Masks for facelift and firmness of the skin

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Youth is characterized by the freshness of the face, the tightness and elasticity of his skin - this is the main charm of the young man. But with age, the natural collagen and elastin are lost, the production of hormones that affects their synthesis decreases, and along with them the elasticity and density of the skin. This leads to the formation of wrinkles, sagging of the skin, loss of sharpness of the face relief - obvious signs of aging. With this it is difficult to accept, especially women, I want to stay young and beautiful as long as possible. This becomes an incentive, something to do, and cosmetologists to work on creating more and more new tools and techniques. One of such effective means are facial mask.

Indications for the procedure

To the skin of the face for a long time remained young and radiant, you need to take care of it, starting with a young age. Such procedures include cleansing, toning, moisturizing with the right selection of funds for this, taking into account the type of skin, its features. But the indication for facelift with the help of masks is a fading skin that has lost velvety, elasticity, radiance, emerging or already existing wrinkles. The need for this arises mainly after 35 years.

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The use of the mask requires a certain amount of time, so first of all you need to release the "window" in your busy schedule for her house or salon. The immediate preparation for the procedure is to cleanse the face of the makeup. For this, micellar water, tonics, lotions, and milk are used. You can also apply the scrub, and for the problem skin to clean the face. The skin after these procedures will be malleable and receptive to the remedies present in the mask. And of course, you need to buy a mask in advance or make your own composition. It is also necessary to take care of your clothes in advance and provide for something to protect it, in case the mixture accidentally falls. The hair should be tied with a kerchief or put on a bathing cap.


Technique of the face mask

If the mask is applied to the entire face (can only be applied to certain areas), then this is done on massage lines with the help of hands or a special spatula. The procedure begins from the neck and chin, from the chin to the lobes of the ears, from the corners of the lips to the ears. The skin around the lips is not covered. Further the composition is applied from the wings of the nose to the temples, without affecting the area under the eyes. On the forehead, the movements are directed from its middle to the sides, to the scalp. This technique should be followed, otherwise the mask will not bring the expected result. Applying the mask on the entire surface, it is necessary to lie down for 20-30 minutes and relax. To remove the composition, only water is used: oily skin is washed off cool, and dry is warm, you can help yourself with a sponge. After wetting the skin with a towel, apply daily moisturizing or nourishing cream.

Set of masks for facelift

In the consumer market a lot of different cosmetics, including face masks. They differ in composition and in value. In order to choose the right one, you need to know the skin type and evaluate your problems. With this help to understand the beautician. Consider a set of masks that can be used to lift a face:

  • The rubelli beauty face mask is a universal remedy for any age, even for those who have not lost their elasticity and whose face is a contour, but simply chubby cheeks or a second chin that they do not like very much. This is a Korean facelift mask, the packaging of which is completed with a bandage and 7 bags directly with tissue masks impregnated with a gel-like substance. The bandage is designed to exert pressure on the chin's skin, which stimulates blood circulation in this area, which burns fat, improves the oval of the face, removes edema, and improves the structure of the skin. It itself is made of several layers of different materials and is equipped with Velcro, thanks to which it is possible to adjust its tension. First, a tissue mask from the sachet is applied to the cleansed face, then it is tightly fixed with the help of a bandage. This allows the composition to work as efficiently as possible on the elasticity and elasticity of the lower part of the face. The skin is absorbed by useful substances, metabolism is accelerated, tissues are restored at the cellular level. Mask-bandage for facelift can be used every day for two weeks, then for prevention 2 times a week. The course is recommended to be held every six months;
  • Japanese mask for facelift - very much appreciated by our women and beauticians. Yes, and the appearance of Japanese women, when you do not understand who is before you - a girl or a mature woman, speaks about the quality not only of their life, but also of cosmetics. Most Japanese masks are natural ingredients, often algae, aloe, chamomile, rice flour, retinol, collagen. The masks of such famous brands as Shiseido and Kanebo simply do wonders: they improve elasticity, smooth wrinkles, after which the face immediately looks refreshed and rejuvenated. Especially effective is the mask-lifting from the manufacturer Hadabisei. It contains coenzyme Q10 in combination with nutrients obtained as extract from soy. Especially good is the mask for dry skin. Even the most neglected state of her receives a response, and she begins to shine. Carrying out a one-month course, enough two masks per week to significantly improve the skin condition;
  • mask for 3d face lifts - there are special silicone mask-bandages to eliminate the second chin and improve the face oval. They are also used after plastic surgery. They consist of several layers: neoprene, nylon, breathing and cooling layers. There are several of their varieties: one captures only the chin, others close the mouth, some have a mouth slit, but hide the nose. The tension can be adjusted with Velcro. Before dressing, wash, impose a cosmetic (anti-aging or special masks made of fabric). It should be worn for 30-40 minutes, after washing off the face, and wash the bandage;
  • elastic mask for face lift - made of elastane, thin and pleasant, snug against the face. Well supports the muscular frame of the face. Daily wearing prevents skin sagging, makes the contour of the face tighter, stimulates the process of fat splitting, smoothes fine wrinkles. For those who sleep at night on the stomach or side, it is useful for keeping the muscles. It is fixed in three places: two under the chin and one at the top. The month of wearing gives a tangible result.

