Creams and gels for feet with cooling effect with menthol

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Legs, like no other body, are subject to overloads. Every day they have to stand, walk or run, maintain the weight of the body and cargo, tolerate the inconvenience of shackling freedom of shoes. In the evening, the legs hurt, burn and swell, they calluses are formed. Cosmetic preparations, including special cooling creams for legs, can eliminate discomfortable phenomena.

Indications of the cooling feet creams

The composition of cooling creams for the feet includes special substances - menthol, citrus, mint, which when applied to the skin cause a feeling of cooling.

Indications for the use of cooling feet creams are based on the fact that the cooling components relieve fatigue, tone, prevent varicose veins, normalize the functions of the vessels, stimulate tissue metabolism and regenerate the skin. Due to them the feeling of heat decreases, edema and fatigue gradually disappear, muscles relax, the skin softens, blood circulation comes back to normal.

In the formula of cooling creams for the feet, deodorizing substances are also introduced, which remove odor and excess sweat, refresh and soften the feet, provide an antiseptic for the skin. The following plants and substances have such properties:

  • mint (menthol),
  • hibiscus,
  • eucalyptus,
  • vetiver,
  • lemongrass
  • tiger grass (extract),
  • arnica (extract).

Release form

The word "cooling" as applied to creams does not mean that after application on the skin, the local temperature decreases; the task of cooling creams for the feet is to create only a feeling of coolness.

The composition of such products include concomitant substances, in particular, in sports creams - analgesics and anticoagulants. Often they are released in the form of gels, which are better absorbed and cooled. Names of popular cooling feet creams:

  • Balsam "Cooling effect" Belarus;
  • Gel-balm cooling for the "burning" feet Bielita;
  • Cooling-soothing Poland;
  • Relaxing cooling Bulgaria;
  • Cream-peeling Natura Siberica cooling;
  • "Mint Bliss" From Mary Kay;
  • Sanosan;
  • "Chestnut and propolis" from Green Mama;
  • Cooling from Oriflame;
  • Balea Germany;
  • "High Heel" from Family Doctor;
  • "For feet from fatigue and swelling" Poland;
  • "Cooling" for the feet of the USA;
  • ELEA Professional Bulgaria;
  • "Forest Apothecary" Bulgaria;
  • "Chantal" Ukraine.

Cooling feet creams can be prepared at home. The advantage of home creams is the opportunity to feel like a cosmetologist and experiment with the composition. Usually, oil extracts of eucalyptus, mint, medicinal and other useful plants are added to such products.

Foot cream sanosan

The cooling cream for feet sanosan is created on the basis of arnica oil and menthol substances, with the addition of valuable natural oils (almond, jojoba, shea). In particular, arnica oil has an anesthetic, anti-edema, regenerating properties.

Thanks to this composition, the cream is used for cooling and foot care during pregnancy. Cools, softens and moisturizes the skin, relieves edema and fatigue. Produced in Germany, the famous company Mann and Schroeder.

Sanosan Mama is released in tubes. When used, the squeezed portion of the foot cream is applied to clean dry feet and rubbed with both hands. Circular movements start from the center of the foot, then move upward from the bottom to the calf and up. Due to the gentle consistency, the product is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving no sense of fat and stains.

Sanosan cosmetics belong to hypoallergenic products, without dyes and paraffin. Clinical testing is under way. Such agents during application do not interfere with the breathing of the skin and the regulation of humidity, therefore they are used for daily care.

Cooling Foot Cream with Menthol

Inexpensive cooling cream for feet with menthol produces "Home Doctor" (Ukraine). Like most cooling foot creams, it has a gel consistency, is quickly absorbed and has a much-desired effect. In addition to cooling, it provides freshness, effectively moisturizes dry and rough skin, prevents the formation of a specific smell of sweating feet.

  • The remedy with menthol removes edema, relieves the heaviness and "buzz" of tired feet, provides care and comfort. It is recommended for women to apply on clean feet at any time of the day.

Cooling-soothing innovative gel Paloma Foot SPA Polish production also belongs to the mass market class. In addition to the effects of cooling and freshness, it prevents dryness and cracks in the feet, as well as varicose veins. It is used in the evening, after a hard day for the feet.

Another means of this class is balm for "burning" feet from Belarusian cosmetologists. Designed for daily care in the heat and for use, with this kind of discomfort, regardless of the weather. The composition is enriched with vegetable oils. The cream calms, refreshes, dries feet. And it also has antiseptic and moisturizing properties.


