Means against hair loss (baldness)

Sprays against alopecia

Although hair loss is associated with many causes, primarily of an immune and hormonal nature, a clinically proven spray against alopecia can be useful in the complex therapy of alopecia.

Plasmolifting of the head

This method is well established and the results become noticeable after the first session. When the full course of plasma-lifting is completed, the structure of the hair is fully restored, and the growth improves.

Vitamins for hair for men

Thanks to their rich composition, such preparations allow for a short time, get rid of the most common problems. The effectiveness of these tools will be discussed below.

Means and methods of external treatment of circular alopecia

Good results of long-term use of strong glucocorticosteroids (fluocinolone, dexamethasone, etc.) have been reported in the form of lotions, creams and ointments. However, according to most dermatologists, this method of treatment is ineffective and persistent hair restoration is observed only in those cases when one could expect their spontaneous growth.

Management of patients with common baldness

Before starting treatment of a patient with normal alopecia, a thorough examination should be carried out to identify and correct possible causes of symptomatic or telogen, hair loss (severe stress, general diseases accompanied by hypoproteinemia, anemia, thyroid dysfunction, childbirth, taking a number of medications and, on the contrary, stopping oral contraceptives, etc.).

Physiotherapy methods for the treatment of alopecia

Electrostatic and electromagnetic fields have long and successfully been used for the healing of soft tissue wounds and bone fusion. As a side effect, hair growth was shown to increase in areas of the skin subjected to electrophysiotherapy.

Surgical treatment of normal alopecia

The method consists in transplanting androgen-resistant hair from the lateral and occipital areas of the head to areas of hair thinning or alopecia. Each implant (graft) contains from 1 to 5 hair bulbs (follicles).

Antiandrogens as a remedy for hair loss

In connection with the establishment of the key role of androgens in the development of normal baldness and manifestations of the syndrome of hyperandrogenism, in the treatment of these diseases substances with antiandrogenic properties are used.

Means that stimulate hair growth

Tricomin, a copper-peptide complex designed for topical application, was tested in 18 men with type V (according to J. Gamilton) of normal alopecia. Twice a day for 6 months, 2% and 10% gel were applied to the areas of baldness. In patients who used 10% gel with tricomin, more active hair growth was noted.

Combined treatment with minoxidil and retinoids

Experience has shown that some retinoids can influence the speed of hair growth, extending the anagen phase and shortening the telogen phase. These drugs independently stimulate hair growth, and also increase the clinical effectiveness of minoxidil.


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