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Sea-buckthorn ointment

Sea-buckthorn ointment is an excellent medicine based on a plant with medicinal properties. Let's consider, to whom and what for it is necessary to use ointment of sea-buckthorn, how correctly to use a medical product. And also, the most current information about the sea-buckthorn ointment.

Indications Sea-buckthorn ointment

Indications for the use of sea-buckthorn ointment are hypovitaminosis, inflammatory processes, gynecological problems and diseases related to proctology. Let's consider the main indications for the use of sea-buckthorn ointment.

But do not forget that the drug appoints a doctor after a full examination of the patient and a series of tests for the tolerability of sea buckthorn ointment.

Release form

The form of release of sea buckthorn ointment - tubes of 20g, 40g and 100g. Since the ointment is intended mainly for external use, the tube has a convenient applicator and cap, which prevent damage to the ointment and loss of medicinal properties of the drug.


Pharmacodynamics sea-buckthorn ointment, allows you to find out what biochemical effects and physiological effects of the ointment has on the healing process. The sea-buckthorn ointment contains many fat-soluble biocatalysts that reduce the intensity of inflammatory processes and protect the cell membranes from further injuries and inflammatory processes. Ointment acts as a stimulant for restorative processes, accelerates the healing of wounds, cuts, scratches and has an antibacterial effect.


The pharmacokinetics of the sea-buckthorn ointment allows you to trace how quickly the ointment is absorbed by the body. That is, how well the distribution processes of useful substances, absorbability and absorbency of the ointment take place.

After applying the ointment to the skin, the patient immediately senses the work of the therapeutic agent. There is a feeling of slight burning, but it reduces inflammation. The therapeutic effect of the ointment manifests itself a couple of minutes after application and acts until the drug is completely absorbed or the ointment is washed off from the affected area.

Use Sea-buckthorn ointment during pregnancy

Use of sea buckthorn ointment during pregnancy is permitted. But if you have an allergy to one of the components of the ointment, it is better not to use this medication. Since Sea-buckthorn ointment is a natural herbal remedy, the body of a pregnant woman does not have harmful effects.

The use of ointment during pregnancy allows you to quickly heal wounds and cuts, preventing inflammation.


The main contraindications to the use of sea-buckthorn ointment is its powerful cholagogic effect, that is, people with acute cholecystitis, personal intolerance to ointment components, cholelithiasis or pancreatic diseases.

There may also be an allergic reaction to carotene, which is found in large quantities in sea buckthorn. Sea-buckthorn ointment is not suitable for people who have such chronic diseases as gastritis, hyperacidity, duodenal disease or peptic ulcer.

Side effects Sea-buckthorn ointment

Side effects of sea buckthorn ointment can manifest itself in the form of an allergic reaction. On the skin area where the ointment was applied and around it, redness, a slight rash, swelling, itching and even irritation may appear.

To the side effects of sea buckthorn ointment did not cause a deterioration in health, a drug tolerance test should be performed before use. Take a little ointment and apply on any patch of skin. If after 30 minutes there was no allergic reaction, it means that the ointment can be safely used and you do not face side effects.

Dosing and administration

The way of application and dose of using sea buckthorn oil is prescribed by a doctor. General recommendations for use and dosage are written in the product instructions. Sea-buckthorn ointment has an external application, it is used to treat skin problems, diseases of the mucous membrane and relieve inflammation.

If the ointment is used for pathological lesions, then use a spatula, a tampon or a special scapula to use the preparation. Sea-buckthorn ointment is used 3 times a day before the appearance of granulation. In order for the ointment to work more effectively, it is necessary to apply medical dressings to the affected area. If the sea-buckthorn ointment is used for internal use, then it is applied to a special tampon. This method is used in the treatment of endocervicitis of the vaginal walls, colpitis or erosion of the cervix.


Overdose of sea buckthorn ointment is manifested as an allergic reaction. There may be a rash, itching, irritation, burning, swelling. That it did not arise it is necessary to do a trial smear of a preparation. This will let you know how the body reacts to the ointment. If you have symptoms of an overdose, stop using the ointment and seek medical help.

Interactions with other drugs

The interaction of sea-buckthorn ointment with other drugs is possible. But it is very important to choose drugs so that their simultaneous use does not become a cause of complication of the disease. Sea-buckthorn ointment contains in its composition a lot of vitamin E and substances that lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation and tone. That is, the ointment has not only a healing effect on the wound, cut or scratch, but also the whole body.

Storage conditions

The storage conditions for sea-buckthorn ointment do not differ in any way from the method and conditions of storage of such preparations. Ointment should be kept out of the reach of children, in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight. So, for example, sea-buckthorn ointment can be kept in the refrigerator, it will not allow the drug to lose its medicinal properties, and fully meet the requirements and storage conditions.

Special instructions

Sea-buckthorn, its fruits, juice, seeds and oil, which is obtained from the plant, is used in many medical fields. Sea-buckthorn ointment is used in gynecology, proctology, for healing wounds, scratches, burns, treatment of inflammation.

The therapeutic use of sea-buckthorn is diverse, since the plant has in its composition many vitamins, minerals, microorganisms that are indispensable and necessary for the human body. These medicinal nutrients help the body fight infections and prevent the appearance of diseases.

Sea-buckthorn ointment refers to the category of medicines that treat inflammatory diseases, diseases of the genitourinary system, and is also used to prevent infections in the body with a weakened immune system.

Shelf life

The shelf-life of the sea-buckthorn ointment is indicated on the package of the preparation and does not exceed two years. If the storage conditions of the ointment are not respected, then its shelf life is much less. Therefore, if you notice that the ointment has changed color, consistency or an unpleasant smell, it is better to throw it away. Since such a drug will not be of use.

Last update: 01.06.2018
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