What to expect from cosmetics "Selenzin" with hair loss?

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Last reviewed: 28.11.2021

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Studying the composition of medical and cosmetic products of the "Selencin" series, one involuntarily wonders what effect can be expected from the use of this multicomponent product, in which almost every component is of great value to the hair.

Caffeine, pepper, dwarf palm, burdock, nettle and peppermint extracts are remedies used in baldness with alternative medicine, even dermatologists and trichologists agree with the effects. Keratin, biotin, collagen are substances that have long been established in cosmetology as a means for professional hair care. [1],  [2]All of these components in different combinations can be found in caring cosmetics for hair of various brands. But at the same time, not all products of this content have a more or less pronounced therapeutic effect. [3]

The manufacturer of the Selenzin hair  series, the Alkom company, focuses on unique ingredients: anageline, seveov, innovative peptide complexes. So anageline even at a minimal concentration stimulates the cellular metabolism of hair follicles by approximately 21% and reduces the activity of the enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotetsosterone, no worse than finasteride, a drug used to treat alopecia.

According to laboratory studies, seveov helps stimulate hair growth by 93%. Compared with the effect of caffeine as a recognized natural stimulant (46%), this is doubled.

It is believed that Selencin lotions with a unique composition can slow down the aging of hair follicles by 41% and stimulate hair growth more effectively than traditional treatment methods. At the same time, a person achieves restoration of the density of hair without the use of chemistry, painful injections and hair transplants, without drug withdrawal syndrome.

The results of applying the  series in the studied group of people with diffuse baldness showed that the combined use of all Selencin external agents in the first month showed positive changes in 28% of subjects of different sexes. After 8 weeks, hair loss ceased in all patients, their density increased due to new hair growth, and the hair structure changed for the better (fluffy hair acquired a normal thickness). At the same time, taking pills increased rates by more than 10%.

I must say that patients did not use shampoo and balm every day, but 2 times a week, a mask - 1 time per week, lotions - every day (first strengthening, then stimulation). Tablets were given to half of the subjects according to the instructions. A stable therapeutic effect was observed over the next 3-6 months in both groups.

The absence of withdrawal syndrome and the virtually complete absence of complaints of discomfort during the use of cosmetics can be considered as one of the great advantages of this treatment series. And good results give hope to those people who have practically lost it, testing for themselves ineffective methods of treating alopecia.

Reviews of trichologists

Trichology is the branch of science dealing with issues related to hair: their structure, functioning, and health problems of the scalp. Specialists involved in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the scalp and hair are called trichologists. In medical institutions in the absence of a trichologist, these questions fall on the shoulders of dermatologists.

As for products and preparations for the treatment and improvement of hair, the opinion of trichologists is the most complete, impartial and objective assessment of them, so it is worth listening to it. What do experts say about products for hair and scalp of the Selenzin series?

It must be said right away that hair experts do not consider the Selencin recovery system as a universal pill for alopecia. Yes, cosmetics has a beneficial effect on the processes occurring in the scalp, improves blood supply to the hair and its saturation with nutrients, which is useful for any etiology of baldness, but all this can be called treatment of the consequences, and not the disease itself.

If the hair was damaged by solar radiation, the chemistry of paints and shampoos, became a victim of thermal effects, as a result of which their structure and functionality were violated (hair became dry, lifeless, began to fall out, break, etc.) Selencin cosmetics will help cope with the effects of negative factors and restore hair. With hair loss caused by stressful situations, you can also benefit from the products, but in order for the result to be stable, you need to put in order the nervous system, which is responsible for regulating the processes that occur in our skin and the body as a whole.

As for androgenetic alopecia, trichologists consider the prognosis of the treatment of pathology products "Selencin" is not so rosy. And they are quite understandable. What can be the guarantees against the use of cosmetics if this genetically caused disease is not always successful in complex treatment with medications and physiotherapy, so often hair transplantation remains the only way out?

The situation with baldness against the background of diseases is even more complicated, be it diffuse baldness caused by pathological hormonal disorders (endocrine diseases), or focal alopecia, which is associated with autoimmune processes. In these cases, the use of Selencin cosmetics does not justify itself, because it cannot influence the processes occurring inside the body, the effects of which we feel on the condition of our skin, hair, and nails. With an active pathological process, "Selenzin" is not effective, if you do not take into account the possible short-term effect.

“Selencin” will not help with cicatricial alopecia, since it does not have the ability to change the structure and properties of scar tissue.

In those cases when a positive result of exposure to skin and hair can be expected from medical cosmetics, it is important to understand that the effects declared by its manufacturers and testers are possible, but subject to the complex use of the entire series. Although the effectiveness of homeopathic tablets and granules is still in doubt among most traditional medicine doctors (this applies to almost all homeopathic remedies, the effect of which is associated with the “placebo” effect, based on the belief in the drug’s benefit), but there are 5 more products in the series which should be used together.

In principle, many dermatologists and trichologists recommend the products of the Selencin series to their patients, realizing that this cosmetics will definitely be useful for the scalp and hair, even if it does not give a pronounced effect. And you don’t need to think that this is done to help pharmacies and outlets with the “proceeds”. The doctor will still rely on the diagnosis, and is unlikely to offer expensive cosmetics to someone whom she definitely will not help.

