General information about cosmetics

Myths and truth about solar therapy and protective cosmetics

Of course, if a man by nature is very sensitive to the sun's rays, he can quite enjoy the sunscreen of his beloved woman. But in fact, not without reason there is an expression of thick-skinned men.

Immunomodulators in cosmetics

Skin is such a perfect barrier that pathogens on its surface do not cause any harm to the body. Problems begin only when the barrier system of the skin is damaged, the pathogen penetrates through the stratum corneum ...

Union of Cosmetology and Science

The cosmetology and science union would be perfect if the cosmetics had no partner that has been accompanying it since time immemorial - commerce. Due to the fact that cosmetics is a commodity, almost all the information about it, available to the consumer, is abundantly flavored with advertising ...

Sun protection

Despite the fact that the beaches are still filled with vacationers who are hungry for sunburn, people increasingly take with them to the beach jars and tubes with sunscreens and lotions ...

Antioxidant protection

Antioxidants are molecules that are capable of blocking the reactions of free radical oxidation. Meeting with a free radical, the antioxidant voluntarily gives it an electron and complements it to a full molecule.

Green direction in cosmetology

Many vital processes in the skin depend on the presence of substances that the body can not synthesize itself. Their man gets with food, mainly with plants ..

Naturalness of cosmetics components

The safest and "natural" solvents are water and vegetable oils. However, if you use only them, then a huge amount of biologically active substances will go to the dump.

Natural cosmetic?

On many labels of modern cosmetic products you can now see the inscription "completely natural" (or "all natural" in the case of foreign cosmetics). This label invariably attracts the consumer's sympathy for the cosmetic product ...

Cosmetic components: Modulators

In recent years, cosmetics are increasingly boldly interfering with the processes occurring in the skin, and from the preventive effect goes to cell therapy. Initially, cell therapy was used in the use of tissue ...

Cosmetic components: Protectors

In order for the skin to look better, it is not necessary to actively interfere in her inner life - sometimes it is enough to protect her from external factors that this life can interfere with. Such factors are ...


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