Pantovigar vitamins for hair growth

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Modern ecology, lifestyle, and constant stress are not the best for the condition of hair. If in ancient times almost all women had luxurious braids, today strong, shiny hair requires constant care, patience and financial expenses. Cosmetic products act from the outside, but it can be not enough. There are vitamins designed specifically for the restoration and strengthening of hair and nails, they act on problematic elements from the inside. The name of the drug is Pantovigar for hair.

Indications Pantovigar for hair

The formula of Pantovigar for hair also includes components designed to improve the condition of nail plates. Vitamins B5, B10, thiamine, keratin, yeast extract, sulfur-containing amino acid - the complex of these substances is selected so as to solve the most serious problems of hair and nails:

  • stop diffuse loss of non-hormonal etiology;
  • to eliminate degenerative structural changes.

In detail, the indications for use are as follows:

  • damage to the structure by chemical components or ultraviolet light;
  • hypovitaminosis, unbalanced diet;
  • The need to recover from radiation therapy;
  • the damaging effects of stress, intoxication;
  • gray hair prevention;
  • brittle, poorly growing nails;
  • Reconvalescence (recovery) after infections.

Pantovigar for hair loss and hair growth

One of the most popular vitamins is a combined drug Pantovigar - from hair loss and hair growth, recovery of problem nails. The effectiveness of Pantovigar for hair is provided by the following components of its formula:

  • Thiamine - an active participant in regeneration processes, stimulator of follicles. [1]
  • Vitamin B5 is an activator of its own keratin synthesis.
  • Keratin - provides shine, strength, and optimal moisturization.
  • L-cysteine - promotes collagen formation with keratin, iron and zinc absorption. [2]
  • Vitamin B10 is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Yeast is a unique natural mineral-amino acid complex.

The vitamin formula was conceived to treat so-called diffuse loss, but it soon became clear that the composition effectively restores nails, as well as curls that have lost their shine after perming and other unfavorable factors.

When starting treatment, you should be patient. In the sense that every day and on time to use 3 tablets, necessarily during or after meals, and so for several months. Growing healthy hair is a long process, so careful fulfillment of the conditions will be necessary for everyone. Those who are disciplined and responsible will be rewarded:

  • thick and dense braids;
  • natural color;
  • Reducing the number of hairs that fall out;
  • the appearance of an undercoat;
  • cleansing of the skin, disappearance of itching and discomfort.

Cessation of loss is noticeable after 3 weeks of regular use of the drug, and visible recovery of strands - after 3 months.

Release form

Combined vitamin remedy Pantovigar for hair Egyptian manufacturer puts in capsules made of gelatin. Opaque capsules differ from other preparations of similar form of release by color: the body is ivory, caps are dark green.

  • Inside contains a brownish powdery substance that gives off a yeasty odor.

Pharmacies sell blister packs made of plastic film or foil. Cardboard boxes contain 2 or 6 blisters each, together with the instructions. A large carton is packed with 300 units.


Inside the gelatin capsules is a light brown powder with a specific odor. This is a mixture of active ingredients (yeast, thiamine, pantothenate, cystine, keratin, para-aminobenzoic acid), as well as auxiliary ingredients. Packed Pantovigar for hair in blisters of 15pcs, the cardboard boxes contain 2-6 blisters.

Capsules are prescribed to people with an improper diet, lack of micronutrients, if the body is weakened due to stress, prolonged nervous tension, after surgery, severe infections. All these factors have a bad effect on hair and nails, damage and disrupt their structure and roots.

  • With all the usefulness of vitamins, they can not be taken uncontrolled, without consulting a doctor. And children, pregnant and lactating women, in the presence of hypersensitivity to individual components pantovigar is not suitable at all.

Those who are serious about treatment should know that the drug is effective, but not effective. That is, it does not give instant visible results, but has an accumulative effect.

A dietary supplement, which is how the drug is classified, should be used for 3-6 months, and this is not the limit. If the symptoms persist, the patient is re-examined to decide whether he or she needs another treatment regimen or another drug.


Biologically active supplements are often called pills, regardless of their form of release. In fact, multivitamin remedy Pantovigar for hair is produced in the form of capsules.

  • Inside a standard gelatin shell contains a mixture of active ingredients in the form of a gray powder that gives off yeast.

And it is not by chance, because one of the useful ingredients is medical yeast. They have a positive effect on intestinal microflora, contain exactly those proteins, minerals and vitamins that make tresses thick, lush and beautiful.

  • Starting a course of treatment, the patient should know that it is futile to wait for a quick result. Curls and nail plates recover gradually.

Improvement is possible at the end of the first month, and the final result can be summarized not earlier than three months, or even six months. If there is no improvement, it is necessary to repeat the diagnosis to exclude (or confirm) other pathologies.

The drug is unable to overcome such problems as nail infections and androgenic alopecia. In such cases, Pantovigar can be only one of the components of the combined therapy.


The properties of Pantovigar for hair are due to the components necessary for their growth. Pharmacodynamics D-pantothenate calcium, L-cystine, amino acids, keratin, yeast are described in the relevant sources. In the body they act in a complex way and are responsible for metabolism, hair and nails condition.


Questions of pharmacokinetics are not studied. This is due to the fact that the composition of Pantovigar for hair includes several diverse components. In brief, we can say that the substance is absorbed in the upper part of the digestive tract.

