Treating heel spurs on the legs at home

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Even such an innocuous, at first glance, disease, like the spurs on the legs, can lead to serious violations and cause the violation of many processes in the body, including disability. The quality of life is significantly reduced, which is not surprising, since each new movement is accompanied by sharp pain. If previously believed that this is a disease of the elderly, then today it tends to rejuvenate. They suffer even young people, especially women.

The causes of the disease can be many. In order to begin treatment, you need to eliminate the cause, otherwise recovery is impossible. The main causes can be flat feet, congenital or acquired during life defects of feet, legs, various injuries, inflammatory processes. If you actively engage in sports, get microtraumas, or have an additional burden in the form of excess weight, the risk of spur development also increases.

Treatment is first used conservatively. It is necessary to try to cure the spur with medications, physiotherapy. You can try homeopathy, alternative methods, herbal medicine, and only if none of these methods does not have the proper effect, resort to surgical methods.

Which doctor heals the spurs on his legs?

It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally. Usually several doctors are involved in the treatment of spurs on their feet. Not all of them can be in a polyclinic, therefore it is better to contact a local therapist who will offer a survey plan and send it to the right specialist.

Usually, first of all, they are sent for consultation to a surgeon or an orthopedist. It is better to apply to the orthopedist, because this is a doctor of narrow specialization, which specializes in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The fact is that orthopedists are not in all polyclinics. Therefore, in the absence of an orthopedist, a surgeon consults.

The doctor will collect an anamnesis of the patient's life, an anamnesis of the disease, which will approximately approximate the nature of the pathology and the likely etiologic factor. After this, the doctor must conduct an examination of the patient. In this case, complete palpation of the foot is performed. If you suspect a fasciitis, you may need an X-ray. In this case, you will have to contact a radiologist. For the statement of the differential diagnosis, specification of some data, the doctor can send to ultrasound. In this case, you will have to deal with an ultrasound diagnostic.

In the case of diagnosing neurological conditions and the causes of the spur, the orthopedist or surgeon will be sent to a specialized specialist - neuropathologist, neurologist. If rheumatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other similar diseases are detected, the rheumatologist will be treated. If the cause of spur formation is a violation of metabolic processes, or diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, the endocrinologist is engaged in treatment. At excess weight the consultation of the dietician, nutritiologist can be demanded.

There are even cases when the treatment is carried out under the guidance of a gastroenterologist. This happens quite often, mainly if the neurologist diagnosed an abdominal neuropathy, funicular myelosis. The fact is that these diseases develop as a result of impairment of nerve conduction, which in turn arises from a lack of vitamins of group B. Vitamins of this group are usually not enough due to the violation of absorption processes in the stomach, which is a consequence of gastritis with dyspeptic disorders .

In the course of treatment, therapeutic exercise can be prescribed. Then you will need a preliminary consultation with a physician of physiotherapy. Classes are usually conducted by the LFK instructor. When appointing fizioprotsedur not to do without a physiotherapy consultant, with the appointment of massage 0 need a consultation manual chiropractor.

Thus, during the treatment will have to face many specialists. But you should start with an orthopedist, in his absence in the state - with a surgeon.

At home, a wide range of methods are available to the person that can help in the fight against the spur. The main thing is to do nothing yourself, consult the doctor in everything, otherwise you can not only not get a healing effect, but also harm. The treatment of spurs requires a person of great perseverance and time. Therefore, it is better to immediately take care of the prevention of new spurs. For example, you can change shoes to a more comfortable, quality. It is better to use special shoes, or use orthopedic insoles.

If the work is standing, you need to relax your legs in the evening, making a hot foot bath. After that, you can apply a tonic cream, or a therapeutic ointment, rub your legs intensely, put on warm socks, and lie down for a while, lifting your legs up the wall. At the same time, try to relax, do not think about anything. It is recommended to use various balms, ointments that soften the skin, eliminate inflammation. You can do lotions, compresses, warming up. A contrast shower is used, dousing with cold water.

You can learn how to do a light foot massage yourself. This will always keep them toned, relieve the load, eliminate swelling and stagnation. The massage is done by intensive squeezing movements, from the fingertips to the knee joint, then we conduct further, directing the liquid, and all the accumulated substances to the pelvic lymph nodes.

