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An ointment from genital warts is a medicine that allows you to get rid of a skin defect and painful sensations. Consider the features of treatment of genital warts with liniment, the most popular drugs and the principle of their action.

Ointment is used for immunomodulatory and conservative antiviral treatment. To date, there are several liniments that are effective in treating genital warts. The effect of such drugs is aimed at suppressing the vital activity of the human papillomavirus and restoring the immune system, which leads to the destruction of papillomas without their cauterization and surgical removal.

Condylomas (warts) - this is not just a defect on the skin, it's the skin formations that appear when the papilloma virus enters the body. The use of ointment can eliminate the growth of the epithelium, which is the main skin defect. But treat papillomas with liniments only after consultation with a qualified dermatologist. The doctor will choose an ointment that will eliminate the skin lesions and will not harm the body.

  • Effective liniment from genital warts affects not only the altered tissue, but also the viral cells, preventing their reproduction.
  • Ointment should not worsen the condition of the patient's appearance, leave scars and traces, that is, be imperceptible both for short-term and long-term use.
  • For complex treatment of papillomas apply not only ointment, but also a number of other antiviral drugs that accelerate the process of recovery.
  • Applying liniment from genital warts is necessary to remember about regularity of medical procedures and appropriate hygiene of the affected skin area.

Indications for use

Indications for the use of ointment from genital warts are based on the medicinal properties of the drug and its active ingredients. But, do not forget that you can use liniment only after consulting a doctor. The need for medical care is justified by the fact that each specific case of treatment with papillomas directly depends on the nature of the pathological process and the causes of the appearance of skin growths. An ointment from genital warts is used to destroy skin changes and destroy cells that have HPV in their genome. The medicine has a therapeutic effect and blocks the reproduction of the cells of the pathogen.

To date, the pharmaceutical market has many ointments that are used to remove any skin lesions caused by the human papillomavirus. Typically, when papillomas patients are recommended to use liniments based on quinolones (salicylic, oxolinic acid). But the use of these medications requires special care, since if you get to healthy areas of the skin, the ointment can cause a burn.

The main indications for the use of ointment from genital warts are the treatment and prevention of skin growths caused by HPV. Liniment is used for relapses of the disease with the first symptomatology of genital warts. If salicylic acid-based ointments are used for treatment, then it is suitable for removing papillomas on the body, but not the genitals, face or mucous membranes. When treating genital warts, professional treatment in clinical settings is recommended. This will minimize the damage caused by the active substance of the liniment of healthy skin areas.

Form of issue

The form of release for the treatment of genital warts depends on the type of skin growths and the location of their localization. With a comprehensive approach to treatment, preparations of various forms, such as tablets, ointments and even solutions, are used. Drugs for treatment with capillary are released in the form of injections for intravenous administration, solutions for compresses and bandages, gels, creams, liniments. Also there are sprays from condylomas, tinctures and drops for ingestion.

The dermatologist after the appointment appoints the most suitable form of release, focusing on the individual characteristics of the course of the disease. When there are growths on the genitals, they can use the vaginal suppository and suppositories. The effectiveness of treatment depends largely on the choice of form of the drug.



Pharmacodynamics ointment from genital warts makes it possible to learn about the processes that occur with the drug after application to the skin. Consider the pharmacodynamics of topical agents for the treatment of papillomavirus in the example of Panavir.

The drug is a high molecular weight polysaccharide with immunomodulating and antiviral properties. The action of liniment is based on the inhibition of the synthesis of viral proteins. Panavir promotes the induction of leukocyte interferon and increases the nonspecific resistance of the body. Does not have mutagenic, carcinogenic, embryotoxic or allergic properties.


The pharmacokinetics of ointment from genital warts is represented by the processes of distribution, absorption and metabolism of the drug. Consider the pharmacokinetics of Panavir. The liniment contains Solanum tuberosum extract, which is the main active ingredient of the preparation. After application to the skin, the ointment is rapidly absorbed, that is, it has good absorption. This causes the destruction of viral cells and fights with the cosmetic defect of papillomavirus.

A small amount of the drug enters the systemic circulation, and without delay is excreted by the intestines and kidneys of the body. Has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, which allows you to get rid of unpleasant symptoms of papillomas, which can cause itching and burning of the skin in places of growth.

Ointment from genital warts

Ointment from genital warts is used to treat small outgrowths on the body. The peculiarity of genital warts is that they arise not only on the body, but also in the mouth, on the genitals and in the anus. The disease occurs due to HPV - the human papillomavirus. Genital warts or genital warts very often occur in women on the labia minora and in the vagina. In rare cases, growths appear in the anus and even on the cervix. In men, growths appear on the head of the penis, on the foreskin and bridle, in the groin, buttocks and thighs.