Although there is no firm conviction that cosmetics will help a pregnant woman, there can also be no victim to the wrong selection of contraceptives, victims of radiation or medication, etc. Still, this is cosmetics, not a medicine, and even medical preparations that have strict indications for use and specific dosages do not always and not always help everyone. For example, the same drug Minoxidil, which is popular with alopecia , does not provide a 100% guarantee for solving the problem of hair loss. Much depends on the cause of the pathological condition, the degree of its neglect, the characteristics of the patient's body (the reaction to the same drug or cosmetics may vary from person to person).

Customer reviews

Cosmetics series "Selencin" for hair, a person can begin to apply for various reasons. Someone liked the advertisement, kindly provided by the media or a neighbor (friend, relatives), and another acquired and began to use the products on the recommendation of a dermatologist or trichologist. What is the difference between them?

Firstly, the question is, was there a need to buy expensive cosmetics? The enthusiastic reviews of the lady who managed to restore the thinning hair can not be an occasion to try the product on yourself, if you do not have hair loss, they do not become thinner, do not change their structure and appearance radically. If someone’s hair was sparse from birth (such a hereditary trait), Selenzin is unlikely to noticeably change the situation. But hopes for a miracle - this is most of the  negative reviews  about the treatment series.

Secondly, the doctor, prescribing this or that remedy, relies on the facts (on which he makes the diagnosis), and not assumptions. We ourselves decide why the hair is streaming, and what can help them, not based on objective reality, but based on subjective opinion.

A person has a genetically enhanced hypersensitivity to androgens, and he blames stress and an unfavorable environment for everything, and everyone is surprised that the advertised Selenzin does not help him, although a neighbor thanks to him has gorgeous hair, even having survived a divorce. Often factors act together, but the treatment of the effects of factors of exogenous and endogenous nature will be different, while managing the influence of the latter is often much more difficult. Here is another reason for negative reviews.

There are still such amazing people who do not have hair problems, but they have a manic desire to improve them. Usually these are the same individuals who really like to write reviews under any posts. It is clear that the use of Selencin cosmetics, which helps treat hair and not work miracles, gets a negative assessment, however, like any other.

Thirdly, making an appointment, the doctor is based on the real state of things and decides what means and in what combinations can help a person. For example, is it worth it to confine yourself to shampoo and balm or to connect a mask and lotions to the treatment, whether a person needs only a firming lotion or should it be used in combination with a restoring one. The doctor develops a treatment regimen even when he recommends medical cosmetics, but in the absence of knowledge and experience, we act at random, and then we are indignant at the lack of effect.

Yes, the doctor’s appointments do not always live up to expectations (the effect may not be), but nevertheless, the probability of a positive result in this case is greater if you take statistics into account. Many young women whose hair began to thin significantly during pregnancy are simply delighted with this opportunity to preserve a beautiful hairstyle in a safe way for them and their children. "Selencin" makes it possible to stop the pathological hair loss in children and adolescents, for the treatment of which not all medicines are suitable. But the treatment of baldness in most people is still carried out by trial and error, even though everything indicates that the remedy should help.

After reviewing the reviews on the Internet, you can see that their distribution is approximately the same. The number of negative and positive reviews is approximately equal. That is, to say that the cosmetics "Selenzin" is not effective is impossible, because there are people who have achieved good results with its help. Another thing is that such treatment is not suitable for everyone, especially if the causes of hair problems are not taken into account, but the fact itself is only stated.

Often you can read in reviews, something like this: "I washed my hair with Selencin shampoo for a month, but my hair did not become thicker." So maybe a month is not enough for hair that has been adversely affected for several months and years? Maybe they need a longer and more intensive therapy than just washing with shampoo, which is on your head for only 2-3 minutes?

In addition, the manufacturer does not promise that the hair will grow at such a rate that in a month from scratch it will be equal to those whose length is more than 10-15 cm. Even healthy hair grows in a month no more than one and a half centimeters, which we hardly notice having over 80 thousand hairs on his head. To see a tangible positive result from the use of medical cosmetics, you need more than one month of its use. In addition, even slight improvements during this period (from 2 to 4 weeks of use) can be considered as a positive, encouraging result.

I must say that the problem of baldness remains relevant today, despite the many developed methods and treatment regimens. The variety of causes of pathology and their simultaneous effects complicate the diagnosis and the choice of effective methods to improve the scalp and hair. And if we take into account that the influence of some internal and hereditary factors is difficult to minimize, it becomes clear that a general approach to the treatment of alopecia and universal therapeutic agents simply cannot exist.

Selencin cosmetics for hair is only one of the opportunities provided to us to improve the scalp and hair, and, perhaps, in specific cases, it will help to solve such a multifaceted and difficult problem of diffuse hair loss. Given the magnitude of this problem, even stopping pathological hair loss in half of patients can be considered a great achievement, especially if this can be achieved without the use of chemistry harmful to the body.

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