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Last reviewed: 23.04.2024

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In order for the skin to look better, it is not necessary to actively interfere in her inner life - sometimes it is enough to protect her from external factors that this life can interfere with. Such factors are: dirt, UV rays, ionizing radiation, frost and wind, microorganisms, harmful chemicals. They cause both direct damage to the skin (for example, solid particles of sand scratch the skin, create conditions for infection, surfactants destroy the lipids of the epidermis frost and wind dry the skin, etc.), and indirect (for example, activate in it processes involving free radicals or cause an immune reaction).

To protect the skin from the effects of harmful factors apply:

  • Film-forming substances - chitosan, hyaluronic acid, aloe gel, collagen, synthetic and semi-synthetic polymers, which, appearing on the skin surface, form a thin transparent coating on it. Such a film prevents the skin from breathing and getting rid of toxins, but it protects it from minor damage, dirt and microorganisms. All film-forming substances retain moisture well, so they moisturize the skin and protect it from dehydration.
  • Antioxidants - protect the skin from free radicals.
  • Antimicrobial agents - contain bactericidal substances that are non-toxic to skin cells. Such substances as triclosan are used in cases when the microbial load on the skin increases (when working in the garden, going to nature, in hospitals, etc.). In other cases, plant extracts of aseptic action are used. Fats of animals and birds are a folk method of protecting the skin from severe frost. Animal fats are introduced into special winter creams.

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