The main active ingredient of cooling feet creams is menthol. When applied to the skin causes a feeling of cold, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects, helps reduce pain.


The pharmacokinetics of cooling feet creams have not been studied. However, it is known that the ingredients do not have a systemic effect, because with a local application, a minimum of the substance is absorbed. Excretion occurs through the kidneys.

Use of the cooling feet creams during pregnancy

The problem of fatigue and swelling of the legs is extremely important for women who are in a happy state of expectation of the child. After all, they stand twice the weight, and every day this burden becomes heavier. The problem reaches its apogee in the last trimester and is manifested by the evening "buzzing" and heaviness of the legs, the pains in the calf muscles. As a result of overloads, the threat of varicose vasodilation is quite real.

Therefore, without the use of cooling creams for the feet during pregnancy can not do. The main thing is that such a cooling foot cream should be of high quality and not provoke an allergic reaction. He must not only help the mother, but also not harm the fetus.

Additional tips for choosing a cream:

  • Give preference to a special line designed for expectant mothers.
  • In the cream should be as much as possible natural ingredients, vitamins.
  • The smell should be absent or associated with something pleasant (the unpleasant can stimulate nausea).
  • Light consistency is the best choice.
  • Additional ingredients are useful oils for nutrition, moisturizing and softening.
  • Do not buy cosmetics in dubious places.
  • Pre-advise not only with virtual or real friends, but also with your doctor or beautician.

Cosmetologists, by the way, recommend not to exaggerate the threats associated with the use of cosmetics in the period of bearing a child. They argue that quality creams penetrate shallowly, so they do not affect the development of the fetus.

A woman wants to be beautiful always, and pregnancy is no exception. And beauty requires sacrifice, from the feet - in the first place. On them they put on synthetics, heels are tortured with high heels, and the widest part of the foot - with narrowed shoes. At least from synthetics and heels the future mother should refuse. Then, creams may need less.


Most cooling feet creams have no contraindications to use and are not addictive. Caution is needed for individual intolerance to individual ingredients, the presence of lesions or skin pathologies. It is inappropriate to use such cosmetics for children under 5 years.

Side effects of the cooling feet creams

Side effects of cooling feet creams are not described. Hypothetically, we can assume the likelihood of local allergic manifestations due to individual intolerance of individual components.

If accidentally ingested on mucous membranes, they should be rinsed with plenty of running water.

Dosing and administration

Cooling creams for feet, like other cosmetic preparations, are used exclusively externally, avoiding contact with eyes, mucous membranes or damaged skin.

Most manufacturers recommend the usual way of using cooling feet creams: hands on clean dry feet. When rubbing, the movements begin from the bottom, end near the knee or mid-thigh. The procedure is performed in the evening, sometimes twice a day.

Gels of rapid absorption do not need to be rubbed; due to their light consistency they penetrate into the skin and do not leave a sticky surface.


Overdose of cooling creams for legs is not fixed.

Interactions with other drugs

To avoid adverse interactions with other drugs, cooling feet creams are undesirable to be applied together with medicinal ointments or cosmetics. It is unlikely that this can be a serious danger, but any sane person should avoid unnecessary risks.

Applying a new tool, you can conduct a test for sensitivity: apply the cream on the elbow or wrist. If the reaction does not follow (redness, itching), then use without restrictions.

Storage conditions

Requirements for storage conditions for cooling foot creams are standard: clean dry place, room temperature, protection from children and animals.

The jars and tubes should be carefully closed so that the contents come into contact with the air as little as possible.

Shelf life

The shelf life of cooling creams for legs varies from 9 to 30 months.


Most reviews of cooling foot creams, even budgetary ones, are positive. Women note that the creams "confirm the stated goals": cool and refresh.

Individual users, however, are disappointed. It is almost impossible to distinguish a subjective evaluation from an individual skin reaction to a new cosmetic. To do this, you need to carefully study the opinions specifically about each drug.

Heavy legs with "burning" feet should be saved. Cooling creams for the feet - the best way to restore a sense of pleasant coolness, remove edema and fatigue, to find peace and freshness. With gentle rubbing, there is an additional stimulation of blood circulation. Thus, the legs acquire the desired ease and peace.

It is important to know!

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