby's skin. The product does not contain dyes, oils, preservatives and perfumes.

Sunscreen products for face

All people are waiting for warmth and summer. I want to relax in nature, sunbathe and splash in the water. But all this can not go as well as we would like. In order not to overshadow your own rest, you need to worry about quality protective equipment from sunlight.

  • Jan Marini Skin Research Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant. The product is perfect for women who have supersensitive skin. The unique composition of the product can reduce the risk of premature aging. A pleasant lotion texture delivers a lot of comfort. It does not leave behind a greasy film, so it can be applied even under make-up.
  • ZO Skin Health Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30. To give preference to this product costs women with a fat epidermis. Especially if the place of residence is a hot climate. The product will provide excellent care, and protect against excessive influence of direct sun rays.
  • Obagi Nu-Derm Healthy Skin Protection SPF 35. This product provides skin with an increased degree of protection. The cream does not create a film, it perfectly softens the skin and moisturizes them.
  • Clinique, Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40. The main advantage of the product is uniform distribution. This allows you to apply it even under make-up. In addition, the product has a good whitening effect. This will get rid of freckles and prevent the appearance of many.

Sun protection for hair

Hair also needs decent care and protection. The sun affects negatively even the best curls. This problem should be effectively addressed. To help in this case, quality cosmetics come.

  • SP System Professional. The means of this line are manufactured in the same way as sunscreen for the body. This product is perfect for daily use. It guarantees complete protection of strands from hated ultraviolet. Its active ingredients completely envelop the hair, while creating a reliable barrier.
  • Clarins. This oil, which does not allow the tips to be significantly overdried. In addition, it can cope with even the most disobedient locks. It is enough to spray oil regularly on the hair and the effect will not be long in coming.
  • Paul Mitchell. This spray, which will be an ideal assistant when visiting seaside resorts. It contains natural extracts. They do not allow the pigment to wash out, but also neutralize the negative effects of sun and sea water on the hair. After a couple of days of use, you can see an excellent result.
  • Satinique. This is a lotion that has protective properties. It contains a complex of UVA / UVB filters. They actively protect the curls from the negative impact of the sun. After use, the hair becomes smooth and well-groomed. It is easy to apply.

Sunscreens for the skin

Going to the beach, it is worthwhile to worry about the reliable protection of the skin from the negative influence of the sun. Especially for this, excellent products were developed.

  • SUNLEŸA SOIN SOLAIRE GLOBAL ANTI-AGE SPF 30. This cream has wonderful properties and composition. It blocks premature aging and harmful ultraviolet radiation. The agent not only does not give the sun's rays a burning effect, but also struggles with a number of age-related problems. This is to keep youth and freshness.
  • SHISEIDO EXPERT SUN AGING PROTECTION LOTION SPF 30. Care and protection in one bottle. Lightweight consistency lotion eliminates the main signs of photoaging, prevents wrinkles and pigmentation spots. Despite its light consistency, the skin easily gets the necessary moisturizing.
  • LA ROCHE-POSAY ANTHELIOS XL 50. Melting cream, capable of instant drying. It is an ideal tool for the skin. The texture is simply inimitable. The cream smells nice, does not leave a feeling of stickiness. Suitable even for the epidermis, susceptible to constant allergic reactions.
  • VICHY IDEAL SOLEIL. The product is presented as a spray. Apply it to protect against direct sunlight. It is applied simply, absorbed quickly. No fat traces after himself leave. True, it contains alcohol, so there is a possibility of excessive drying.

Sunscreen for body

It is not always easy to find the best means to protect the skin. After all, there are not so few diverse companies offering their products. Therefore, in order not to get confused in all the diversity, the idea arose to describe all the most common products.

  • RAD SPF 15 ENVIRON. This is professional cosmetics. It has a good reputation and is considered one of the most effective. Milk in the form of a spray is so natural that you can use it even to children aged 6 months. It is applied easily, suitable for all areas of the body. Provides visible antioxidant care.
  • AVON SUN SPF 50. It is an anti-aging cream designed for sensitive skin. It has a low-fat consistency, gentle. Perfectly protects from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • ORIFLAME SUN ZONE SPF 25. Spray with a light consistency. Protects the skin from dehydration, enriches the cells with the necessary vitamins. It is water resistant, it is recommended to use it every hour.
  • NIVEA SUN 30. Perhaps this is one of the most iconic means. It has anti-aging properties. It has components for active care. Prevents the appearance of wrinkles, while making the skin smooth and supple.