Squeezing is the main method. It is carried out more intensively. While auxiliary techniques are stroking, grinding, which must be done before the main reception, then alternate. The approximate duration of such a procedure is 20 minutes. On sale are various devices and massagers, designed for massage at home.

If you feel tired legs, you can hold compresses, lotions. For this purpose, it is better to use vegetable decoctions as a basis. They should be warm, pleasant to the skin. One layer of gauze moistened in a prepared broth is applied, then a small layer of cellophane, or polyethylene, which will preserve moisture and create a greenhouse effect. Also, a layer of warm material is superimposed on top, better than woolen fabric, which will allow it to retain heat, increase blood circulation, and relieve inflammation. Under this compress, warming ointments can be applied, which will greatly enhance their effectiveness.

You can alternate compresses with lotions, for which it is enough to apply one layer - gauze, moistened with water or vegetable decoction. Keep these lotions should be about 15 minutes, after which you can rub it with massage movements and lie down for a while, lifting your legs up. At home, you can use a variety of alternative recipes and homeopathic remedies. There are many recipes that are ideally suited for compressing, or simply for applying to a damaged area.


To treat spurs, as well as any other diseases, the body needs vitamins, since without them it will not be able to function fully, let alone find the resources to restore its structure and functions, and resist the proliferation of tissues. It is recommended to take multivitamin complexes, which include all vitamins and mineral elements necessary for the organism in such proportions as are necessary for the body.

Vitamin complexes vitrum, which are developed for different ages and physiological states of the body, have been well recommended, taking into account their current needs and body characteristics. In addition, you should take vitamin C, which is a good antioxidant, fills the body with vitamins, promotes their active absorption, increases immunity, stimulates appetite, metabolic processes. It also has antioxidant properties, contributing to the removal of free radicals from the body, prevents the processes of lipid peroxidation, which also positively affects metabolic processes. The daily dosage for an adult is 500 mg per day.

Foot baths with spurs

One of the main means of treating spurs are the baths, which significantly soften not only the skin but also the subcutaneous tissue, making it more taut, smooth and elastic. Baths can be cold, hot, warm. You can use contrast baths, alternating hot water with cold. Strengthen the action will help different oils, and other components that can be added to the water. When swelling and redness, a feeling of heaviness, burning, after a working day, it is better to take cold baths. They are also a good preventive tool that provides prevention of vascular diseases and venous congestion, increase the elasticity of cells and tissues, promote the gradual softening of the skin, resorption of seals and outgrowths.

Various components can be added to the tray. You can use vegetable decoctions instead of water. Very useful will be sea salt, which quickly removes swelling, normalizes the turgor properties of the skin, saturates the skin with essential trace elements, eliminates excess fluid. For cold baths, plant extracts, decoctions of plants with a tonic effect are also well suited. You can add essential oils.

To reduce pain, preparing for sleep, it is recommended to apply close to the body temperature of a person's bath. In them it is good to add various soluble substances: salts, soda, various squeezes and extracts, homeopathic remedies.

Hot baths normalize metabolism, which helps to remove nerve and muscle clamps, it is recommended to add medicines to such baths. Suitable are some alternative means. Essential oils are also suitable.

Traditionally spurs use salt baths, which have a positive effect on metabolism. The temperature should approximately correspond to the temperature of the human body. The salt concentration is rather high - up to 200-300 grams per medium size basin. It is possible to use such baths for the whole body, which will only enhance the effect, and will allow normalizing metabolic processes not only in the legs, but in the whole body as a whole.

Baths with coniferous extract also work well. For cooking, it requires a pine essential oil, or any ready-made pine extract. But you can also use natural pine needles and cones collected in the forest, away from highways. The needles are poured with boiling water, brought to a boil over low heat with constant stirring. Cook no more than 5 minutes. This saturates the broth with nutrients, vitamins. The plant gives water and active substances, including phytoncides, alkaloids, which have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory action. In addition, they have a calming effect on the nervous system.

Baths with potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) are used if the spur has been damaged and infected, as well as with a latent or obvious infection that caused the spur to develop.