Treatment of genital warts has a number of features:

  • The body does not produce permanent immunity to papillomaviruses, which means that if the infection recurs, the growths will appear again.
  • In 30-40% of patients who have been treated and completely removed by papillomas, relapses occur. Therefore, in addition to the main treatment course, it is mandatory that antirecession therapy

The treatment of genital warts is handled by a dermatovenerologist, it is he who selects effective medications that help to remove skin growths. For the treatment of papillomas, a doctor makes a chart that can include:

  • Local use of antiviral ointments for application to the affected area. Chemotherapeutic drugs are used for treatment: Solkoderm and Polophyllotoxin. If liniment is used at home, then this should be done with extreme caution, since the use of drugs can cause the appearance of gross scars.
  • In addition to ointments, for the treatment of genital warts, tableted antiviral drugs are also used: Alpizarin, Likopid. True, these drugs are prescribed to patients only with multiple and huge papillomas.
  • Genital warts are treated with immunomodulators - Galavit, Immunofan, Cycloferon. If the growths are very large, then surgical removal is carried out for their removal: excision, laser moxibustion, cryodestruction.
  • When treating genital warts in pregnant women, liniments, like other medicines, are allowed only in the first trimester. To do this, use Solkoderm or Interferon.

Names of ointments for condylomata

The names of ointments for condylomata must be known to every patient who has experienced this disease. But before going to the pharmacy, it is worthwhile to know that the drugs should be prescribed by the attending physician, after a complete examination and diagnosis of the disease. The physician should familiarize the patient with the rules for the use of ointment from genital warts, and the patient should use the instruction. If genital warts are treated in a zone inaccessible for self-removal, the liniment is applied to the affected parts of the body in a hospital setting.

Any liniment is contraindicated for self-use to remove intranasal, intra-urethral and intravaginal papillomas. With special care and only under the supervision of a doctor, liniment is used to treat people under the age of 18 and pregnant women. Consider the most popular names for ointments for condylomata.

Preparations of podophylline (Podophyllum)

Podofillin is a cytostatic drug with plant extracts. The use of liniment causes papillomas necrosis, but does not destroy the papilloma virus. Medicines of this group are used to treat genital warts.

Condilox 0.5%

Gel for removal of condylomas, is available with a plastic applicator for easy application to the skin. The medicine is used for three days, applying to the skin twice a day. With relapse of the condyloma, a second course of treatment is recommended.

Aldara 5%

Liniment is applied a thin layer on the skin with condylomas. The course of treatment lasts until the extinction disappears, but no more than 16 weeks. The substance is applied to the skin three times a week.

Preparations of blue catechins (Sinecatechins)

Sinecatechin is an extract of green tea leaves, which has antiviral, antioxidant and immunostimulating effects on the lesions.

Werewolf 15%

Apply to the skin three times a day, until the papillom completely disappears. Before using the ointment, consult a dermatologist. The medicine can be used to treat genital warts.


The drug is in the form of a gel for the treatment of any skin damage. Galaderm is effective in both condylomata and other skin growths. The medicine is applied to the damaged skin 2-3 times a day for a month. The main contraindication to the use of the drug is an increased sensitivity to its components. Long-term use of liniment may cause allergic reactions. It is only released on prescription.


Antiviral ointment with antifungal and bacteriostatic action. Effective in the treatment of parasitic fungal diseases, with papillomas and candidiasis. Ointment is applied to lesions 1-3 times a day for a month. With more prolonged use, the medicine causes reddening of the skin and burning. Contraindicated to use during pregnancy, with telangiectasia and hirsutism.


Medicinal product with pronounced virostatic action. The composition includes a number of plant components: purified extract of Solanum tuberosum and biologically active substances. Assign for the treatment of infectious and inflammatory lesions of the skin and mucous membranes. Effective with condylomata, papillomas, genital and oral herpes. Ointment is used externally for 7-10 days. Side effects of Panavir are manifested in the form of allergic reactions. The drug is contraindicated to use with individual intolerance of the components of the drug. Panavir is released in the form of an ointment, a gel, a solution for external use and injections.


Oksolinovaya ointment has a high antiviral activity. Liniment is used for the treatment of genital warts, wetting rashes, shingles and blistering. Duration of the drug from 3-4 weeks, the liniment is applied 2-3 times a day on the damaged skin areas. Oxolin can cause a burning feeling. It is contraindicated to apply hypersensitivity to its components.

Salicylic ointment

Ointment for external use, has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, keratolytic action. Liniment is used for the treatment of papillomas, warts, psoriasis, ichthyosis, eczema, oily seborrhea, pityriasis and other skin lesions. It is contraindicated to use with intolerance of the components of the drug, with renal failure and infant age of patients. Salicylic ointment causes side effects in the form of allergic reactions, itching, burning and redness of the skin. It is used only for the doctor's prescription.