Rating of sunscreen means

To provide the full picture, a special rating was created. It included funds that are most popular among women.

  1. NiveaSunCare. Despite the fact that many people know about this company, not everyone approaches their development. As a means of care were presented special sprays, creams and milk. There are also products for the care of baby skin. The consistency of the products is rather pleasant, easy. They are absorbed quickly, without creating any discomfort. As part of the cosmetic line are components that prevent any damage to the skin. These are vitamin E, filters, zinc oxide and panthenol.
  2. Biocon. The products of this company are all hypoallergenic and completely safe. But, after the application of the product there is slight discomfort, in the form of a greasy film. But the products are great for kids, thanks to their unique composition.
  3. GarnierAmbre Solaire. This is a fairly popular brand. She develops running creams, sprays and milks for all types of skin. You need to apply the funds in a normal amount, only then you can achieve a really good effect. The texture is soft, the consistency is light.
  4. Vichy. A well-known and expensive brand. There is a danger of counterfeiting. In general, the production is not bad, the consistency is pleasant, the aroma is at the level. Protective properties are fully respected.
  5. Uriage. The cosmetic line contains oils, creams, sprays, and milk. The products include: thermal water, vitamins, minerals. All products are suitable for sensitive skin. Thanks to their use, getting a nice tan is easy.
  6. Bioderma. Hypoallergenic agents are intended for sensitive skin. Cosmetic line contains oils, sprays, emulsions, milk. Cosmetics of this type always refers to high-quality. It is applied easily, does not leave any discomfort. You can even use it to children.
  7. LaRoche-Posay. The collection of this "brand" is diverse with a huge amount of money. These are fluids, lotions, creams, sprays. All of them have an increased degree of protection. Use them preferably in a complex.
  8. Lierac. This is a French cosmetic bag. It is very popular, but also the prices at the level. The collection is represented by a variety of creams, gels, fluids, balsams. All of them have an incredible effect and can even prolong the sunburn. Cosmetics have a pleasant consistency, completely hypoallergenic.
  9. Carita. This brand has not previously produced the means to provide protective properties. Such activities began to unfold only in 2004. To this day, the popularity of the cosmetic line is just on top. Here you can find any tool to your liking. Most importantly, the degree of protection is increased.
  10. Clinique. Perhaps, this is the best company of all. It offers its customers a wide range of different products. All means do not clog pores, and provide incredible protection. The composition contains herbal extracts, vitamins. The products have a neutral smell, are applied simply, do not leave a greasy shine.

The best sunscreen products

It is difficult to single out the best cosmetic products. After all, for each person is suitable for something special. But, despite this, a small rating of the most popular goods was created.

  • Anti-aging sunscreen for face SPF 50 from Сaudalie. The remedy was developed for the first days in the sun. It is intended for use in hot climates. It has excellent properties, contains UVA / UVB filters. The consistency is not sticky, the skin is immediately transformed after use and becomes dull.
  • Sun-protection milk for face and body SPF 15 from Biotherm. The product is characterized by its incredible tenderness. The degree of protection is low, but it is quite enough for normal skin. Milk can increase the natural protective barriers of the skin. The fragrance is incredible.
  • Sunscreen oil SPF 40 from Vichy. The product provides double protection. In this case, the skin acquires a healthy shine. It is applied easily, has a pearlescent effect.
  • Sunscreen emulsion Fotoderm AKN Mat SPF 30 from Bioderma. This emulsion is for oily and problematic skin. In its composition is a unique complex Fluuidactiv. He can normalize the quality of skin sebum.
  • Sun-protection face cream and decollete zone SPF 30 from Garnier. The product has a non-greasy texture. The complex has a special hydration, obtained with the help of components of plant origin.
  • Sunscreen toning emulsion for face and body SPF 10 from Shiseido. Water resistant. Provides a decent protection, gives the skin a rich tint.
  • Anti-aging sunscreen UVB 30 from Clarins. The skin is protected, the possibility of burns is prevented. Consistency is pleasant. The cream helps to avoid wrinkles and age spots.
  • Sunscreen Lotion "Easy Touch" SPF 50 from Nivea Sun Care. The lotion has a light consistency. The product actively moisturizes the skin, while traces on the skin do not remain.