Soda baths are recommended for cutaneous foot injuries. 10 liters of water requires about 2 tablespoons of soda.

Starch reduce skin irritation, itching, pain. In order to make a foot bath, you need to dilute approximately 250 grams of starch in cold water, then add a little warm water, and pour into the bath in which you plan to soar your legs. You need to pour in with constant stirring.

Also used baths with oat flakes and wheat bran. Take about a handful of flakes or bran for 10 liters of water, pour into a canvas bag and cook for an hour in 3-4 liters of water. Pour the solution into a basin with the remainder of water, place the bag in the same place, soar the legs.

Mustard baths contribute to recovery after the inflammatory process, or simply relieve inflammation. They also improve blood circulation and eliminate stagnant phenomena. The water should be hot, but not hotter than 45 degrees. A higher temperature prevents the release of essential oils from mustard, respectively, the healing effect is reduced. Pre-stir 100-150 grams of dry mustard in warm water, then add the resulting solution to the basin, in which the legs will be soared.

How to soar your feet with spurs?

For baths apply various medications, herbal decoctions, and even products of animal origin. As a means of strengthening action, not only for the legs, but for the entire body, apply mummies. It is a remedy that promotes an increase in immunity, normalization of metabolic processes, blood circulation in the vessels of the lower limbs and the whole organism as a whole.

Baths with this tool contribute to the resorption of spurs, prevent the emergence of new ones. This tool has long been used to treat fractures, spurs, tumors. In ancient times, the famous doctor and philosopher Avicenna in the book "The Canon of Medical Science", describing the treatment of spurs and fractures, pointed out that the first thing a patient should take is a mummy. It is taken either inside or outside. No less healing effect is possessed by antlers - horns of young deer, which can be added to foot baths. Has a stimulating effect on the bones and muscles, prevents the formation of deformations. The composition of antlers, in particular maral, izyubra, includes many active components that have a stimulating effect.

Decoction of powder dried cicadas is used for foot baths. You can also steal your feet in ordinary water, then sprinkle the place of spur formation with a powder of cicadas. Also used for febrile and convulsive conditions.

It is used a decoction of bears and crickets, dried and powdered into powder. You can add to the broth also licorice root, which has found wide application in alternative medicine. It is especially effective for elderly people.

Fresh frog skin, can be applied directly to the spur, and even the wound surface, or it is added to the decoction for foot baths. For a long time this remedy was known to the people, but modern medicine was not recognized. Over time, it was found that the skin contains a natural antibiotic, which is effective in combating infectious diseases.

Herbal Treatment

In alternative medicine, many drugs are obtained from pets. For example, the liver is recommended to eat or as an additive to food in the form of pates. Spurs are especially useful for lamb liver. Some take the liver in a dried form, like a powder. To prepare the powder, you need to dry the liver in the sun or in the oven under the influence of dry heat, then grind in a coffee grinder. Use as an additive to food on a teaspoon 1-2 times a day. It is better to do this after a preliminary consultation with a doctor. Read also:  Treating the calcaneal spur with alternative means

Positive action is exerted by fat. So, the pig is prescribed to people with reduced nutrition, a lack of vitamin in food. Has a laxative and diuretic effect, so applying it, these properties need to be considered. Fat also reduces pain, improves tissue structure. With rheumatism, inflammation of the joints, the fat of the bear is used.

Urine is used in the treatment of pain, eliminating spasms and inflammatory processes. It is recommended to soar your feet over pairs of horse urine, or apply compresses. In the treatment of spurs to this day, the freshly released human urine remains an effective remedy.

Spurs are widely used to treat spurs. Some of them are taken orally to provide systemic effects on the body. But more often they use symptomatic treatment of a local nature, that is, they act directly on the spur located on the leg. For this, it is most convenient to use foot baths, compresses, lotions. Some herbs make ointments and spread their foot.

Orchisia spotted is used both inside and out. Korneklubni are used for treatment. They contain about 50% mucus, consisting of polysaccharides, starch, bitterness and essential oil.

