Treatment of leg diseases

Treating the calcaneal spur with X-ray therapy

Treatment of plantar fasciitis with X-rays or x-ray therapy of the calcaneal spur is an effective method of significantly reducing the symptoms of pain, and often - and completely getting rid of it.

How and what to treat cracks on the heels: ointments, leg creams, alternative recipes

Among the various problems that patients suffering from leg ailments may experience are cracks in the heels. This problem affects more and more people, and is a problem of our century.

Bandages from dry calluses on toes

Corns on the hands and feet - a very unpleasant phenomenon, which prevents walking and doing the usual work, causes discomfort and pain, spoils the appearance of the skin. In this case, the most painful are dry calluses.

Alternative treatment of cracks on the heels

Today we have to face many problems that concern the legs. Heels are especially sensitive. They are constantly exposed, because they are the main load during walking, performing various exercises.

Treating cracks on the heels of herbs

Herbs are used in the form of broths for foot baths and lotions, as well as in the form of infusion and lotion for washing and rubbing the affected area. Sometimes they are added to the complex homeopathic remedies.

Oils from cracks on the heels

Essential oil is concentrated, so in its pure form it is not applied. It needs to be dissolved in the base (vegetable) oil.

Treating the calcaneal spur with a laser

The calcaneal spur, which is also a plantar fasciitis, is considered one of the most popular "sores" of people over forty. This disease is unpleasant in that it causes acute pain in any load on the heel.

Comppid patch from damp and dry corns

Hydrocolloid dressings, sealing and protecting wounds, as well as plasters of various shapes and sizes, help in the treatment of superficial damage to the skin.

Removing the calcaneal spur: basic methods

The criterion for its conduct is a serious degree of the disease, when the intensity of pain can not reduce all the tried methods and means of treatment, and the quality of life of patients is significantly reduced.

Treatment of elephant legs

Depending on the stage of the disease state, the patient is selected special preparations. Medicines reduce the formation of lymph, improve the nutrition of tissues and the state of lymphatic vessels.


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