Oksolinovaya ointment with condylomata

Oksolinovaya ointment with condylomata is effective in treating any skin viral diseases. It is an effective antiviral agent for external use. The active substance - oxoline, has a high activity in the treatment of viruses spread by airborne droplets.

  • Effective in the treatment and prevention of HPV, ARVI, herpes, psoriasis, depriving, adenovirus. The use of liniment slows the reproduction of the viral infection and blocks the inflammatory processes.
  • The drug has virtually no side effects, in rare cases causes burning and itching. Has a wide spectrum of action and is active against a large number of infections and viruses. The main active substance helps to fight the external symptoms of condyloma, but does not destroy the virus.
  • Apply ointment is necessary on the advice of a doctor, as a rule, the medicine is applied to the damaged parts of the body and superimposed waxed paper. A similar procedure is performed within a month to achieve a therapeutic effect.
  • It is used with caution for the treatment of papillomas in pregnant women and in children. Liniment is dispensed according to the prescription of the doctor, special attention must be paid to the storage rules, since its medicinal properties depend on this.

Ointment Wifefer from condylomas

Wyferon ointment from genital warts is a remedy for the treatment of papillomavirus infections. Viferon is a complex drug that contains ascorbic acid and human interferon recombinant alpha-2. It has antiviral, antiproliferative and immunomodulating properties. The peculiarity of the drug is that even with prolonged use, Viferon does not form antibodies, which neutralize its active substances. Viferon is released in the form of ointments and suppositories for rectal administration.

  • Ointment is used to treat herpetic lesions of the mucous membranes and skin, with any manifestations of papillomavirus infections. The drug is effective in treating bovenoid papulosis, vulgar warts and genital warts.
  • Viferon is applied a thin layer on condylomas from 3-4 times a day. Duration of treatment is individual for each patient and ranges from 5-7 days.
  • Side effects are manifested in the form of skin allergic reactions, itching, urticaria and pass through 72 hours after the withdrawal of the drug.
  • Ointment is contraindicated to use with individual intolerance of its components. Since the liniment has a low systemic absorption, it is allowed to use it for the treatment of papillomas during pregnancy and lactation.

Condylm ointment for removal of condylomas

Condylm ointment for the removal of condylomas is used to eliminate skin growths that appear due to papillomavirus. Effectively fights with cutaneous manifestations of the disease, both on the mucous membranes, and on any part of the body. The drug causes the death of viral cells and effectively fights the virus in the body. If the liniment is used in the complex treatment of papillomavirus, together with tableted drugs, solutions and injections, the virus can be disposed of for a long time.

Condylom is effective as a prophylactic for relapses of the disease. Use the product with extreme caution, apply only to damaged areas of the skin, avoiding contact with healthy skin, as the ointment can cause a burn or leave scars. Apply Condil is recommended after consulting a dermatologist and drawing up a treatment regimen. The drug is dispensed only on medical prescription.


Bonofotton ointment from genital warts

Bonafton from genital warts has an antiviral effect and is active against papillomavirus, adenovirus and herpes simplex virus. The drug is used to treat papillomas, including acuminous, herpetic keratitis, genital herpes, viral diseases of the skin and mucous membranes.

Ointment is used for the appointment of a doctor, according to the dermatologist's treatment regimen. As a rule, the medicine is applied to lesions 3-5 times a day for 14-20 days. When the warts are infected with mucous membranes, the treatment lasts until the necessary therapeutic effect is obtained. Causes allergic reactions that occur after the drug is discontinued. Bonafton is contraindicated to use with increased sensitivity to the components of the drug and during pregnancy.

Dosing and Administration

The way of application and the dose of ointment for the treatment of genital warts are selected individually for each patient by a dermatologist. The doctor conducts examination, diagnostics and takes tests to determine the characteristics of HPV, which will help in choosing the most effective liniment.

Typically, the ointment is applied 2-5 times in the knock on the affected skin areas for 3-10 days. Some drugs need to be applied only a few times a week, mainly it is an ointment for moxibustion and removal of papillomas. Not adherence to the recommendation regarding the dosage and duration of drug use leads to adverse reactions.

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Use during pregnancy

Use of ointment from genital warts during pregnancy is possible only after permission of the doctor. It is the dermatologist who selects the safest and most effective medication that will help to remove condylomas and not harm the mother and the unborn child. When registering during pregnancy, all women give a number of tests, including HPV analysis. According to the results of the tests, which show the activity of the pathological process and the clinical signs of papillomas, the doctor conducts diagnostics and decides on treatment. Treatment can be postponed for the postpartum period or be spent during pregnancy.