Ephedra two-colony is taken orally in the form of broths and infusions, as well as externally as part of therapeutic baths, compresses, as a cream or lotion for lubricating damaged areas. Brings back the skeletal muscles, especially the lower limbs. It is used for arthritis, inflammation of muscles, ligaments, deposits of salts. Has a powerful analgesic effect. Especially often used for pain relief inflamed joints, spurs. It is applied both outwardly and inward.

Sorrel horse is a perennial plant with a powerful root system, with an erect, upper branching stalk. Apply in the form of broths and powders. The broth is taken inside no more than a glass a day. External applied in the form of broth for foot baths, compresses. Dry powder is used as an additive to the cream, or simply sprinkle damaged areas of the body.

Cinnamon cinnamon is used as a multivitamin, which normalizes the general metabolism, removes toxins and radionuclides from the body. Promotes blood purification, normalizes both systemic and local blood circulation, especially in the extremities, which can reduce edema, inflammation, eliminate hyperplastic processes. The pain syndrome decreases.

The main effect is due to the high content of sugars, pectins, tannins, organic acids, fatty oils, vitamin, carotenoids, tocopherols, iron salts, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium. Dissolves kidney stones, bony growths, any deposits. Inside take in the form of broths and infusions, externally - as part of therapeutic baths, compresses, rubbed into the skin.


Homeopathic remedies are widely used to treat spurs on the legs. Despite the fact that the incidence of side effects is very small, precautions should still be observed. You can not take money until the diagnosis is confirmed exactly, because each spur has its own characteristics, and its etiological factor. It is necessary to consult a doctor before starting treatment. It is also important to eliminate the reason for the spur, and only then begin treatment, otherwise it will not have any effect.

Well proven in the treatment of spurs drugs of inorganic origin. Among them, a significant place is occupied by salt, mineral compounds, stones.

Of the most common salts are sodium chloride and magnesium sulfate. Table salt in small amounts eliminates swelling, removes excess fluid, normal water-salt metabolism. It is also considered as an antiviral, antiparasitic, cleanses the body. Magnesia is considered as an anti-inflammatory, decongestant and anesthetic, which quite quickly eliminates the symptoms of leg pain with spurs.

The magical effect has long been attributed to the red iron ore, which, when applied externally, stopped bleeding, relieved inflammation, eliminated redness and neoplasm, and when internal - it eliminated pain, normalized metabolic processes, relieved inflammation and promoted dissolution and disintegration of deposited salts.

Ortho Foot Cream

As soon as the patient is diagnosed with a spur, doctors try to prescribe steroidal or non-steroidal ointments. This is understandable in that these ointments have the effect as quickly as possible: they effectively eliminate inflammation and relieve pain. But few people consider how harmful these drugs are: they have numerous side effects, disrupt the common hormonal background, provoke diseases of internal organs. Especially the kidneys and liver are affected, which are the main organs that process and excrete active components.

But there is always an alternative: before buying such a dangerous means, it is advisable to try a cream based on vegetable and animal components. An example of such products is the cream "Orto". The composition includes components such as horseradish extract, deprived, lilac, juniper, burdock, and also lemon essential oil.

The cream helps to remove fatigue from the feet, unloads the venous system, eliminates stagnant phenomena, corns, calluses, spurs. Apply the cream on the steamed heel. First it is recommended to make a foot bath, then wipe the skin dry and massaging the movements of applying the cream, rubbing it intensively until it is completely absorbed. The course of treatment is at least 14 days, as it is a cumulative effect drug. The first effects can be noticed only after the 7th day of application. Approximately at this time, the pain completely disappears. Gradually, the spurs begin to resolve.

The mechanism of action is that the cream softens the skin and promotes a uniform distribution of the load throughout the foot. Inflammation usually can be eliminated only in the early stages of the disease. Quite quickly pain is removed, discomfort is eliminated when walking, blood circulation in affected areas improves and lymphatic exchange is normalized.

The cream is intended for the treatment of the heel spur, relief of the patient's condition, prevention. It is also used to treat other types of spurs, neoplasms, calluses. Often the cream is used as part of complex treatment simultaneously with other medicinal products and methods, especially in combination with orthopedic insoles. They make the insole more comfortable, ensure their correct location, thanks to the fact that the composition includes essential oils of lemon and juniper. Sold in any pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. Contraindications and side effects are practically not observed, except for cases of individual intolerance of the components.

