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Angina is a serious illness accompanied by severe sore throat, an inflammatory and infectious process. It can be difficult to leak, cause intoxication, suffocation. Especially dangerous in this regard is purulent and follicular angina. The main danger is complications. This is primarily a complication of the kidney medals. Frequent consequences are myocarditis, cardiomyopathy, nephritis, pyelonephritis. The disease requires mandatory treatment. One of the most effective pharmaceuticals is suprax for sore throat.

Does suprax help with sore throat?

As the therapeutic experience shows, patient reviews, the results of clinical studies of the drug, the suprax really quite well helps with angina. The mechanism of its action is that it suppresses the activity of the bacterial flora, and also removes the inflammatory process. All this leads to a decrease in the infectious process. Also a big plus is that the drug has an effect in the follicular form of the disease, which is the most dangerous.

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Indications Suprax

The drug is prescribed primarily for the treatment of angina and other diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Effective drug against various microorganisms (bacteria). It acts against a wide range of microorganisms, which makes it possible to cure the disease in a relatively short time. It is also worth noting that the mechanism of action of this drug can be adjusted independently. With increasing concentration, it has a bactericidal effect, that is, it completely kills the microflora. This allows you to quickly cure the underlying disease, but entails pathologies such as the development of dysbiosis, in which not only pathogens are killed, but also the normal microflora too.

With a relatively low therapeutic concentration of the drug, it is possible to reduce the quantitative indicators of the microflora, that is, to start the bacteriostatic effect. This will reduce the number of pathogens and normalize the state. Recovery will come faster, in addition, the body will be able to finally suppress the infection on their own, as there is an additional stimulation of the immune system. A similar mechanism of action is observed in tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, and other diseases of the upper paths, which is also an indication for use.

Suprax prescribed in the treatment of the lower respiratory tract. Mainly with inflammatory and infectious pathologies such as pneumonia, bronchitis, pleurisy, and others. It is worth noting that in this case, the maximum efficacy of the drug is manifested in the complex therapy.

In addition, the drug is prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system, kidneys (especially with pyelonephritis, nephritis, cystitis). It is effective, both at primary infection, and at secondary, which is a complication of angina or another disease. It is also effective against sepsis, bacteremia - severe stages of pathology, which are accompanied by the penetration of infection into the blood.

With purulent tonsillitis

Purulent angina is a direct indication for the appointment of supraksa. It has an antibacterial effect, and angina, as is known, refers to diseases of bacterial origin. Most often, the causative agent of this disease is streptococcus. But it happens and angina non-streptococcal nature. It can be caused, for example, by staphylococcus, Escherichia coli. This is also an indication for the appointment of suprax. Pus usually accumulates during a long and progressive course of the disease, since these are dead leukocytes and microorganisms.

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With lacunar tonsillitis

Lacunar angina is easiest to cure with the help of suprax. This disease implies that the inflammatory process and the infection spread to the lacunae of the throat, which have the form and shape of peculiar sacs, which are filled with purulent contents. It is in the lacunae that the main inflammatory process takes place, there is a reproduction and development of the infection. This form is especially difficult to treat, since the main pathological process takes place in the lacunae and is not available to many drugs. But the suprax has the ability to penetrate the lacunae. Accordingly, recovery occurs quickly.

With herpes sore throat

The active substance of supraxa is cefisim. This substance belongs to the third generation of antibiotics. That is, the drug is active only against bacterial flora. It has no effect on viruses. Herpes is a virus belonging to the family of Herpesvirus. Thus, the appointment of suprax for the treatment of herpes sore throat is inappropriate due to the lack of antiviral action of this tool.

With follicular sore throat

This pathology is considered as one of the most complicated forms of the disease, and it is rather difficult to treat any treatment. The danger is that the follicles, which act simultaneously as the organs responsible for maintaining normal immunity, become inflamed. A high immunity, as is known, is the main condition for the successful treatment of any disease, especially of infectious origin. Fortunately, the follicular tonsillitis is quite well treated when prescribing supraxa. Often it is included in the complex therapy to improve the effectiveness of treatment. This form of sore throat is the basis for hospitalization in the infectious disease ward (with the goal of minimizing the risk of infecting other people, preventing the epidemic situation, as well as providing more effective and complex therapy, controlling complications).