Papillomas do not have a negative effect on the unborn child, but treatment can cause a number of side effects. That's why most doctors do not treat genital warts during pregnancy. But if the growths give painful sensations, then the woman is prescribed special liniments. Most often, the treatment is carried out in the first trimester of pregnancy, but may also occur later. For treatment use such means of topical application: Viferon, Acyclovir, Genferon, Oxolin ointment, Solkoderm.

Particular attention during pregnancy is required genital warts on the genitals, as they pose a danger for both mother and her future baby. In rare cases, condylomas grow so much that they interfere with the normal birth process. If they are not treated, then at birth, at the time of opening the cervix, the papillomas will burst, cause severe pain, bleeding and possible infection of the baby. As a rule, with genital warts, a woman is given a cesarean section.

  • If the papillomas are not in the vagina, then they do not represent a special risk for the child. But the presence of HPV in the mother can cause weakened immunity in the child and lead to undesirable consequences, both for the mother and her baby.
  • For treatment and removal of papillomas during pregnancy, use external solutions of ointments, which do not include salicylates, since the substance adversely affects the development of the child.
  • In genital warts, in addition to ointments, surgical methods, laser removal or cryodestruction can be used. The method of treatment is chosen by the doctor.
  • An obligatory condition for the treatment of papillomas during pregnancy is an increase in the protective properties of the immune system. A woman is prescribed complexes of vitamins and minerals to maintain the normal functioning of all body systems.

Contraindications for use

Contraindications to the use of ointments from genital warts depend on the active components of the drug and the individual characteristics of the patient's body. Some liniments are contraindicated in treating children under seven years of age, with allergic reactions, during pregnancy and lactation.

Using liniment, special attention should be paid to the fact that it should not be applied to pigment nevi and not to reach sensitive mucous membranes. Treated with ointment of papillomas is not recommended to stick with band-aid or to bandage. If the ointment from genital warts caused a chemical burn, the wound should be treated with an antiseptic and treated with a wound-healing agent.

The ointment from genital warts is contraindicated to use without the appointment of a dermatologist and with individual intolerance to the components of the drug. Do not abuse the drug and use liniment longer than the recommended time, as this can cause allergic reactions. Also, do not forget that the wrong treatment or the use of ointments without the permission of a doctor can cause the degeneration of papillomas into malignant tumors.

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Side effects

Side effects of ointment from genital warts can occur in the presence of contraindications to the use of the drug and hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. Since liniment is a topical application, side effects are manifested as local reactions.

Ointment causes reddening of the skin, minor pain, ulceration of the epithelium of the papillomas, swelling, burning and itching. All side effects go off without symptomatic treatment 72 hours after drug withdrawal. Since the liniment has a low absorption and enters the systemic circulation in very small doses, local remedies do not cause side effects from other organs and systems.


Overdosage of the ointment for the treatment of genital warts occurs if the dosage regimen and the application rules were not followed when the drug was used. High doses for local use cause skin allergic reactions, itching, burning, painful sensations. When such a symptom occurs, it is recommended to wash the affected areas of the skin with soap, reduce the dosage of the ointment or stop using it. If the liniment accidentally got inside, it is necessary to rinse the stomach and seek medical help.

Interactions with other drugs

The interaction of ointment with condyloma with other drugs depends on the composition of the drug. Thus, the interaction of certain active substances of different liniments from HPV leads to uncontrolled adverse reactions. It is forbidden to apply several medicines to one affected area of the skin at the same time, as this will cause an allergic reaction.

If the treatment of papillomas is carried out by several ointments, then it is necessary to observe the time interval, so that each drug has time to exert its therapeutic effect. When drawing up a treatment regimen, a dermatologist selects those medications that do not lead to side reactions or symptoms of an overdose.

Storage conditions

Conditions for storing ointment from genital warts are determined by the medicinal properties of the drug. So, with improper storage, the ointment spoils, loses its therapeutic properties and can lead to uncontrolled adverse reactions.

Ointment should be stored in a dry, dark place, out of reach of children and sunlight. Particular attention should be paid to the temperature regime. The ideal storage temperature is from 10 to 25 ° C, it is forbidden to freeze the ointment, as this causes it to deteriorate.

Shelf life

Shelf life of the ointment is shown on the medicine package. On average, the shelf life is 24 to 48 months and depends on the rules of storage of the drug. Do not use after the expiration date, as this can lead to uncontrolled adverse reactions.

The ointment from genital warts is a local treatment that effectively removes skin growths, but does not fight with HPV. That is why the treatment of papillomas with some ointments leads to relapse of the disease. Use liniments only on the prescription of the doctor, as self-treatment is dangerous.


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