Mask for facelift at home

There are many recipes for making facial masks at home. Often, women resort to them not only to save money, but because they use natural products. The correct selection of ingredients will give the effect of lifting and rejuvenating the skin. What should I use for this? Let's consider some recipes for a face lift:

  • mask of oatmeal - a spoon of flakes with a coffee grinder to turn into flour, do the same with the same amount of dill seeds, mix, add olive oil until a consistency that is comfortable to apply to the face, after 20 minutes wash off;
  • mask for facelift and color alignment:
  • it brightens the skin and makes it an even cucumber mask, and the avocado feeds it with useful substances, has a rejuvenating effect, smooths wrinkles. Having rubbed on a grater and having combined together, the mixture is superimposed on the fabric mask, and then on the face;
  • The same action is provided by a mask made of green cosmetic clay in combination with mineral water and lemon juice;
  • crushed leaves in the blender, mixed with oatmeal, curdled milk and honey, tightened, color and nourish the skin;
  • face mask and elasticity:
  • potatoes boil, mash, add warm milk and egg white, stir to a homogeneous consistency;
  • beat up protein, combine with honey, apply on face;
  • in 2 tablespoons of white cosmetic clay mixed with a spoon of corn flour, drip a few drops of rosemary oil, mix well;
  • mask for facelift and correction of the oval, chin - with this role cures masks, which include solidifying components. These include clay, present in previous recipes, as well as paraffin. He is bought in a pharmacy, melted and a thin layer applied to the face with a spatula. On it impose a gauze mask, and on top still paraffin. With such a procedure itself can not cope, but you need to attract someone. After solidification, the layers are neatly removed, starting from the chin in the upward direction;
  • mask for facelift with gelatin - the main component of collagen, and this is the component, due to the loss of which does not reach the elasticity of the skin. Masks from it will help restore skin changes. For their preparation, a spoonful of dry gelatin or a plate should be poured with plain water and allow time to swell, then put on a water bath before dissolving. After that, you can add additional components:
  • for dry skin in gelatin is added honey and a little cream;
  • Remove the second chin will help a mixture of gelatin dissolved in milk and whipped egg whites;
  • will give energy to the fading skin of gelatin with avocado, which must be grinded to a homogeneous mass.

A mask of gelatin is important to be able to properly remove. Tearing off the frozen fragments, you can damage the skin. In fact, it needs to be steamed and returned to a softened state. To do this, a terry towel soaked in hot water is applied over the mask and only then it is easily removed;

  • masks with starch - their effect is compared with Botox:
  • The powerful effect of lifting is famous for this: a spoonful of starch dissolves and is heated in a glass of water, but is not brought to a boil, a spoonful of sour cream is added, 5 spoonfuls of carrot juice;
  • well tightens the skin composition: starch, egg white, kefir;
  • a mixture of a spoonful of salt, starch, warm milk and honey has a beneficial effect on the fading skin.

Contraindications to the procedure

Any masks can not be used for skin lesions, various rashes, redness. Contraindications to paraffin masks are hypertension, cardiac dysfunction, the presence of moles on the face and couperose.

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Consequences after the procedure

There is a possibility that an allergy to this or that component of the mask will manifest itself. To avoid this, you must first test them on the surface of the inner side of the elbow fold. Consequences and complications after the procedure can be associated with allergic manifestations or with violation of the rules of its conduct: too hot composition, the effect of the mask, exceeding the recommended time, improper removal from the face.

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Care after the procedure

After the procedure, when the mask is removed from the face, it should be washed with warm water, if the skin is dry, or cold with a fat type of skin. After this, apply the usual and suitable moisturizer for you.

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According to the comments of women who spend a lot of time on their face, that the masks bring a tangible result and have an obvious tightening effect, they should be regularly applied. Great benefits for the person are natural, but for this you need not be lazy to find or prepare ingredients of good quality, say, use not purchased starch, but get it yourself from potatoes. Many resort to masks as an ambulance to get a short-term result before an important event and are satisfied with their action.

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