Release form

The drug can be represented by several forms of release. All of them are intended for oral treatment (oral, digestive). Available in the form of tablets, capsules and suspensions. Tablets are mainly prescribed for adults, the suspension - for children. Suspension can be appointed even to children, since 6 months of life. In the form of injections of this drug is not provided.

Suprax suspension

Suprax in the form of a suspension is convenient to use in the treatment of angina in children. The advantage of this form is that it can be given even to babies from 6 months. Before using the drug to prepare yourself. But the cooking process is not complicated at all, and is accessible to everyone. It is enough to take the granules presented in the package and mix with water. The concentration is usually selected by the doctor, since it depends on many parameters, including age, severity of the disease, body weight, patient height, form of the disease, and associated pathologies. That is, the doctor must say how much to take the drug (granules), and how much water. Only averaged data can be given - 8 mg of active ingredient per 1 kilogram of body weight.

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Suprax Solutab

This drug is reinforced action, produced in the form of tablets. Its effect is enhanced by the excipients included in the composition. It penetrates the affected organ more efficiently, reaches target points and tissues. Of particular interest is its ability to prevent complications, to treat follicular angina. Side effects are also minimized. Suprax solutab is prescribed for adults.


The basis of the mechanism of action of supraksa is its antibacterial activity. Thus, it binds to the receptors of bacteria on the surface of the human mucosa, and leads to the destruction of the bacterial wall. It is also possible further penetration of the drug into the cell. This has a bactericidal effect (kills) the microorganism. With a low dosage, bacteria can be repressed and slowed down. But this is not recommended, because in this case they acquire a high resistance to the drug, mutate, and the next time they will not be active in relation to this drug.

Also, if we talk about the features of pharmacodynamics, it is worth noting the ability of the drug to have an anti-inflammatory effect on the follicles, as well as the ability to penetrate into the gaps. Active against a wide range of bacteria. The main action is directed against streptococcus, which is the causative agent of angina.

  • What day does the suprax work on?

The course of treatment ranges from 3 to 10 days. It all depends on many factors, including the stage and severity of the disease, form of angina, immune status, age, presence or absence of aggravating factors. It also depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, including the metabolic rate (the rate of metabolic processes in the body). It is these parameters that determine how quickly the drug enters the tissue, reaches the target organ, acts, and is eliminated from the body. Therefore, it is impossible to say for sure which day the suprax will work.

With a relatively high resistance and good endurance of the body visible effect can be noticeable within an hour after ingestion. With a reduced metabolic rate, a similar effect can be achieved only for 3-5 days of treatment. But for most people, the first noticeable relief of the condition, subjectively tangible, occurs approximately 2-3 hours after ingestion. And the main effect, in which there are visible, stable changes in the direction of recovery, can be achieved approximately on the 2nd day of treatment.

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The drug enters the body through the oral cavity, as it is available only in the form of a suspension or tablets for oral administration. Then it splits and absorbs in the intestine. The drug is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the intestinal walls. Gradually, after about 20-30 minutes, with a blood flow, it penetrates directly into the inflammatory focus. The maximum concentration of the drug in the blood is noted after 4 hours. Considering the pharmacokinetics, it is worth noting that the drug is excreted in the urine, that is, through the kidneys. Accordingly, it increases the burden on the kidneys. This suggests that people with diseased kidneys need to take it with caution.

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Use Suprax during pregnancy

In general, any antibiotics are contraindicated during pregnancy. But if the infection begins to progress, the disease is difficult, the use of antibiotics, including supraxa, is allowed. It should be understood that the use of the drug during pregnancy is carried out in the event that there is a danger and risks for the mother, or for the child. There are cases when it will be much safer to be treated than to refuse treatment. Risks are carefully analyzed. The appointment is done exclusively by a doctor. It is necessary to strictly follow his recommendations, in no case do not deviate from the chosen treatment regimen. Approximately impossible to describe, because each case is strictly individual.


