Means against hair loss (baldness)

Hair loss lotions

It is important to remember that the effectiveness of lotions for hair loss can vary depending on the individual characteristics of the body.

Nicotinic acid for hair

Nicotinic acid (vitamin PP or B3) is known for its broad skin health benefits and can indirectly affect hair health by improving blood microcirculation and strengthening capillaries.

How to prevent hair loss in women and men?

Preventing hair loss involves a number of healthy habits and activities that can help keep your hair healthy and reduce the risk of hair loss.

Folk remedies for hair loss for women and men

Despite the large range of ready-made remedies designed to strengthen hair roots and improve the nutrition of hair follicles, various home remedies for hair loss in women and men are widely used.

Hair loss vitamins for women and men

Lack of vitamins - a group of substances that affect the processes of tissue metabolism - is considered to be involved in the deterioration of the structure of the hair on the head, impaired growth and increased loss. Therefore, it is recommended to take certain vitamins for hair loss.

Red pepper tincture for hair

The need to use tincture of red pepper occurs when the hair has lost its vivacity, fall out, become brittle and split, and the reflection in the mirror suggests that it is time to do something.

Pantovigar vitamins for hair growth

Modern ecology, lifestyle, and constant stress are not the best for the condition of hair. If in ancient times almost all women had luxurious braids, today strong, shiny hair requires constant care, patience and financial expenses.

Peppermint for hair growth

Among the varieties of mint, peppermint is the most favorite among confectioners, pharmacists and cosmetologists. Its distinctive feature is its high menthol content. In addition, the plant contains organic acids, flavonoids, tannins.

What to expect from cosmetics "Selenzin" with hair loss?

Studying the composition of medical and cosmetic products of the "Selencin" series, one involuntarily wonders what effect can be expected from the use of this multicomponent product, in which almost every component is of great value to the hair.

Selencin for hair loss and hair growth

Most often, we hear references to an effective therapeutic hair shampoo called Selencin, so it seems that the product has a single release form and it becomes unclear how it can help with internal problems.


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