Natural sunscreen products

Not many people like to use different means. After all, they all contain something "forbidden". That is why the special popularity began to receive natural products. There are special oils, the main property of which is a natural sunscreen factor. In principle, any oil has this effect, although the activity depends on the specific type.

The main leader is crimson oil. It has a degree of protection from 28 to 50. Perhaps, it's not even very bad. Get it by pressing the raspberry seeds. The cost of the facility is high, but the effect is really stunning.

A similar property is possessed by wheat germ oil. But, the protection factor does not exceed 20. Attention should be paid to shea butter and coconut oil. Raw materials are fragrant, organic. The degree of protection is 6-10. Its cost is high, but due to its small use, it is very profitable.

Shea Butter. Sell it hard, so it's worth taking care of additional melting. Take him with you somewhere - uncomfortable. Olive oil - protection degree 6-8. This is the most affordable tool. It has incredible cosmetic properties. The only drawback is the yellow spots on the clothes.

Sesame oil and avocado oil. The degree of protection is very low - 4. You can buy it easily, even in a supermarket. Sesame oil leaves no residue on clothes.

Pharmaceutical sunscreen products

Not many people like products of different brands. They consider these means not too good and qualitative. In many cases, it's not even that. Possessing a skin with increased sensitivity, it is possible to apply exclusively natural and pharmacy cosmetic lines.

  • Uriage Hyseac sun care fluid SPF 50+. The remedy was specially developed for problematic skin. It has a light consistency, does not leave a greasy shine on the face. From the side of economy, a worthy means. If we talk about leaving, then it is quite normal. True, it is not worth combining it with cosmetics, perhaps, the appearance of dryness.
  • Avene High protection cream SPF50. This is a sunscreen cream. In the texture it is very fatty, suitable even for the skin under the eyes. The only negative is the presence of a shade. To use it as a basis for make-up is clearly not worth it, there may be problems. Effectively protects from the sun.
  • La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50+ extreme fluid. The product does not clog pores, is applied to the face, décolleté skin. The texture is tender and pleasant. No film and no sense of its presence after use is observed.

Korean sunscreen products

Skin care products made in Korea do not have special flaws. So, Missha All Around Safe Block Waterproof Sun Milk is water resistant milk, with increased protection. It contains extract of tanaka, leaves of aloe vera, mallow root and silicon dioxide. All these components perform their functions. So, silicon dioxide removes greasy shine. The root of mallow and aloe vera have a matte effect. A soft cream formula allows you to use it daily.

  • Missa All-Around Safe Block Aqua Sun Gel 30. It's a gel that refreshes the skin, it's like weightless. In the skin is absorbed instantaneously, while not creating a film and stickiness. In its composition are special components that make it possible to protect the skin from harmful radiation.
  • INNISFREE Eco Safety Aqua Perfect Sun Gel SPF50 PA +++. This gel, actively protects from the sun. It contains sunflower oil, orange peel, camellia extract, orchid and green tea. All this allows you to make the epidermis elastic, radiant and magnificent health.

Innisfree Eco Safety Perfect Waterproof Sunblock. This is a waterproof cream with increased protection. He actively protects his face from ultraviolet rays. Use the product for daily care.

Reviews of sunscreen products

Making choices about the responses of other people on some side of the silly venture. The fact is that there are a lot of products of this type. So picking a good tool is not so easy. This is at first glance everything is simple. To verify the effectiveness of a product, you need to try it out yourself.

To date, leading brands of cosmetics are well praised, such as Vichy, Garnier, Avon, Oriflame, etc. But choosing the favorites from them is not so easy. You should make sure of the effectiveness of this or that remedy. Naturally, it is worthwhile to give preference to those products that fit a certain type of skin. There are entire lines for sensitive skin.

In most cases, the reviews are positive. But much depends on the situation. Some funds can be applied under make-up, while others will spoil it. Some products do not leave stains on clothes, others fairly spoiled it. It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally. This is an individual process.


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