Hair care

Sage for hair: properties, benefits

Many species of Sage, including Salvia officinalis (common sage), grow in the Mediterranean region, and some of the Salvia species are used worldwide as aromatic spices, as well as a traditional herbal remedy.

Nizoral Dandruff Shampoo

Nizoral for dandruff is a popular remedy in dermatology, which eliminates the main cause of the pathology - a fungal pathogen that causes all signs of seborrheic dermatitis.

Tar Dandruff Shampoo

Caring for hair that is prone to the formation of multiple skin scales (dead skin cells of the epidermis) requires a special approach. Regular shampoos are not able to cope with the problem.

Homemade onion hair masks: recipes

Make any of the homemade hair masks for hair, which recipes offer the Internet, simply and inexpensively. After all, honey, butter, mayonnaise, garlic, egg, kefir, yeast, carrots, lemon and similar products are in every kitchen, and if something is missing, then buying is not a problem.

Hair treatment onions

Beautiful hair - the dream of every person. In the struggle for the beauty of the hair, women do not spare either money or time. In addition to genetic factors, are important care and quality of the means by which it is carried out.

Amber acid for hair

Amber acid (ethanedicarboxylic acid, sodium succinate) is a substance that is obtained during processing of amber. Due to its therapeutic properties, succinic acid is widely used in cosmetology and medicine, as it has a unique rejuvenating and restoring effect.

Argan oil for hair

Currently, the use of various oils in industrial and home cosmetics is extremely popular.

The benefits and recipes of hair masks from lemon

Rinsing the hair with water with the addition of lemon juice (50 ml per liter) will make them more shiny.

The benefits and recipes of chocolate hair mask

As cosmeticians say, from masks based on cocoa powder - and it is from it that most often all the so-called chocolate masks are prepared - the hair becomes stronger, smooth, silky and even begin to grow faster.

Coffee Mask for Hair

About the caffeine content in whole grains and a natural coffee hammer it is not necessary to say much: all methylxanthine alkaloids, to which caffeine belongs, are neurostimulants.


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