Dosing and administration

Any drug is effective if the method of administration and dosage, as well as the duration of the course are observed. Only a medical specialist is able to determine the dosage regimen, after preliminary examination, tests, anamnesis, clinical picture.

Adults take vitamins three times a day, a capsule each. Children after 12 years - 1-2 capsules a day. The peculiarity of Pantovigar for hair is that capsules are swallowed during meals, drinking liquid.

  • They should not be chewed so as not to reduce the effectiveness of the powder mixture contained within.

Treatment period - from 3 to 6 months. If necessary, the course is prolonged or repeated. Then take a break. Interruptions during the course of treatment do not contribute to success. Sometimes to accelerate the result it is necessary to carry out additional procedures - apply natural masks, use quality cosmetics.

  • Cessation of hair loss begins after 3 weeks. Visible results are visible after a 3-month course. It is not faster, because these terms are determined by the growth phases of the strands.

There are times when the condition of the hair does not improve in any way. In such cases, it is recommended to repeat the diagnosis. Perhaps the patient will find a systemic disease with such symptoms. However, according to reviews, the nails on the hands and feet with regular use are definitely strengthened.

Application for children

This elite dietary supplement is intended for adults. Experience and effectiveness of use for children is not confirmed. In this regard, up to 12 years of age, non-doctors should not prescribe, and children should not use Pantovigar for hair.

Older children are prescribed orally 1-2 capsules per day. It is recommended to take the medicine with meals, wash down with plain water. Children should be cautioned that the "pill" they swallowed whole, without biting the gelatinous walls. Otherwise, the effectiveness of what is consumed is reduced.

  • The duration is determined on an individual basis, depending on the health condition and the results of treatment.

Improvement of the condition should come after 15-20 days. The average duration of the course is from 3 to 6 months. Less is not possible, because hair or nail restoration is a long process. There is no information about the safety of prolonged intake.

Use Pantovigar for hair during pregnancy

About the risks of use during pregnancy is unknown. However, to avoid any trouble, without a doctor's permission, a woman should not use bio supplements, including Pantovigar for hair.

The instructions state that use is allowed only in the last trimester, when prescribed by a specialist. Such prescription is justified in cases when the benefit to the mother exceeds the possible risks to the unborn child.

If the therapeutic use of capsules during lactation is necessary, breastfeeding may be discontinued.


The drug Pantovigar for hair is not used during the period of expectation of a child (first two trimesters) and lactation. In the last trimester can be used only in consultation with a doctor. Childhood (up to 12 years) - also a contraindication to the use of pantovigar. There is also a possibility of special sensitivity to the ingredients of the remedy, which makes it unacceptable for the patient.

When diagnosing infectious nail pathologies or androgenic alopecia, the drug can be prescribed as a component of complex therapy. Men, as a rule, these multivitamins are not prescribed. It is not recommended to take sulfonamide drugs simultaneously with vitamins.

Side effects Pantovigar for hair

The vitamin preparation is well tolerated by patients. Occasionally, the use of pantovigar for hair can cause itching, hives, increased perspiration and pulse.

  • The downside for many people is that they don't like the taste and the high cost of the bio supplement.

Side effects on the side of the GI tract are manifested by vomiting, nausea, flatulence, pain. This is caused by a large number of active ingredients, which has a bad effect on the entire digestion.

If unpleasant symptoms increase, the drug should be canceled and consult a doctor to restore the work of the GI tract with his qualified help.


Cases of overdose of pantovigar for hair are not described.

Interactions with other drugs

On the possibility of taking Pantovigar for hair simultaneously with sulfonamides should be consulted with a specialist. The instruction indicates that these means are not combined.

Interaction with other drugs is not described. There is incompatibility of vitamins with alcohol.

Storage conditions

Like other pharmacy products, Pantovigar for hair is stored in places protected from access of children and pets. Storage conditions are standard: clean place, protected from the sun and temperature 25+ degrees.

Shelf life

If properly stored, Pantovigar for hair does not spoil for 3 years. After the expiration date it is forbidden to use supplements.


The main dissatisfaction of people taking pantovigar for hair is associated with its high cost. People reasonably believe that an expensive drug should meet high requirements and help everyone without exception.

However, some are satisfied with economy options - analogs of Pantovigar. These are vitamins Vitrum Beauty, Vitamix, Coenzyme Q10. They are able to maintain the health of hair, but prevent baldness, unlike Pantovigar, will not be able to.

Testimonials from trichologists

Some experts believe that acting from within antivigor for hair is more useful than local remedies. The doctor Gennady Viktorovich often prescribes BAD to his patients and notes a fairly high efficiency. Other reviews of trichologists note the effectiveness of the drug in the presence of problems of medium severity. However, it is not prescribed to everyone because of the high price.

The condition of hair and nails is particularly affected by the amount of vitamins and minerals. Due to saturation of the body with the necessary components from the inside follicles get protection from harmful factors, and the structural elements of hair and nails begin to synthesize intensively. Pantovigar for hair performs exactly these functions. After a course of treatment, the patient's hair becomes stronger, shinier and grow faster, and nails do not break and do not break.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug " Pantovigar vitamins for hair growth" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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