The drug is contraindicated in any kidney disease, since it is excreted unchanged in the urine. This creates an additional burden on the body, kidneys, urinary system, may cause intoxication, edematous syndrome. Also, due to the high load, take with caution people with liver diseases. Hepatoprotectors may be required.

It should be noted that the drug can not be, and with increased individual sensitivity, intolerance, allergic reactions. Caution should be taken in case of diseases of the stomach, intestines, especially in gastritis, ulcers, pre-acute state.

A special group consists of pregnant and lactating women who are prescribed the drug only as a last resort, and under strict control by the doctor. Absolute contraindications for use in children under 6 months.

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Side effects Suprax

Side effects are rare. The mechanism of action of the drug is relatively soft. But when they occur, disorders of the kidneys and liver prevail. This may be a violation of urination or excretion of bile, hence the violation of digestion, metabolic processes, dysbiosis. Kidney damage is often manifested by nephritis, pyelonephritis, cystitis. In rare cases, allergic reactions occur, which are often manifested by skin diseases: dermatitis, eczema, urticaria. Children often have disorders of the digestive system: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bloating. Flatulence.

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Dosing and administration

Adults are prescribed the drug in pill form. Dosage and administration determined by the doctor. But usually requires 1 tablet per day. A double dose is prescribed extremely rarely (subject to good endurance of the body, the absence of chronic diseases, pathologies of the heart, kidneys and liver). The standard dose per tablet is 400 mg. Take 800 mg allows for very severe conditions and progressive disease. The course of treatment is from 5 to 10 days. One pack contains 5 tablets and is designed for one course.

Children prescribed suspension. It is prepared at the rate of 8 ml of active ingredient per 1 kg of body weight. At the age of 6 months to a year, give 2-4 milliliters of the finished product. From 2 to 5 years, the dosage is already increased to 4-5 ml per day, and from 5 to 12 years - 6-10 milliliters. Older than 12 years, you can already give pills for adults.

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Application for children

The safest form for children is suspension. Its use is allowed for children from 6 months of age. For the preparation of the suspension will require the granules included in the kit, and water (to dilute them). They mix it all up, stir it up, and apply it in the dosage prescribed by the doctor.

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Accompanied by abnormalities in the digestion. A person may feel sick, he develops vomiting, diarrhea. Also manifest typical signs of poisoning. A person with an overdose should be given immediate assistance as soon as possible: induce vomiting, which will eliminate the substance from the body. You must also immediately call an ambulance, because self-medication can be serious consequences. Detoxification therapy is usually performed. For example, use sorbents, or other drugs aimed at cleansing the body.

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Interactions with other drugs

The instructions indicate that the drug is able to react with other drugs. For example, the interaction occurs with antiviral agents, other antibiotics. The drug is not combined with other antibiotics. Also it is necessary to inform the doctor in advance about the admission of secretion blockers. Thus, the combined use of these funds significantly inhibits the excretory processes and impairs the function of the kidneys. Observed dysuric disorders, urinary syndrome. If you do not promptly cancel the medication, an inflammatory process may develop in the kidneys, diseases of the genitourinary system. In patients receiving suprax in association with anticoagulants, a decrease in the prothrombin index factor is observed. Also, quite often when combined with other drugs, poisoning and intoxication are observed.

Against the background of joint use with drugs, vitamins and biological additives, which include magnesium, aluminum hydroxide, there is a reaction, which leads to a decrease in antibacterial activity.


Storage conditions

The drug is stored in compliance with the conditions prescribed in the instructions for use. So, should be stored in the original packaging. The suspension in diluted form is stored in the refrigerator, on the door, on the bottom shelf. It is there that the optimum temperature is found, which will allow to keep active those components that are part of the substance. As for pills, it is important to keep them in a dry place. At the same time direct sunlight should not fall, and also should not be damp. Normal room temperature will do.

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Shelf life

The suprax is stored for two years from the date of production. It should be borne in mind that if you use a suspension, the shelf life refers to the dry matter. In diluted form, the suspension should not be stored for more than 10 days, since it is deactivated and becomes inactive. Accordingly, there will be no effect from the treatment.

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Is suprax effective in sore throat?