Spurs from the spurs on their feet

Today, sponges from spurs are becoming increasingly popular. They relieve the load from the affected area of the foot, as a result of which the inflammatory process decreases significantly, pain is eliminated. All of them have common properties: they have a locally irritating effect, which allows normalizing blood circulation, metabolic processes. The warming action helps to get rid of acute pain, speed up recovery.

Traditionally, a pepper bandage is used. It is necessary to carefully study the instructions before use. The method of application on it must be specified.

Before applying the patch, it is necessary to rinse the area of application with warm water, then dry it with a towel. Then the skin is processed. From the unpacked patch we cut out a plate of the size necessary for the size. Then gently apply a sticky side to the heel and smooth. The leg must always be insulated. If there are uncomfortable sensations, a feeling of severe burning, you need to remove the patch as soon as possible. In order to completely remove the symptoms of the disease, you need to apply 2-3 applications.

Chinese patches, which are transdermal and made on the basis of natural plant components, also proved to be good. Some of them also contain elements of animal origin, organic and inorganic substances. They remove inflammation, improve the flow of blood and other fluids in the body, promote the removal of salts, slags, which often cause the development of a spur.

Eliminate edema and painful sensations. It is used similarly to a pepper plaster: it is simply applied to the skin for 2-3 days. Usually 10-12 applications are required to completely eliminate the pathology. Unlike pepper plaster, it is not considered as a medicinal product, but is a cosmetic.

Narzan with spurs on his legs

Narzan is mineral water, which has found wide application in the treatment of various diseases, both external and internal organs. The name came from the first open source. Previously, the name sounded like "Nart-Sane", which means "Nart drink". In the place of this source, Kislovodsk was later founded, famous for its healing waters. The researchers found that this source has never changed the chemical composition of the waters. Their unique properties are still preserved today.

Narzan's water is considered a reference, has no taste, no color, no smell.

It is used in the treatment of diseases of various internal organs, including the musculoskeletal system. Normalizes metabolic processes in the body, removes toxins, destroys the decomposition of salts. Supports the body, muscles, ligaments, tendons in a normal functional state, promotes the restoration of damaged cells and tissues, enhances the effect of certain medications. First of all, it normalizes the carbohydrate metabolism, due to which the normal state of the liver, kidneys, blood, vessels is maintained. In the microcirculatory bed is maintained a normal blood flow, the optimal level of tissue metabolism.

It is recommended to take a course, for 28 days. This contributes to the normalization of all the basic functions of the body, maintains the optimal balance of mineral metabolism. Natural carbon dioxide promotes the normalization of the exchange of macroelements and trace elements, which normalizes the osmotic pressure.

Narzannye waters are widely used in the resort of Kislovodsk. Well-proven narzan baths, which have a positive effect on the body as a whole. They promote the normalization of metabolism, improve the condition of the skin, hair, eliminate swelling of the feet, relax the feet, resolve corns, spurs, and puffiness.

There is a specially developed and scientifically grounded technique for the use of narzan baths. So, their effectiveness largely depends on the hydrostatic pressure, the water temperature, the duration of the procedure, the type of narzan. The optimal exposure regimen is determined for each patient individually.

Until 1928, only one species of narzan was known, which was conditionally named for the territory of the discovery "Kislovodsk source". Later, other sources were discovered, and in connection with which all narzans had to be divided into three groups, each of which is used to treat spurs on legs.

The group of common narzans include the waters of weak mineralization, found near the rivers Berezovka and Podkumok. Obtained at a depth of 10-15 meters. The water temperature is 12 degrees. It is used mainly for external use. Ideal for foot baths with spurs, common healing baths, compresses, rubbing, lotions.

The second group includes dolmite narzans, which have a high content of carbon dioxide, as well as sodium and chlorine ions. The water temperature varies between 15 and 17 degrees. Obtained at a depth of 100-150 meters. It is used mainly for drinking treatment: it helps to cleanse the body, remove slags and normalize metabolic processes.

The third group is represented by sulfate narzan. This is the group with the highest level of mineralization, which can be achieved due to the high content of sodium and magnesium. It is used both inside and outside. Normalizes the work of the intestines.

