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Sea-buckthorn suppositories

Sea-buckthorn suppositories are therapeutic rectal suppositories that are prescribed for hemorrhoids, ulcers and rectum cracks or proctitis. The composition of suppositories includes sea buckthorn oil, which stimulates healing and recovery processes in the mucosa of the rectum.

Let's consider the features of this drug. When it is necessary to use sea-buckthorn suppositories, are there any cautions on the use and how to use this medication correctly.

Indications Sea-buckthorn suppository

Indication for the use of sea-buckthorn suppositories is determined by a doctor, therefore it is unacceptable to use this medication independently. Since self-medication can cause a worsening of the disease or give it a chronic form.

Sea-buckthorn suppositories are rectal suppositories, the drug is prescribed for:

In addition to rectal sea-buckthorn suppositories, there are also vaginal suppositories. Such a drug is used when

Indications for the use of sea-buckthorn suppositories are due to the therapeutic properties of sea-buckthorn and sea buckthorn oil. The drug stimulates regenerative processes, reduces inflammatory effects and relieves pain.

Release form

The form of the preparation is rectal suppositories, smooth, glossy, dark orange. Thanks to sea buckthorn oil in the composition of candles, the drug effectively treats diseases of the rectum and inflammatory processes. There are also vaginal suppositories, their form of release - a smooth orange suppository for oral administration. The drug is available in packs, 10 pieces of sea-buckthorn suppository.


Farmakodinamika oblepihovyh suppository - a physiological effect and biochemical effects, which renders the drug on the body. This allows you to effectively combat parasites and microorganisms that are inside the body.

The drug sea buckthorn suppositories have anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, that is, a reparative effect. All thanks to the composition of the drug, namely membrane stabilizing effects of sea buckthorn oil, which also has antioxidant effects.


The pharmacokinetics of sea-buckthorn suppositories are the processes of distribution, excretion, metabolism, and absorption of a substance.

So, after the administration of the drug, the effect begins to appear after 15-100 minutes. Duration of therapeutic effect of the drug from 2 to 6 hours.

Use Sea-buckthorn suppository during pregnancy

Use of sea-buckthorn suppository during pregnancy, as well as any other medications is not recommended. Please note that you can use suppositories only after consultation and permission of the gynecologist. Women are advised to undergo a check for contraindications to the drug. So, in cases of an allergic reaction there can be complications, both for the female body and for the child's organism.

Most rectal suppositories during pregnancy are contraindicated. Sea-buckthorn suppositories are a preparation on a natural plant basis, it has a soft effect and good results. Therefore, it is possible to use a suppository with sea-buckthorn during pregnancy, but only after the permission of the gynecologist. Such suppositories relieve pain and eliminate the inflammatory process, will also contribute to the effective healing of wounds.


Contraindications to the use of sea buckthorn suppositories are based on individual intolerance of the drug. Also, the suppository is contraindicated for use during pregnancy, if there is no permission from the gynecologist. There are no other contraindications at the moment for suppositories.

Side effects Sea-buckthorn suppository

Side effects of sea buckthorn suppositories include allergic reactions, itching and irritation, problems with the gastrointestinal tract. To avoid side effects, it is necessary to use suppositories according to the instructions for use and do not use the drug for longer than the treatment period.

Side effects can occur with self-treatment, that is, without examination and prescription of the drug by a doctor. If you notice side effects of sea buckthorn suppositories, then you need to stop using the drug and seek medical help.

Dosing and administration

The method of administration and dose is prescribed by the doctor after a complete examination of the patient and the delivery of a number of tests. If sea buckthorn suppositories are prescribed for the treatment of colpitis, then the drug should be used daily. The course of treatment is 10 to 15 procedures, if necessary, the treatment is repeated after 2 months.

Sea-buckthorn suppositories are recommended for use at night. Thus vaginal put after an emiction, and rectal after excrement. The action of the drug should not cause discomfort. If after the introduction of the suppository you feel itching, burning, there is swelling and redness, then this indicates that the sea buckthorn suppository does not suit you.

Doses of the drug are prescribed by a doctor, but usually for adults and children over 12 years old - 1 sea-buckthorn suppository 3 times a day for 10-12 days. For children under 12 years, 1 sea-buckthorn suppository once a day for 10-12 days.


Overdose of the drug is a reversible allergic reaction. If you notice that after using the sea buckthorn suppository you have itching, redness, burning or diarrhea, then you have a hypersensitivity to the drug, that is, an individual intolerance. In this case, it is recommended to stop using the drug and seek medical advice from a doctor who prescribes suppositories.

Interactions with other drugs

The interaction of sea buckthorn suppositories with other drugs is not prohibited unless it is another rectal suppository. That is, you can take pills, tinctures, make lotions, baths and other together with the reception of sea-buckthorn suppositories. Otherwise, there is a possibility of an allergic reaction.

Storage conditions

The storage conditions of the sea-buckthorn suppositories assume storage of the drug in the refrigerator, since the preparation has a low melting point. During storage it is impossible to remove sea-buckthorn suppositories from the production package, as this will entail deformation of the preparation. Remove the drug before use.

Please note, incorrect storage of the suppository can cause damage to the drug. Avoid temperature changes and direct sunlight.

Shelf life

The shelf-life of the sea-buckthorn suppository is indicated on the package and can range from 12 months to 2 years, provided that it is properly stored. If you notice that after a certain period of storage of the preparation of the suppository changed its color or a strange odor appeared, this indicates that the drug is spoiled. The drug should be thrown away, but not used, as this can cause worsening of the symptoms of the disease and the appearance of allergic reactions.

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