This drug has the ability to kill bacteria or reduce their numbers, that is, it has antimicrobial, antibacterial action. At the same time there is a decrease in the inflammatory process, pain, swelling. Symptoms of sore throat can also be cured. Experts quite often with angina choose their choice of supraksa. As a result of the analysis of feedback on whether it is effective, it was possible to find mostly positive reviews.

What to do if suprax does not help with angina?

No matter how effective the drug is, for various reasons it may not help some people. For example, resistance to the active substance may be developed, or the drug may be ineffective due to high sensitivity, individual intolerance. Therefore, if it turned out that a suprax was prescribed for you with angina, but it does not help - do not panic. Consult your doctor, and he will prompt you what to do in this case. Usually for each drug there is one or more analogs with a similar mechanism of action.


The pharmaceutical industry produces a fairly extensive range of drugs, and almost everyone has a counterpart. Thus, the suprax can easily be replaced by another antibiotic or antibacterial agent with a similar mechanism of action. Among these drugs, amoxiclav, sumamed, augmentin, cefoxime, azithromycin, cephtriaxone have recommended themselves in the best way. The most similar in action are antibiotics of the cephalosporins group and macrolides.

Zinnat is often prescribed for tonsillitis. We can say that this is the third most frequently used drug after suprax and sumamed. This is a broad-spectrum antibiotic. It is rather effective both against gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms. It quickly relieves the symptoms of angina, but its disadvantage is that it often causes complications from the digestive system, causes the development of dysbacteriosis, dyspepsia.

Produces in the form of tablets, cough syrup. The composition includes an antibiotic. Erespal is especially effective in treating streptococcal diseases. Well helps with angina. Syrup can be taken even to children, it is also often included in the complex therapy. Side effects - allergies, disorders of the digestive system. Good for coughing, especially if it is a wet cough.

Good alternative to supraksu and other similar drugs. Amoxiclav is prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, with angina, cough, rhinitis of bacterial origin. Available in the form of tablets dosage of 500 mg. Usually taken on a tablet per day, because it is a drug of prolonged action.

A rather high concentration of this drug in the blood is maintained throughout the day. The course requires from 5 to 10 tablets. It can cause dysbacteriosis, so it is often prescribed along with probiotics. It is better for people with liver diseases to take along with hepatoprotectors, since the drug creates additional stress on the liver.

This is an antibiotic belonging to the macrolide group. It is usually prescribed only if neither the penicillins nor the cephalosporins have the desired effect. This is a heavier drug that has many contraindications. For example, sumamed is not recommended for liver disease. In violation of the normal functional state of the intestine. The drug is strictly contraindicated in the postoperative period (if operations were performed on the organs of the digestive tract, the abdominal cavity). Also not prescribed to children under 6 months. But there are some advantages - high efficiency, a short period of treatment (a three-day course is enough).

  • Flemoksin

It is a stronger antibiotic, which is prescribed for the treatment of diseases of bacterial etiology in case of failure of other antibiotics. It has a powerful bactericidal effect. The main consequences are the development of dysbacteriosis, fungal infection. Often there are side effects in the form of complications in the kidneys, liver, digestive system. Flemoxin is contraindicated in lactose deficiency and many other diseases.

  • Clasid

It is an antibiotic of a new generation, it has an enhanced bactericidal effect on bacterial microflora. Often prescribed for angina. Klacid is an excellent means of preventing the spread of infection throughout the body. Allows you to prevent complications in the kidneys, heart, blood vessels. The main side effects are allergic diseases, diseases of the digestive system.

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If we analyze the reviews regarding the effectiveness and features of the use of supraks, it can be noted that most of the reviews are positive. Suprax for sore throat is prescribed to both adults and children. Acts fast. Already after about 1-3 hours there is a noticeable improvement in the condition. After about 1-2 days, a sustainable therapeutic effect can be achieved. Many feel healthy in a day. However, there are side symptoms, which is expressed in the form of heart palpitations, headache within 1-2 hours. But then this state goes away on its own, without any additional actions. This is a common reaction to the drug. At this time it is better to go to sleep, covered with a warm blanket.

It is important to know!

Rinsing the throat with hydrogen peroxide is not only an effective therapeutic method, but also an effective preventative against ENT diseases. Read more..

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