Water has contraindications. So, inside it is impossible to apply at any diseases in an acute stage, at presence of malignant neoplasms, and also since the fifth month of pregnancy. Narzan is also contraindicated in cases of frequent and heavy bleeding, abscesses of the lungs, bronchial asthma, peptic ulcer, acute heart disease, insufficiency.

Foot massagers for spurs

Today, a variety of massagers are represented on the market. They can be successfully used to treat spurs on the legs. First and foremost, all massagers are aimed at relaxing tense areas, toning the weakened muscles. Helps to effectively eliminate fatigue, remove puffiness. The main action is to stimulate nerve endings (receptors), which provide the necessary response.

When choosing a massager, you need to consult a doctor, or a consultant, because it is almost impossible to decide on such a wide variety. In order to facilitate the procedure of choice, first you need to decide what kind of goal you need a massager.

The apparatus "Bliss" will help to remove fatigue and swelling of the legs. Simply enough, after coming in the evening after work put your feet on a specially adapted for this stand and run the necessary program. It should be taken into account that this device has contraindications, so it is better to consult a doctor before buying. For example, it can not be used for epilepsy, severe heart disease, pregnancy, and also in the presence of a pacemaker.

Massaging baths are very popular. They quickly relieve fatigue, puffiness, relax the muscles. Depending on the model, you can use the water heating, vibration, bubbles. Even the choice of the color of water is available. Four changes of the regime will make it possible to eliminate not only painful sensations, but also spasm. It is also widely used with a preventive purpose, in cosmetology. You can also carry out a dry massage with this device.

Classical Japanese massager "Marutaka" - the device that performs acupuncture (impact on biologically active points). Also from Japanese massagers, you can recommend the Yamaguki model, which will help not only to relieve fatigue and tension from the feet, but also to overcome stress and increase efficiency. Massages not only the feet, but also the ankles. If necessary, you can use the warm-up mode. The speed of rotation and the force of pressure are programmed.

The wooden massager still does not lose its relevance. It still is not inferior in efficiency to any modern apparatus. It is a roller device that quickly removes fatigue, pain, swelling. Prefer to use men and older people. Simple, convenient, reliable. It's almost impossible to break it.

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Potato packs for spurs on legs

Potatoes are often made with warming compresses. The warming compress consists of three layers. The lower layer usually serves as a moistened with some medicine, decoction, active gauze.

In the case of potato compress there are several options. You can moisten gauze in potato broth. You can cook mashed potatoes and put it in cheesecloth, wrapped in several layers. You can use pieces of boiled potatoes, or two halves of potatoes "in uniforms." Some make special tortillas from flour and potatoes, which can be applied several times. Also on the first layer is put cellophane, or an oilcloth. The size should exceed the size of the gauze. This layer must necessarily be waterproof.

The second layer is represented by a thin layer of cotton wool, which will have a warming effect. The size of cotton should exceed 2 previous layers. Then we band the cotton wool with a bandage, or a thin cloth.

The third layer is dry heat. We impose a warm scarf, or any other warm cloth, better woolen. The duration of the compress should be 6-10 hours. If the compress is applied correctly, the lower layer should remain moist all the time. The practical compresses have no contraindications, except for skin lesions, dermatological diseases and the presence of abscesses.

Treatment with urine

Urine, especially freshly collected is an effective treatment for many diseases. Spur is not an exception. To treat spurs urine is used most often externally in the form of compresses, lotions. The way of application is extremely simple - it is necessary to collect urine, get gauze in it and place on the affected area. In the case of a compress, two more layers are superimposed on the top: an oilcloth and dry heat. If it's a lotion, just one gauze, no cover. The procedure time is 15-20 minutes.

Treatment with iodine

Iodine has long been used to treat various external and internal diseases. It has proven itself as a remedy for treating spurs, relieving pain. It is used in the form of an iodine net, which is applied to the affected area. Vatu, wound on a stick, it is necessary to dip into iodine, then in the place of spur localization draws a mesh. Iodine absorbs very quickly. After it was absorbed, and there is not a trace, you can apply a new mesh.

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