Cosmetical tools

In the management of patients with a cosmetology profile, a specialist should keep in mind that changes in the skin are more or less associated with a variety of changes occurring in the body as a whole. In particular, this applies to various skin diseases, as well as its premature aging. In a number of cases, in the treatment of many dermatoses, with skin reactions of age-related changes in the skin and other aesthetic problems, cosmetic procedures should not be confined only, but it is necessary to decide whether to prescribe both external (local) therapy and general exposure agents.

Face creams after 30 years: inexpensive, pharmacy, professional

Regular skin care is an important moment in the life of every woman who seeks to look good, both now and in a few years. To do this, developed a lot of cosmetics intended for all categories of ages.

Whitening creams for pigment spots and freckles

The skin color of a person is determined by the pigment cells - melanocytes. They are contained in the epidermal layers and, in addition to shade, protect the body from excessive sun exposure. This is normal.

Cream-gels for the face: moisturizing, matting, tonic

Problem skin, the presence of acne and inflammation, dryness, wilting, sebaceous shine, seborrhea - all this, and not only, is a weighty reason for purchasing a gentle, light drug with a gelatinous texture.

Cream-serums for face: moisturizing, rejuvenating

Cosmetic serums are a relatively new product, somewhat different from traditional creams. They contain more active substances, and in greater concentration.

Professional Face Creams

Unlike inexpensive mass products, professional lines are much more expensive; These creams are not produced by all brands and can not be purchased in regular stores.

Face cream with vitamin C

Ascorbic acid is one of the useful components that the skin needs. Balanced nutrition is one of the ways to supply it to the body. With its deficiency, increased fragility of the vessels and vascular asterisks on the face, blueing around the eyes.

Day cream for oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin

Many women have a variety of various cream products, as they say, "for all occasions": a night cream, a cream for weather, a lightening of dark areas, matting, soothing, invigorating, etc.

Effective facial creams for wrinkles for men and women

One of the eternal questions of concern for the better half of humanity is whether youth can be prolonged and beauty preserved until old age.

Masks for facelift and firmness of the skin

Youth is characterized by the freshness of the face, the tightness and elasticity of his skin - this is the main charm of the young man. But with age, the natural collagen and elastin are lost, the production of hormones that affects their synthesis decreases, and along with them the elasticity and density of the skin.

Cream mask for face: rejuvenating, whitening, tightening

In the cosmetic vocabulary there are terms "cream" and "cream-mask" for the face. Are these concepts sound, and if they differ, then how? And does every woman need cosmetics of this kind?


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